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A Golden Opportunity: UPS Sponsors the Fortune Brainstorm GREEN Conference

This week, top environmentally-minded business leaders and the green movement’s brightest thinkers will convene in Laguna Niguel California for Fortune Magazine’s fourth Brainstorm GREEN conference. UPS is a gold sponsor of the event.

The decision to sponsor this prestigious event signals a sort of debutante ball for UPS. The company has quietly been building its reputation as a sustainability leader integrating green strategies into its business model and operations. UPS also has been a behind-the-scenes industry advocate for transparency – comprehensively and quantitatively reporting environmental impact in the annual sustainability report, with the Carbon Disclosure Project and other groups.

Until now, most outreach has been limited primarily to meetings with customers, non-profit groups, the media, academic institutions and industry events. In 2010, we offered our customers new choices: UPS carbon neutral shipping, the Eco-Responsible Packaging Program, and two options to deliver carbon emissions analyses across the supply chain.

Also last year, UPS conducted stakeholder meetings to determine what we needed to do next. Unanimously, these environmental advocacy groups, customers, socially-responsible investor organizations and non-profits told us we needed to tell our story more aggressively.

The Fortune Brainstorm event is giving us that chance.

As the industry leader in carbon reporting and environmentally-responsible business practices, UPS is here to share proven ways logistics and transportation can be operated more sustainably.

Two of our top executives are speakers: Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn spoke on a panel about the ROI of sustainability. Our new Chief Sustainability Officer will speak today with our customer Jim Gowan from Verizon on a panel about what makes a sustainable supply chain.

At the event, we will have the UPS Logistics Lounge to showcase our expertise in creating environmentally-responsible supply chains. Online, we will have a “virtual booth” that is chocked full of information about UPS’s sustainability initiatives and customer solutions. All of the Fortune Brainstorm GREEN presentations will be available live on the Fortune website. You can even “virtually” chat with a UPS expert.

The event also marks the launch of UPS’s first major sustainability advertising – ads that showcase our industry-leading alternative fuel fleet and UPS carbon neutral shipping. After the event, our intentions are to continue to shout loud and proud about our sustainable business practices.

We’d welcome your comments about what you hear.

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  1. Lynnette, when it comes to sustainability, you always
    post the best articles. Especially since UPS CEO
    Scott Davis and UPS in general now has the “ear” of
    President Obama, UPS’ expertise in logistics and
    environmental sustainability/energy technology and
    usage has the highest level of visibility and scrutiny of
    any company in the world. The responsibility and the
    real impact of related UPS policies and expertise
    clearly has global implications and real importance in
    our nation’s competitiveness in the international

  2. Rick, thanks for your kind words. We do recognize our
    responsibilities as a leader.And your comments keep us

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