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Ready….Set…Hot Rod!

The 2011 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour® is considered one of the finest performance automotive events in the world. This 7-day, 7-city tour began at the Port Canaveral Space Coast on Saturday, June 4. More than 4,500 hot rods and performance vehicles will wind their way over 1,600+ miles and the tour will make its final pit stop in Detroit on Friday, June 10.

And, UPS has got some skin in this game as the official carrier of this year’s tour. Along the way at various tour stops, UPS will recognize select “Long Haulers,” those intrepid hot rodders who make the entire journey from beginning to end, nightly with complimentary shipping boxes for collectibles and goodies collected along the tour. Once the tour culminates in Detroit, the Long Haulers can have their items shipped home to them by UPS at no cost.

2011 Hot Rod Power TourBut that’s not all! The tour will make a pit stop at the racing capital of the world – the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway – just a few days after the Indy 500 on June 8. David Ragan, NASCAR driver of the No. 6 UPS Ford Fusion, will be signing autographs at the UPS tent. Attendees will have the opportunity to receive on-site logistics expertise and, in select markets, sit behind the wheel of a UPS package car.

As the tour journeys across the country, hot rod enthusiasts can join the tour at any city along the way. From their point of origin, the participants can sightsee, explore and show off their custom car creations in car crazy towns. Throughout the seven days, hot rod owners will be able to pick up and take off from any city following fellow car enthusiasts to the final destination in the Motor City.

This is an American car lover’s dream coming to life with sightseeing, exploring back roads, sharing tales of the tour with fellow participants and becoming stars-for-the-day in each car-crazy town along the route.

2011 Hot Rod Tour Dates

  • Saturday, June 4th – Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral, FL (Port Canaveral)
  • Sunday, June 5th – Valdosta, GA (South Georgia Motorsports Park)
  • Monday, June 6th – Montgomery, AL (Montgomery Motorsports Park)
  • Tuesday, June 7th – Nashville, TN (LP Field)
  • Wednesday, June 8th – Indianapolis, IN (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)
  • Thursday, June 9th – Muskegon, MI (Downtown Muskegon)
  • Friday, June 10th – Detroit, MI (Metro Beach Metropark)

Follow the tour on Facebook  or on Twitter. Start your engines!

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