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A Love Story: the Tale of Logistics and One Procrastinating Bride

Some may call me a procrastinator and well, a lot of the time, I’d have to agree. I once had a t-shirt that said, “Hasta manana.” I work better under pressure. I like the challenge of a tight deadline. Perhaps that’s why I chose a career in public relations.

Well, this last-minute Lucy met a boy quite the opposite. He’s organized—one of those color-coordinated closet guys—and man, does he plan. But they say opposites attract so when he proposed last year, these two opposites set out to plan our dream destination wedding—at an all-inclusive resort in The Turks & Caicos Islands.

Now, when most think of a destination wedding, they usually think 10, 15, maybe 25 people, and a fairly simple wedding. Well, that’s not what we had in mind! We extended an invitation to more than 250 of our family and friends (nearly 100 came!), figuring that if they could make the investment in the trip to Turks, we’d love to have them celebrate with us.

In order to give our family and friends plenty of notice to plan and save for the trip, this procrastinator changed her tune and scurried to get save-the-dates out a year ahead of time. This was the first, but certainly not the last, wedding task where I turned to the services of The UPS Store.

Printing logistics

My now brother-in-law is a graphic designer and happily agreed to design our one-of-a-kind save-the-dates. I then worked with Amy, the owner of a The UPS Store location in San Diego, who helped me pick out the paper and corresponding envelopes and print and cut the save-the-dates.

For the address and wedding-themed return labels, I used templates available on avery.com, printed in color by Suzanne at another The UPS Store center, who also printed the full-color welcome newsletter each guest received upon arrival. You won’t be surprised to learn that these newsletters were printed hours before our departure much to the dismay of my hyper-organized fiancé. 

Luggage Logistics

While it was the best decision to hold the wedding at an all-inclusive resort, the small drawback was that, unlike a more traditional wedding, most of the wedding planning with the resort didn’t happen until a month or two prior to our big day, which was actually cutting it a little too close for this procrastinator. Plus, our choices were limited so if we didn’t want to have a cookie-cutter wedding, we were going to have to bring personal touches down to Turks with us.

In those final months, I spent many nights scouring sites like etsy.com and beau-coup.com for unique wedding touches and favors that didn’t break the budget. We also worked with Initial Impressions to provide each guest room with a customized 12-pack cooler bag which we filled with snacks, gum, poker chips to a local casino and, of course, pain reliever (remember, all-inclusive!). 

Our dilemma was that while this was all coming to Turks with us, much of it wasn’t coming back. We didn’t want to bring back empty suitcases, so we used the luggage boxes that The UPS Store introduced last summer to pack all of the wedding extras in. Ideally, we would have looked into shipping the luggage boxes down to Turks but since much of the planning with the resort was done last minute, many of the personal touches were ordered and shipped to us up to the week before the wedding. The luggage box meets airline baggage restrictions, so we checked them along with our suitcases.

The wedding was picture perfect—even with the tropical downpour between the ceremony and reception. It was eight unforgettable days in an unforgettable place with the people who mean the most to us. 

If you are newly engaged, a planner or a procrastinator, in the planning stages or getting ready to jet off for your wedding, pop into your local The UPS Store to see how they can help you with the logistics of your wedding.

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