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The UPS Foundation Grant Inspires More Giving to Environmental Projects

I’m thrilled to share that the UPS $100,000 challenge grant to Donor Choose in support of environmental projects has been matched completely by individual donors.

In 2010, UPS made a $100,000 grant to Donors Choose to support 50% of costs for rural environmental projects for local school children. With help from local agencies, Donors Choose recruited teachers in rural communities across the country to submit environmental projects in 255 different cities. The teachers needed resources like water testing kits, weather forecasting instruments, compost bins, stream modeling set-ups, and butterfly gardens for projects that help children learn about how things work in their environment. And, the money went directly to the teachers to support these projects. 

Donors ChooseMore than 30,000 K-12 students in rural communities across the country were positively impacted by…

  • 934 individual donations from 49 states
  • Projects that  took place in 255 different rural cities, and 41 states had at least one funded project
  • 379 teacher projects that supported one or many areas of focus, including…
    • Recycling: 48 projects
    • Gardens and plants: 134
    • Renewable energy: 53
    • General conservation: 18
    • Animals and habitats: 51
    • Water: 85
    • Labs and experiments: 156

To view all of the projects funded by UPS, along with the teacher and student comments visit www.donorschoose.org/upsfoundation.

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  1. Hey all! If you are looking for a worthwhile project to donate to, please take a look at our project, Literacy Stations for Chemistry.

    We are looking to work heavily on literacy this year in our chemistry class– pocket dictionaries, tools for annotation, whiteboards, and calculators for our students! The school is located in South Central LA and has a 1.6% proficiency for math, 12.4% for english. 77% of the student body is on free or reduced-price lunch. With these stats its really necessary to work on essential skills such as deriving information from readings in science. We really appreciate your donations (only one week left till school!!!) and thank you!🙂

    • Hi Erica,
      Thanks for your comment. The UPS Foundation focuses grants and gifts on these four areas: diversity, community safety, the environment, and volunteerism.
      It looks like you guys are doing great work and we wish you the best in this school year.

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