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Hands Across California

UPS employees join hands with community leaders, politicians and celebrities in support of higher education.

Recently, Hands Across California approached UPS with a unique logistical challenge: help them connect a human-line of nearly two million people across a 1,500-mile route using UPS package cars as gathering points for volunteers. In addition, Hands Across California organizers asked if UPS employees would volunteer on the day of the event to ensure the human-line was realized.

From Sacramento to San Diego, and everywhere in between, UPS employees and their families volunteered to either drive package cars or hold hands as part of the line. “I’m here because two of my kids are getting ready to attend community college,” said UPS HR Representative Maura Pina. “It helps us out financially and allows them to get their core classes done before transferring to a four-year college.”

Hands Across CaliforniaStudents, parents, and other community college supporters formed a line of more than 100 people in the heart of San Francisco. Holding signs that urged people to text donations for the cause, the group was also loudly vocal in their support. Chants of  “We want education now!” could be heard up and down the city block.

Helen, a retired nurse, wore a sign that said “Save adult education. It got me off welfare.”

“I was a single mother of four when I started taking classes at City College of San Francisco,” Helen said. “If it weren’t for the community college system, I wouldn’t have had a career and been able to provide for my family. For many, it’s the only way for a new beginning.”

In addition to raising awareness of the needs of students, Hands Across California was held to encourage people to take action by supporting the California Community Colleges Scholarship Endowment, a permanent fund that provides annual scholarships to thousands of students every year.

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