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Small Business to Win BIG Advertising Tools (Like $50,000 big!)
The UPS Store

I have several friends who’ve started a business. And, as their friend, it is so rewarding to see their products on a grocery store shelf, their online boutique on my computer screen or their smiling face on my local … or national news. They are all finding success, but not without a lot of hard work, long hours and sacrifices, not to mention strong support systems.

Funding and launching a small business is hard enough, but then comes the need to continually promote the business and make it stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. That requires more money, more time—more resources!

Enter The Promotion Promotion by The UPS Store—a Facebook contest designed to arm small business owners with tools and resources to promote their business.

The UPS Store Promotion PromotionThrough Aug. 31, small businesses can enter for a chance to win a $50,000 marketing makeover by visiting The UPS Store corporate Facebook page*. The grand prize winner will be chosen based on their passion for small business. Then, a top ad agency will work with them to examine their business’ needs, develop a marketing plan, produce creative and run it in appropriate media.

Plus, The UPS Store will award weekly prizes to help small businesses grow or promote their business, including an Apple® iPad 2® with Square, by drawing a virtual business card from a virtual fishbowl.

It’s the promotion that’s all about promotion! It’s all about providing small business owners with resources they can use to help grow their business. And, The UPS Store network understands as every The UPS Store franchisee is a small business owner. They know just how challenging it can be to promote and grow a company.

So, small business owners, don’t wait, enter The Promotion Promotion now, download the weekly Facebook-only coupons for discounts on business-related services at participating The UPS Store franchise locations, and check out relevant articles streaming from the business section of msnbc.com

You just never know—maybe it’ll be your small business that we see on a billboard, hear on the radio or encounter as we are searching the web.

* Official rules, including criteria for the grand prize and contest eligibility, will be available on The UPS Store corporate Facebook page starting July 18.

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