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Sustainability is…
Sustainability is...

Finally! The day has arrived – as the editor of the UPS sustainability report, I’m pleased to announce that  after many months of gathering details and checking facts, we’ve launched the 2010 edition, themed “Sustainability Is…”  

So, sustainability is what, exactly?  I’d say it depends a lot on who’s talking and who’s listening. Sustainability, really, is in the eye of the beholder. What is important to you may depend on whether you are an employee, a customer, an investor or a sustainability expert. For many, sustainability is a synonym for environmental responsibility. For others, it is all about corporate philanthropy.

For UPS, it is delivering each package with less fuel. Logging the same amount of volunteer hours – 1.2 million hours – with a smaller workforce. Making choices to better serve customers while using fewer resources. Applying our logistics know-how to humanitarian crises to get food, water and other critical supplies delivered effectively and efficiently when it matters most.

UPS Sustainability InfographicIt probably isn’t surprising that our report is driven (and supported) by UPS’s century-old focus on measuring things.  In sustainability, the million+ lines of data analyzed by our spreadsheet wielding engineers, allow us to figure out where we are and where we need to go. At UPS, metrics and sustainability go hand in hand.

But there’s another side to sustainability at UPS. Or rather, another face. Lots of faces really. UPS employees around the world whether they are wearing brown uniforms or suits and ties, work together every day to act responsibly. We consider the Earth, we play fair, we focus on safety and we give back.

UPS is committed to do right by the people, communities and environments where we operate.  By closely monitoring our performance, we have been able to save money, operate more efficiently and spark innovation. And, we continue to push ourselves to improve our data and transparently report our progress. Most importantly, behind this philosophy are 406,000 committed employees.

One of those committed UPSers is Scott Wicker, our new Chief Sustainability Officer. In the video below, he talks a little more about the way UPS thinks about sustainability.  Enjoy!

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