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UPS to Ship 100+ Metric Tons of Food and Supplies to Aid Famine Relief in The Horn of Africa
UPS 767

Today, 11-to-13 million people are starving and are fleeing southern Somalia for camps in Kenya.  Experts are calling it the worst drought in 60 years. More than 2 million children (under the age of five) in Somalia as well as in parts of Kenya and Ethiopia are acutely malnourished, including almost 500,000 children in an immediate life-threatening state.  In addition, children are more vulnerable to the spread of killer diseases, especially to outbreaks of measles, diarrhea and pneumonia. 

In response to this tragic situation, UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP) have officially released urgent appeals for assistance.  This week, UPS committed to leverage its global logistics network to help speed emergency supplies to the region.

The shipments will contain 110 metric tons of food supplies and plumpy sup, an edible paste made of peanuts, packed with calories/vitamins and specially formulated to re-nourish starving children.

This week, UPS also will be flying a special 767 charter flight from Cologne, Germany, to Nairobi, loaded with approximately 50 metric tons of food to assist World Food Programme life-saving efforts on the ground.  And over the next three weeks, UPS will coordinate the in-kind transport of an additional 60 metric tons of plumpy sup for UNICEF from Amsterdam to Nairobi.  

In addition, The UPS Foundation provided $100,000 from its Emergency Response Fund to continue supporting UNICEF’s urgent relief efforts in East Africa.

UNICEF and the World Food Programme are on the frontline feeding malnourished mothers and children, scaling up life-saving efforts by providing treatment for acute malnutrition through the provision of ready to use therapeutic feeding; providing access to safe water and sanitation; preventing the spread of killer diseases such as measles and polio, and helping resume schooling through the provision of temporary learning spaces. 

Please visit the World Food Programme and UNICEF to learn more about what they are doing in The Horn of Africa. 

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