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Reading, Writing and Arithmetic: Packing Kids up for College
The UPS Store

With the recent heat wave creeping across the country, it’s hard to imagine that kids are getting ready to head back to school. In some ways, it seems like the lazy, hazy days of summer have just begun. Not yet a parent myself, I am reminded otherwise by my family and friends who breathe a sigh of relief each time they see a back-to-school commercial.

Dropping the kids off at the bus stop is one thing but for those parents who are sending their son or daughter off to college, whether for the first or last time, packing up for a year of classes, dorm life, football games and fraternity parties can overwhelm even the most organized. If within driving distance, you can simply pack up the family car and head out but for students who live across the country, a popular choice, and good option, is to ship their possessions.

packing for collegeEmily Kaufman, The Travel Mom, has two college-age children. Both attend out-of-state universities and one is a member of a Division I athletic team. They both depart for their respective colleges with lots of stuff. With airline baggage fees and a recent misplaced checked bag, this year, Emily chose to ship most of their belongings ahead and was introduced to The UPS Store luggage box. This way, not only are her son and daughter greeted by their belongings, but they also have under-the-bed storage containers to stay organized throughout the school year as well as boxes to ship their stuff home come spring (the luggage box is approved for two legs of shipping).

So, if I were a professor of a course called “Packing for College 101,” here are the materials my students would need to succeed:

– Box labels and markers

– Sturdy packaging tape

– Protective materials like foam packaging peanuts and bubble pack

– Strong moving boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including both the large and the small luggage box

Tip to “ace” course: For fragile objects or electronics, rely on The UPS Store to pack and ship their items directly to a dorm or apartment.

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