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9-11 Remembered: UPSers Honor and Reflect
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This Sunday marks the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks. For many, it is more than a day of observance … it’s a time to remember and honor those impacted by the event and reflect on acts of heroism.

Last week, we asked UPSers about their reflections on this day 10 years later. Employees responded from around the U.S. and across the world to share their thoughts.

Here are a few examples of what UPSers shared with us:

Kenneth – New Jersey

That particular day, a last minute decision to work from the NJ side of the region kept me out of the city. One of our technicians, after the first tower had been hit- still entered it and traveled downstairs to the subway system. “The fire was so high up in the building- they weren’t stopping anyone at first,” he would later say. We scrambled trying to find him for the next 40 min- the only UPSer unaccounted for that short time. I witnessed the second impact live- stunned, like the rest of us. Later in the month, I stood atop the 43rd Street building as they turned on the memorial lights. Forever the world has been changed- but as UPSers we moved through the change together.

Tyrone – Philippines

… On behalf of the Filipino people, I salute all the brave men and women who risked their lives trying to save others in that infamous incident. All of their deeds will never be forgotten.

Mary – Kentucky

…The days after when all airplanes were banned from flying, it felt so unnatural not to hear the sound of the aircraft taking off from SDF and flying overhead. What a wakeup call and a realization of how tenuous our life on this earth can be. My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones during these horrible attacks. I hope it never happens again.

Paul – Wisconsin

I remember this day like it was yesterday. My mom’s friend’s daughter went to her first day of work in the WTC on 9/11/01. That was her first and last day of work. She was never heard from nor did they find any remains of her. I still can’t believe that this actually happened on US soil. This is the reason that I’m proud to be serving in the United States Army Reserves.

Abraham – Netherlands

9/11 is a day of global tragedy. I, therefore, use this medium to express my deepest “heart felt” concern for those who lost their lives. Am also happy that the person behind this cruel act was brought to justice. God bless America and UPS.

Yvonne – Kentucky

I was working for UPS in Singapore on 9/11. I had just returned to my hotel room after work when my husband called and asked me to turn the news on my TV. When I did I thought I was watching an action movie and he explained to me what was happening at home. I was 12 time zones away and I felt helpless and scared to death. I wanted to go home where I thought I would always be safe but I realized no where was safe anymore. Our lives after 9/11 would be changed forever.

Mark – Missouri

I was in religion class when the attacks started. We watched the events unfold all day during school. That day also marked my first day at UPS. I didn’t even show up to work the human resource manager called me and asked if I was coming to work. I said I figured we weren’t working. He replied UPS is always open. So that night was my first night at UPS we where all in a state of shock. For the rest of my life I will be connected to that date by my seniority date 9-11-01.

Bethany – Connecticut

…The many people who lost their lives are remembered on this anniversary of the event by the nation but everyday by the loved ones they left behind. I hope we all take from this horrible tragedy that we need to live every day as our last. LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH every day that is how we can truly honor those lost.

Andrea – Michigan

I had actually just started a 2 week tour of Ireland on September 9th so I was in shock when I learned of the attacks while taking a short break in one of the local villages. I remember not being able to get a line to call home, and the tour guide telling us that Ireland was put on alert due to the large amount of Americans who were vacationing there. I remember our plane being escorted by the Air Force when we returned to the U.S. Life has changed so much in 10 years never put off what you can do today.

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