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Hate Waiting for a Package? UPS My Choice is Here to Help
UPS delivery

Getting a package delivered is fun. Waiting for it … well, not so much for most people. The drama of waiting was comically depicted by a College Humor video earlier this year. The video raised a few questions, which we answered.  Now we’re offering more than an answer … we’re offering a solution.

With UPS My Choicesm, you get the option to select an approximate delivery time for your packages. Won’t be at home? UPS My Choice lets you re-direct the package to another address … like your neighbor, vacation home or your local The UPS Store for a $5 fee per transaction.

Frequently shop online? Consider UPS My Choice Premium Membership. For an annual fee of $40, you can pick a two-hour delivery window for your shipment. Or provide detailed instructions for leaving the shipment … such as by the garage or porch. And re-directing packages to another address is free.

UPS My Choice launches October 3. You can register for the service starting today by visiting ups.com/mychoice.

Want to learn more? Watch this video.

UPDATE:  11/28/2011

We have a new blog post on UPS My Choice that answers the top questions shared with us from customers. The post also features a video that demonstrates how to use some of the most popular features, including how to change a delivery, setting alerts and providing delivery instructions.

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  1. Folks, I appreciate your initiative to make delivery better. However, you want to charge me $40.00 per year to make your job easier (not makeing unnecessary trips by pre-signing via email, etc.). I agree with the $5.00 charge for re-directed delivery. But if I don’t sign up, you will still be wasting gas; I will save money, and still be frustrated. How about charging $1.00 to pre-sign for “must sign for” deliveries?

    • Hi John:

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I thought it would be helpful to clarify some of the options available with UPS My Choice.

      There is no charge for the authorize shipment release option. You can electronically authorize UPS to release a shipment at your address. You’ll receive an email alert offering this option when a shipment is on its way. And as you pointed out, there is a $5 transactional fee to re-direct the shipment to another address.

      If you’re a frequent online shopper, the premium member service level offers a lot of benefits. Along with the same options provided at the standard member service level, there’s no transactional fee if you need to re-direct a shipment to another address. This can be a real value-add for those online shoppers who travel frequently and don’t want shipments left sitting at their door. The annual fee for the premium member service level is $40.

      You’ll find a detailed list of options for both service levels at the UPS My Choice registration site: http://www.ups.com/mychoice/media/mychoicefeatures.pdf


    • Dear Debbie,
      I have been on your web site or trying to get through to a human on you “help” line for the last hour. I am expecting a package in a week that will be sent to my home. I see that a signature is required. I will not be home and I simply wish to redirect the shipment to my place of work. Your site is not allowing me to do this. Since I happen to have built my own website and have created blogs I do not understand why your site is so complicated. I do not want to send the package to a neighbors home or pick it up from the UPS store, I simply want it sent to my place of business. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Regards, Kendra

  2. Deliver to a UPS Retail Location – Request your packages be delivered to The UPS Store near you for pickup. ($5 per use for members, unlimited for Premium): Please clarify – does this mean that The UPS Store will not charge an unlimited member the $5 fee? If so, how will the stores know that an individual is unlimited or a per basis customer?

    • Actually Premium members will not be charged $5.00. Fees for My Choice are assessed by UPS via your MYUPS account so a The UPS Store would not need to know if a customer is a Premium member or not. Hope this helps you understand the new service better and let us know if you have any more questions.

  3. What’s up with the creepy, Orwellian registration process? Are you seriously mining old DMV records just to try to confirm identity? Why does UPS have all this information, what do you do with it, and who else do you sell/release it to? This seems like an awful lot to go through just to offer a service that you should have been offering for years now and that certainly should not be this complicated.

    • Hi Eric:

      Thanks for the question. We’re glad to hear that you’ve given UPS My Choice a try.

      Security is important, which is why you’re asked a series of questions to help verify your identity. Because users get the option to redirect packages to another address or authorize the driver to leave a package without a signature, it’s essential to confirm “you are who you are.” The information you provide during the registration process is used to create a list of security questions that only you can answer, such as the address for a previous residence or past phone number. Your date of birth information is not saved or stored.


    • I agree completely. There’s knowing my security, and there’s pulling up my DMV ans asking me about a car I haven’t owned for 15 years and asking me what it is. Why not let me choose the questions myself. I feel violated. SERIOUSLY violated.

    • Thank you for your question relating to the registration process for UPS My Choice.

      UPS takes steps to verify the identity of any consumer registering for My Choice because My Choice enables the registrant to make decisions about when and where a package will be delivered. Specifically, UPS uses an authentication tool that is used by numerous industries, including the telecommunications industry, as well as the federal government, to successfully combat fraud and identity theft. The answers you provide help authenticate that you are who you say you are.

      The short questions that you are asked to answer are randomly generated from public records, and include data such as prior addresses. The authentication happens in real time, and UPS does not retain the questions or answers that are generated through this authentication process.


  4. Here is what it says on the web page, no mention of redirection with a standard account.

    Not ready to upgrade?
    You can still use these convenient membership features when you track:
    Set up Delivery Alerts
    Reschedule your delivery
    Give authorization online for UPS to deliver packages without a signature for drop-off when you’re not going to be home to sign in person

    So is the above answer correct on being able to redirect (to a UPS store) for $5 per delivery or unlimited for $40 premium true? The ups.com web page really should clarify this new service.

  5. Can you clarify the statement in the blog: “you can pick a two-hour delivery window for your shipment”.

    Who is “you” in this case? The My Choice web page indicates “requesting a 2 hour window”, but it doesn’t say if you pick a specific 2 hour window.

    thanks much!

    • Hi Brian:

      Thanks for the questions.

      The “two-hour delivery window” is based on delivery timeframes within your area. So, if the UPS driver is typically in your neighborhood between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., you would be offered the option to select this timeframe as your “two-hour delivery window”. This option is offered only to UPS My Choice Premium Members ($40 annual fee) and there is a $5 fee per delivery for this service.

      With the free membership, you can redirect a shipment to another address or The UPS Store for $5 per delivery.


  6. Thanks Debbie – one more question if you don’t mind? When a package is redirected to a retail store for pickup, when would it be available for pickup? I assume it would depend on what time you put in the request.

    What happens if you put in the request the day prior to delivery when the email arrives?

    What happens if you put in the request the morning of the delivery?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Brian:

      Thanks for the additional questions. I’m glad to hear that you’re interested in UPS My Choice.

      My Choice users receive the delivery alert the day before the package is scheduled to be delivered. With the alert, you get the option to change the delivery address … such as to your local The UPS Store. A new address label is placed on your package and it will be delivered to The UPS Store location you selected for pick up. The cost is $5 per use with the free membership (premium members get this option for free).

      Now, if you request to change the address on the day the package is scheduled for delivery, it will result in a delivery delay. That’s because the package will need a new address label to ensure it’s delivered to the correct address.

      You can find more details about the service options with UPS My Choice at the registration site: http://www.ups.com/mychoice/media/mychoicefeatures.pdf


  7. I’m not sure I understand the purpose of this service when a shipper can apparently prohibit the ability to waive the signature (per the customer service agents I just spoke to). I’ve registered for MyUPS and registered my address, but I am not given any My Choice options for this package. If the shipper is able to remove my ability to waive the signature, then there really is very little utility in this service.

    • Hi John:

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. Most shippers allow their customers to use all the features available with UPS My Choice. On occasion, some shippers request to restrict certain features … which is what you experienced. However, when this happens, typically only one feature is restricted and customers still have access to the rest of the features offered through My Choice.


    • Debbie,

      Thank you for your response. Still, I really don’t understand why you would allow a shipper to prohibit use of this feature. It’s like asking if the shipper just wants a signature, or they REALLY want a signature. Further, the particular shipment I’m referring to was an iPhone 4S. Apple provided a form on their website that you could sign and leave at the door to allow UPS to leave the package. Why would they allow a much less secure method like this, and not allow My Choice to waive signatures. This choice should really have nothing to do with the shipper.

  8. Well – I signed up… only to find the following message on my two packages that show up in the list this week: “UPS My Choice features are not available for this UPS SurePost or UPS Basic package.”


    • Hi Brian:

      You’re right, UPS My Choice is not available for packages shipment via UPS SurePost or UPS Basic services. Both of these services use the U.S. Postal Service for the final delivery of packages.


  9. I have a question about waiving the signature. I just signed up for mychoice and I have a package in transit due to be delivered tomorrow (the estimated delivery day). It is “Signature Required”. Will I get an email tomorrow morning about the package allowing me to waive the signature? Will that allow it to be delivered tomorrow without the signature (ie it won’t have to be attempted, then come back the next day)? Thanks!

    • Hi John:

      Good question. If you have a shipment in transit and you have just registered for UPS My Choice, it can take up to 90 minutes to match the shipment with your registration. After that, you should have access to all of the available features to manage the shipment

      Keep in mind that there are a few occasions where a shipper may restrict your ability to authorize the driver to release the package. This may happen with medical shippers (e.g. pharmaceuticals) or for high-value shipments (e.g. electronics) where the shipper wants to ensure the shipment gets delivered to the correct person.


  10. Major kudos for using and responding to comments in a public forum. This is something few companies recognize the value of. A couple more questions:
    1) if a shipper marks a package “Signature Required” or “Adult Signature Required”, can it still be redirected to a UPS Store for pickup later?
    2) does the electronic release form have a higher or a lower priority than a package marked by the shipper as “Signature Required”? (i.e. is there a way to have these packages released without an actual signature, obviously the liability stays with me and not with UPS)

    • Hi LJ:

      Thanks for the feedback and the questions.

      For shipments marked as “Signature Required”, these typically can be rerouted to The UPS Store for pick up. There are some occasions where the shipper may restrict the Authorized Shipment Release feature. This can happen with medical supplies or with high-value items where the shipper wants to make sure the packages are delivered to the correct person.

      Shipments indicated as “Adult Signature Required” cannot be rerouted.


    • I hope that UPS can find a way in the future to enable reroute of any package type to a UPS retail location. Ideally, this shouldn’t be considered “delivered” until the recipient claims the package. Seams to me the UPS store has a computer that they could use to track final delivery in a way that it would show up on the official tracking record. It would make the system more valuable. Even surepost/basic should be able to be redirected I would think. I understand they are special services, but delivering to a UPS Store should be a reasonable task (at least on the line with delivering to the post office for final delivery).

      Thanks again for listening!

      p.s. I did use the service to claim a recent shipment at a UPS Store. It did work well and even got the package much earlier in the day then I would have otherwise…

    • Hi Brian:

      Interesting idea. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll share it with our Tracking team.

      It sounds like The UPS Store is a convenient delivery option for you. If that’s the case, you may want to consider mailbox services at The UPS Store. It offers e-mail or text alerts when your shipments are received. The UPS Store also accepts shipments from all carriers (including FedEx).

      You can find more information at The UPS Store site: http://www.theupsstore.com/products/pages/maiandpos.aspx


    • Debbie,
      Thanks for the information on the UPS store. 80% of the time I’m happy with my package delivery as it happens. 20% of the time, maybe something comes up, and I need to go get the package, which is one picking up at the UPS store makes sense. For instance running late and don’t want to leave a package out, or rain is expected and not sure if the driver will leave the box. But to make ‘my choice’ a good solution for that 20% it needs to be rock solid.

  11. Hi Debbie,

    I want to also commend you for answering people’s feedback so promptly. I am having a problem with UPS My Choice. After successfully completing the My Choice free membership registration, it appears none of the features are available via the “Change Delivery” button. I would like to hold a package for pickup at a Customer Center. To do this, it says to log in to My Choice, enter the tracking number, click “Change Delivery” and then select “Hold Pacakge for Pickup.” I have done all this, however, all I get after clicking “Change Delivery” is this message:

    “If you’re the receiver…

    Track with your UPS InfoNotice® Number (found above the barcode) and choose from up to four delivery change options:

    Return to Sender
    Deliver to a New Address
    Reschedule Delivery –
    Hold for Customer Pickup

    Note: Prior to the first delivery attempt, contact the sender to request a change in delivery instructions or to correct your delivery address.

    Welcome to a new era in home delivery
    UPS My ChoiceSM gives you a new level of flexibility and control over home deliveries, with delivery alerts before the first delivery attempt and the power to redirect or reschedule to fit your needs.”

    But that message is information text only, there is nothing to click, access, modify, etc. I don’t understand this. I thought the point of My Choice was to be able to use these four free features BEFORE an InfoNotice is left? It says so right at the bottom there. Yet, after clicking “Change Delivery” for this package I have coming, those features are not available to me. Only that above message comes up. What’s wrong?

    • Hi Dan:

      Thanks for the detailed feedback on the issue you encountered.

      It sounds like you were attempting to change the delivery for a shipment immediately after registering for UPS My Choice. Is that what happened?

      As I mentioned to John in the comment thread, if you have a shipment in transit and you have just registered for UPS My Choice, it can take up to 90 minutes to match the shipment with your registration. After that, you should have access to all of the available features to manage the shipment.

      If you continue to experience problems, our Tech Support team can help. You can reach the team at 1-877-289-6418 during 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.


  12. I just joined my choice. Before I was able to type in my phone number (there was an option I selected to receive messages via telephone). Something went wrong and I was was finished. I gried to go back in and add my phone number but the site waould not let me saying I was already a member. I really would like to be able to leave pacific information that I dont want any packages left on my door step. The last time that happened my package was stolen. How do i contact my choice? There is isnt a to place to log in to your account at that site. thank you,roxanne

    • Hi Roxanne:

      Our Tech Support team can assist with the problem you experienced. You can reach the team at 1-877-289-6418. They’re available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. ET to 9:00 p.m. ET and Saturday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. ET to 6:00 p.m. ET.


  13. I’m in Canada. I just hit the button that offers to reschedule delivery on a shipment notification. The second page of the registration pages appears impossible to set up with a Canadian address. So after reluctantly giving out more personal information than seems appropriate to the task at hand, I’m left with nothing. Am I missing something here?

    • Hi Glenn:

      Thanks for your question. UPS My Choice is only available in the U.S.


    • Might I suggest that you not place the “Reschedule” button on delivery notifications where this is not available. And, more importantly, that you not collect personal information from people and tell them later that it was a waste of time. I’m left absolutely disgusted with UPS. Glenn

    • Hi Glenn:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


    • Anyone at UPS know if this is still true that UPS my choice is unsupported in Canada as of July 2012 ?

  14. Ms. Curtis-Magley,
    Back in Sept. you gave the following response to John’s post:

    “Debbie Curtis-Magley September 19, 2011 at 1:05 pm
    Hi John:
    Thanks for the feedback.
    I thought it would be helpful to clarify some of the options available with UPS My Choice.
    There is no charge for the authorize shipment release option. You can electronically authorize UPS to release a shipment at your address. You’ll receive an email alert offering this option when a shipment is on its way. And as you pointed out, there is a $5 transactional fee to re-direct the shipment to another address.”
    I registered for MyUPS on Oct. 30, so it’s been considerably longer than
    90-minutes since I signed up. I have a package due to arrive TODAY (11/4/11). The email notice I got yesterday Had No Link To Let Me Authorize Delivery-Drop Off — which is the only reason I signed up with UPS.com in the first place! Please Provide A Link To The Webpage Where I Can Authorize Delivery Drop-Off For My Package. There is no link, tab or radio button ANYWHERE on your website that takes users to this feature.

    And why is access to an actual human being for customer service from MyUPS hidden here in this obscure blog? Theres is no link to this site anywhere on the UPS.com site! The Contact UPS link is a joke. It takes you to a page with a tab to Change Delivery Options, which takes you to this:
    Change Your Delivery
    InfoNotice Makes Changes Easy
    The UPS InfoNotice® is a powerful tool that links all shipments for your delivery stop to one unique bar code or reference. You can use your UPS InfoNotice number to track your shipment or to change delivery options on ups.com.
    Note: Delivery change charges apply for Deliver to Another Address and Reschedule Delivery. You will only be charged if your request is completed. There is no charge for Will Call or Return to Sender.

    How to Change Your Delivery Options
    On either the ups.com home page or the main Tracking page, enter your 12-digit UPS InfoNotice number (found above the bar code) in the Tracking or InfoNotice Numbers field, and select the Track button. This will take you to the Tracking Summary page.
    On the Tracking Summary page, select the Change Delivery button.
    Choose from up to four delivery change options:
    – Will Call: UPS will hold your shipment at a nearby location for you to pick up.
    – Deliver to Another Address: Redirect your shipment to a different delivery address.
    – Reschedule Delivery: Specify a future date you want UPS to deliver the shipment.
    – Return to Sender: UPS will return the shipment to the sender.
    **None of those delivery options allow users to electronically authorize a drop-of with no signature.** THAT OPTION is the bait you used to suck people into registering with MyUPS & answering your creepy questions about past addresses & previously-owned cars. Yet now that UPS.com has my data, I still don’t have access the options you promised I would get by registering.

    – Dee

    • Hi Dee:

      Thanks for alerting us to the problem you experienced. Ryan with our Corporate Customer Relations team contacted you earlier to help resolve the issue you encountered.


  15. I just joined UPS My Choice. I will be receiving a package tomorrow, which I have tracked. I would like to have delivery without requiring my signature. I notice one of the benefits of UPS My Choice is “Shipper Release” to have UPS deliver my package without requiring my signature. However I can’t find anywhere on the website where I can choose this. What are the step by step instructions to authorize a shipper release and where can I find the appropriate web page to make my choice?

    • I had the same problem. According to the UPS phone customer service, the DRIVER can prevent signature release if they choose. I called the shipper and they did not restrict my package this way so the driver definitely did it. I can’t even have the package sent to the UPS Store for $5. I am returning the shipment to the sender and getting a refund. It would be physically impossible for me to pick up the item at the UPS distribution center. I hate UPS.

    • Hi Mark:

      We’d like to learn more about the problem you encountered. Ryan with our Customer Service team will contact you directly.


    • I have registered all my family members, but some of our relatives send packages to ‘LASTNAME Girls’ or ‘The LASTNAME family’. These are not identified as my choice packages (based on a delivery today). Is there a solution?

    • Hi Brian:

      Good question! Currently with UPS My Choice, we match both first and last names for a package. So it’s best for a package to be labeled as “John Doe” instead of “The Doe Family.” However, we are looking at options to match by last name only.


    • Debbie: Thank you for all your help. Customer service contacted me and the local office called me. I found out the problem was a new driver due to the holidays. I have received several packages from UPS without problems since then. I am back to loving UPS. 🙂

    • Hi Mark:

      Thanks for the follow up. I’m glad to hear the problem has been resolved. Happy holidays (and happy shipping)!


  16. Like several people above, I registered for My Choice in order to customize a specific upcoming delivery, and then was bewildered to find absolutely no clue on how to accomplish that task. I just spent a half hour clicking around the UPS website in search of clues, Googling the problem, and reading through all the comments above before finally learning that it should show up in 90 minutes. This is very poor design. It should be made clear to the newly registered user where to find all the promised options that made us sign up in the first place, and when. Not indicating there is a delay wastes your new customers’ time and makes it seem like there is something wrong with the service, both of which are very frustrating and unnecessary.

  17. As a Canadian like Glenn, I wasted my time on the UPS website signing up for My Choice, only finding out that it was unavailable for Canadians by reading a response to his post. Usually I am pretty happy with the service UPS provides but this experience left a bitter taste in my mouth. Please make it clear that My Choice is not available for Canadians BEFORE asking them to sign up and having them waste their time, otherwise you risk alienating more of your customers.

    This text entry form was also frustrating to use… If I click out of the text box and then back into this text box, my entire message disappears! It seems like UPS wasting my time is starting to become a habit.

    • Hi Andrew:

      Thanks for sharing your comments regarding the frustrations you experienced with the registration process. While UPS My Choice is currently not available in Canada, we’re glad to know that our Canadian customers are interested in the service. We’ll share your feedback with our team.


  18. My parcel arrived at a UPS distribution center in a nearby town before 4 a.m. today, with delivery to my home scheduled for tomorrow. I am available to pick it up at the distribution center today. Using UPS’ 800 number, I talked with a customer agent, and learned from that agent that I could sign up for My Choice, wait about 90 minutes, and then go online to change the delivery instruction to “Hold for Pickup” at the distribution center, which is open 2 to 8 p.m. today.
    Unfortunately, the online change wasn’t possible, because apparently in addition to the tracking number, I also needed another number, “found above the barcode,” presumably on the Notice of Attempted Delivery form. Of course, that form would not be available to me until sometime tomorrow, so the “my choice” isn’t really there for me to choose a “hold” so that I could pick up the package at the distribution center today.
    Had this been explained to me in discussion with the UPS agent, I probably wouldn’t have signed up for UPS My Choice.

    • Hi Donald:

      I understand your frustration … in this instance, our customer service team member did not provide correct information. It sounds like you wanted to pick up your shipment the day before it was scheduled to be delivered, but packages are not available for pick-up before the actual delivery date. UPS My Choice does allow you to reschedule the delivery for a future date that’s more convenient. You can also have the package delivered to another address, such as your office or The UPS Store.

      We’ve shared your feedback with our Customer Service team to ensure our team members provide accurate information.


  19. How does one handle packages sent to “familiar” addresses such as “The LASTNAME family” or “Grandpa LASTNAME” or “the LASTNAME Girls”. I had three packages delivered today, two were identified as My Choice packages and were vacation held for last week. The third appears to have just made it today by luck – I wasn’t even expecting it.

  20. Like Glenn and Andrew, I also created an account on UPS.com with the intent of using the My Choice service, and I only discovered an answer to my problem when Google brought me here. The site does not indicate U.S. only, at least not obviously, and it was only when a U.S. location was assumed that I suspected this to be the problem. This is all very roundabout and it was also a waste of my time. And I’m also having the issue of my text being erased if I leave the text box.

  21. This seems less a service for the customer and more a method of generating additional income for UPS. Far too often companies insult our intelligence by stating a service is to benefit us when in fact it is design to benefit the company. Don’t get me started on companies wanting to stop mailing statements because they want to be “green”. If UPS is truly looking to give something useful to the customer they should do something like offering one redirect address for free. I understand people would try and take advantage of that but limiting changes to the free address to once every six months or something like that should help. I would love to redirect to a work address as I am rarely home during delivery hours. I’m not interested in sending packages all over town but just one address where I can actually receive a package. I receive lots of UPS packages and many are not initiated by me so I don’t even know what is arriving and sure as heck am not paying $5 to get some advertising material sooner or more conveniently. It’s annoying enough to have to go to the local UPS office and wait in 30-40 minute lines only to find out it is some garbage you didn’t want anyway.

    • Hi Jason:

      Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts with us. We appreciate all customer feedback – both compliments and criticisms. We’ve shared your comments with the UPS My Choice team.


    • Ok – I just got a package to “The FIRSTNAME LASTNME Family” (with last name spelled slightly incorrectly)… and it didn’t trigger My Choice. Some improvements are needed, I don’t think I am getting value for this service.

    • Hi Brian:

      At this time with UPS My Choice, we match both first and last names only for a package. Taking your example, if the package is addressed to “The FirstName LastName Family”, My Choice wouldn’t be able to match the shipment to your account name because “The” and “Family” aren’t included in your account name. We are looking at options to match shipments by last name only, which would accommodate shipments addressed to “The FirstName LastName Family “.

      Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us.


  22. Found a bug. If I view a surepost package on my calendar it includes a special “note” on the popup. If I then select a UPS Ground package, the “note” is still there that it can’t be changed. If I refresh the page, then go to the UPS Ground package, the “note” is gone.

    • Hi Brian:

      Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. I’ve shared your feedback with the UPS My Choice team for follow up with future updates to the My Choice tools.


  23. Wait, so I’m confused. Will I be getting charged $40 for this? Or is that only if I upgrade?

    • Hi Lizzy:

      The $40 annual fee is for the UPS My Choice Premium Membership. You would need to choose to upgrade for this membership. The following link shows you which features are available with the free membership and which features are offered to premium members: http://www.ups.com/mychoice/features/


  24. ME again…

    Now I got a box to “FirstInitial Lastname” – that doesn’t match either. For a residence, why not have a “all names at this address” option?

    Also need a alternative spelling option for last name (you can guess my last name from my email address, and see that it may get spelled incorrectly frequently).

    I think this has potential, but mostly as a customer retention tool. The current pricing is too high, considering the limitations.

  25. I had 3 2nd day air air packages scheduled. I redirected them to UPS retail location. 2 were delivered, 1 was rescheduled for the next day (Monday in this case). I assume the 2nd day guarantee still applies for My Choice redirected packages?

    • Hi Brian:

      Thanks for the question. For services with a guaranteed delivery window, like UPS 2nd Day Air, the delivery guarantee applies to the original delivery address. However, the UPS team often strives to still meet the delivery window when possible.

      For example, UPS 2nd Day Air shipments have a guaranteed delivery by the end of the second business day to all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. If the delivery address is changed, the “end of second business day” commitment does not apply to the new delivery address. So, if the new address happens to be in a different city or state, we would need to take additional steps to get the package to the correct destination. But when possible, the UPS team will still strive to meet the delivery commitment.


    • thanks for the reply. I would suggest that UPS find a way to maintain the guarantee for redirection to a local UPS retail location. I do agree that other redirects would be difficult/impossible to handle.

  26. May I suggest that instead of hiding options that shipper’s decided to remove (such as reroute), you still display such options but make them disabled (not possible to select), and give the reason for why they are disabled. This will prevent users from wasting time hunting around in vain for unavailable options. With the present implementation I am confused and frustrated as to why I can do some things with my shipment but not others. Am I simply not able to find a certain option because I am not smart enough or because the website is poorly designed? With all options listed and some disabled with explanations, things would be much clearer.

    • Alex:

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. We’ve shared your ideas with the UPS My Choice team.


  27. Say my order is being shipped to my house, but stops at a ups location close to my house and isn’t scheduled to be delivered for another day or two. Can I drive to that location and pick it up?

    • Hi Keegan:

      Thanks for the question. Packages are not available to be picked up prior to the actual delivery date.


  28. I’ve attempted to sign-up for My Choice, the challenge questions were incorrect so I am unable to register. I was told by customer service and technical support that there is no other way to register so I was out of luck. I’m a little surprised. I’ve had the same name and address for 7+ years so my public information should have been fairly straight forward.

    • Hi Glen:

      Thanks for your feedback. What you’ve described is not common. When this does occur, it’s typically due to the fact that two people share the same name, e.g. a father and son. The son may register for UPS My Choice but receive validation questions that relate to the father. Adding date of birth reduces the likelihood of this occurring. We suggest registering again in 24 hours to see if the validation questions have changed.


  29. I signed up for My Choice yesterday in hopes of authorizing a “signature required” package to be dropped off. My only choices are:

    Hold for Will Call Package held for pickup at a UPS operating facility. Free Deliver to Another Address Provide a different delivery address for the package. Yes
    Deliver to a UPS Retail Location Package held for pickup at a UPS Retail Location (e.g., The UPS Store). Yes
    Reschedule Delivery Specify a future date you want UPS to deliver the package. Yes

    How do I authorize the package to be left? How do I know if the seller restricted this option?


    • Hi Ben:
      If you are a member and are trying to authorize the release of a package you need to log in and track the package. Once you are on the tracking detail page you will see your delivery change options you mentioned on the right. To the left of the delivery change options there is a section called Special Instructions. If your package requires a signature a link will be provided under this section. Click on the link and you will then be able to authorize the release of your package. If your package does not require a signature, no link will be provided.

      If you live in an area where your driver typically does not leave any package without a signature, you can set up a standing order to release those packages. You will need to navigate to your preferences page. Under the section called Delivery Instructions a link will be provided under Authorize Shipment Release. You will need to click on the link and authorize the release of your packages. The standing order only applies to those packages where UPS has determined a signature is needed. If a shipper has specifically asked us for a signature, you will have to go through the process mentioned in the first paragraph.


  30. Do I need always need the tracking number, or will I receive notifications for all packages sent to my address?

  31. Stacy,

    Once you have successfully registered for UPS My Choice, you will not need the tracking number to receive notifications. UPS proactively notifies you of any inbound shipments the day before delivery, morning of (exceptions only) and to confirm delivery. When you registered, your preferences were defaulted so that you receive the day before and morning of delivery alerts. At any time you can log in to your preferences page and modify the alerts and the method by which you receive each alert. To ensure you are getting notifications on all your packages, we recommend entering any nicknames you may have in the name variation section of your preferences.


  32. This blog and the website are poorly designed. There is no where on myups account to select authorize this shipment for release without a signature or make a standing statement to that point. I shouldn’t have to click all over to find what I need. For example, on the tracking tab, one would think that when you click “my ups” you’re going to go to a page with your personal ups settings, not so, you just get a little blurb of more advertisment for the supposed services you already signed up for. That was very poor planning on some web designer’s part. I agree with other commentors that even if for some reason the ability to authorize release without a signature is not available for a particular package, the driver disables it, or the package doesn’t need a signature, the user should have the option to still see it and to know why they can’t pick that option. The only reason anybody signed up for this service in the first place was to release packages without signatures, because, you know, people work during the day and driving to a UPS facility is a pain. This website was pretty much a waste of my time. If you’re saying you’re offering a particular service, you need to actually offer it, or at least let individual users know why they can’t access that service for particular deliveries. For example, the option to choose leave a package without a signature could be greyed out and beside it there could be a little question mark, and maybe the user could click on it, and it would say” This package doesn’t require a signature” or “this option isn’t available for your neighborhood” or “the sender has required that this package have a signature” or “the driver in your area doesn’t leave packages without a signature”.

    Your website is just frustrating people because the thing they want to do (have a package sitting on their front porch when they arrive home after an hour in awful freeway traffic at 6 or 7 at night without having to sign for it and not having to drive to a UPS facility), they can’t do.

  33. how is this fixing the problem? Your just taking advantage of the fact the fact that most of us go to school or work and can’t wait around all day for a package by charging us 5$! That is just unfair and is not “solving the problem”. Also signing up for this service is confusing and frustrating!

    • Hi Daniel:

      UPS My Choice provides a variety of features in an effort to help make home delivery easier for you. While there is a fee associated with some of the features, others are offered at no cost. Delivery alerts provide you with delivery information the day before and/or morning of delivery. If the package requires a signature, the Authorize Shipment Release feature allows you to electronically authorize the release of that package. UPS My Choice also gives you the ability to have the package held at a local operating facility.


  34. Hi Ash:

    We appreciate your feedback. We are constantly looking at ways to improve the overall customer experience.

    Currently, the default is to only show the authorize shipment release feature if you live in an area where the driver doesn’t leave packages without a signature or if the shipper requires a signature to release the package. If a shipper chooses to restrict authorize shipment release on signature required packages, the authorize shipment link is still displayed. When clicked, a message pop ups to inform you that for that specific package the feature is disabled. If the authorize shipment release feature is not displayed, this means a signature is not required for its release.

    To learn more about the UPS My Choice application, please click the link below:


  35. Hi, I am trying to register for UPS My Choice, but have been unable to due to error 1013. I have moved into my apartment and lived here for nearly five months already with plenty of packages from UPS delivered to me. I have spoken with UPS customer service by email, live chat, and phone. All my information is entered exactly as specified, but I am still unable to register and keep being told to “wait a few weeks and try again.” Can I please receive some help with signing up for UPS My Choice?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Chris:

      Thanks for expressing interest in UPS My Choice. Unfortunately at this time the only solution we can offer is to make sure that you are entering in your information as it would appear on legal documents. During the registration process, your name and address are verified by matching it to public information. If you’ve moved or changed your name, there may not be enough public information available to match. The reason for this verification step is security. Because UPS My Choice lets you change the delivery address before a delivery attempt is made, it’s important to make sure “you are who you say you are” instead of someone posing as you (think identify theft). UPS does not store the information used for verification nor do we use it for any purpose other than to verify your information.
      We are continuously looking for ways to improve the customer experience but unfortunately, at this time, if entering your name as it appears on legal documents does not work, the best advice I can give is to wait a few weeks and try again.


    • I’ve got the same problem, I tried to sign up to the service but the system issues adn an error saying that I can’t be identified…WTF? I sold my house last year and moved to a new address, I’ve been living here for a year. My drivers license and all other ID have been updated to reflect my new address…not to mention that I run a home based business and UPS delivers here every day. I have to agree with some other postings in this thread that I find this registration process a bit too invasive in respect to data collection, irrespective of what the UPS corporate line on the matter is… it “feels” wrong. So far my user experience has been terrible and has left me with a very bad first impression. I think you really need to rethink this service because you’ve just succeeded in creating an unhappy customer!

    • Hi Joe:

      Thanks for your feedback. We are constantly reviewing our registration process to find ways to improve the overall customer experience. We take steps to verify the identity of anyone registering because My Choice enables you to make decisions about when and where packages are delivered. We want to make sure “you are who you say you are.”

      The short questions that you are asked to answer are randomly generated from public records, and include data such as prior addresses. The authentication happens in real time, and UPS does not retain the questions or answers that are generated through this authentication process.



    • I appreciate that. Still, considering that I have been living at my new home for more than a year now and that I’ve updated all my legal records to reflect this, yet your system can’t still identify me is rather upsetting. This type of thing creates a very bad user experience and is a real turn off. Again, I appreciate the need for security but security must always be balanced with usability.

    • You should consider sending a postcard w/ an auth code to the address…

  36. I signed up for my choice and attempted to have a package delivered to my office instead of home, what they don’t tell you is that it will add an additional day to delivery. After to speaking to customer service I was advised to log back into my choice and select “hold at location” this way I could just pick up the package. Guess what?…..that added another day even though the package was at the facility. I should have originally had my package on Wednesday now I have to drive to the location to pick up on Friday. Makes no sense!!

  37. oh ya and it cost me $5.00 for all the hassle.

  38. If you have a package that requiers a signature request the sender use FedEx. They allow you to pick up you package at there facility later the same day with no action required by you(the recipient). They also don’t try to gouge an extra $40 out of there costumers.

    • Hi Cameron:

      Yes, FedEx does offer the ability to have your packages held at one of their retail locations but UPS My Choice offers the same feature and more! A UPS My Choice Membership is free. With the free Membership you get proactive delivery alerts, the ability to electronically authorize the release of packages that require a signature and the ability to have the package held for pick up at a UPS Operating facility all at no cost. For additional flexibility and control when you need it, you can reroute or reschedule packages for just a $5 transaction fee.
      We do offer a $40 Premium Membership which is designed for customers who receive a lot of packages at their home. Premium Members receive all the benefits of the Membership level, including unlimited reroutes and rescheduling of packages, plus access to an online delivery planner that shows all their inbound packages, the ability to provide leave at instructions for their driver, such as front door, back porch, and side door, and access to a 2-hour confirmed delivery window.


    • FedEx requires no action on my part. If I’m not home when the truck comes which is likely the case for most people who work durring the day. I can simply stop at there facially on my way home. This is a much better service for costumers and why I will continue to request the shippers use FedEx.

  39. I have signed up for this service and requested a package be delivered to my office instead of home and guess what? added another day of shipping. Since the package was all ready in the town where I reside I was instructed to log back in and have them hold for pick up….guess what???? Another day even though the package was at the location. Extremely frustrating and it cost me $5.00 to do this? Unreal!!

  40. I signed up for this service to keep track of my packages that were being sent to me. i work 24/7 and am rarley home and i do not have the time to have my packages be sent to my local ups store and hold for pick up so i signed the notice card that was left at my home to have the package be left at my home either way. i asked my neighbor if he can keep an eye out for it, they said yes. i gave them the tracking info and guess what? i was told by my neighbor that nothing was at my home but tracking shows it was delivered. am i sol since i signed to have the package left at my home??

    • Hi Josh:

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Our customer service team will contact you to investigate the issue.


  41. Ohhh, Boyyy. I have never seen such a large Multi-Billion $ company with such a simple product have such a poor excuse for a user interface. After 500 clicks chasing the elusive “my choice” options, I signed up a for shipper account.

    I’m trying to get a packaged delayed for a day and I’m met with some ultra-creepy DMV-mining database. What a turn-off. Seriously tacky.

    It’ seems from the company responses that UPS really cares that none of us users can’t accomplish simple advertised tasks. Time for one of those ‘left-hand, right-hand talks’.

    $40 ? hahahahahaa.

  42. Hi Randy,

    Thanks for your feedback. We are continuously looking to find ways to improve the overall customer experience. Regarding the questions you were required to answer, these are served to you to ensure that you are who you say you are. This is done to minimize fraud. UPS uses this information only for the fraud validation step and does not store any of the information.


  43. my package has a shipping label created im not sure if its been picked up yet.. am i able to call now and have it rerouted to the ups store closest to me?

  44. I am a longtime UPS customer. Overall UPS provides great service, but I would really like to have the option – as I do with FedEx – to redirect a package before the first delivery attempt. FedEx enables this with just a couple of clicks. I actually look for vendors who use ship via FedEx for this reason. Please consider offering this convenience.

  45. I think it is awesome that you are responding to comments here.
    Now for my “issue”. I have started prioritizing online purchases to vendors who provide other shipping options rather than UPS.
    Why? Because FedEx typically delivers early in the day, USPS delivers in the mid to late Afternoon… All consistently.
    With UPS I might get a driver who decides they want a signature, and it could come anytime during the day – but I’m towards the tail end of their ground deliveries every day, so typically it is sometime after work.
    But since UPS refuses to give reasonable estimates of the delivery – while I could easily take the morning off – or a 2 hour break to be home to receive a package, they decide not to offer this functionality.
    Oh unless I pay $40/yr.
    I don’t NEED to pick a specific time – but I think since UPS knows about when my package will be delivered (the drivers aren’t randomly driving around the city), it would be easy to provide this information to everyone.
    And if I knew they were going to deliver after 6pm, I wouldn’t have to take the afternoon off “just in case” they come early that day.
    Guys – you’re the best in the world at managing the delivery of packages scaled to volume. You can do better at this one thing.

    • Joe,

      UPS My Choice has two levels of membership: Membership and Premium Membership. The Membership option is free and enables customers to actively choose delivery alert preferences, electronically authorize the release of packages that require a signature, and, for only a $5 transaction fee, reroute or reschedule packages — all before the first delivery attempt is made.

      As a UPS My Choice Member, you receive delivery alerts the day before delivery informing you of an inbound package. When possible, the alert will contain a 4-hour approximate delivery time. However, there may be times when we’re unable to confidently provide an approximate delivery time. In this case, the delivery alert will say By End of Day.

      Another feature made available to you through UPS My Choice is the ability to electronically authorize the release of packages. If you live in an area where your driver never leaves packages without obtaining a signature, you have the ability to set a preference that now enables him to leave any package that is not specifically sent shipper required. Additionally, if the package is sent signature required by the shipper, on the tracking detail screen you can select to electronically release the package.


  46. Dear UPS,
    Thanks for adding the ability to redirect packages to the nearest UPS store. This is a really useful feature of your web site. I can’t imagine that you were unaware that FedEx already offers their customers the ability to do this for FREE and without requiring the creation of an account. I think it was a poor business decision to make your customers follow a lengthy account creation process and charge them $5 each time they want to redirect a package (or $40 per year either way). I have both a FedEx and UPS store near my home and will no longer ship using UPS until this functionality is offered for free.

    • Hi UPS,

      Just an update to my previous post. I needed to ship a package yesterday and drove an extra mile down the road to my local FedEx store to do it. I would like to return to my local UPS store in the future but will not until you provide package redirection to a UPS store without a fee which FedEx has been doing for quite awhile.

  47. Light extortion. Useless, wasted hours on this. I am sure I’ll get the usual rebotic reply from Poor Debbie or some other drone who is ever so happy that I checked out their “service.” Credit card paid protection services that were always free before now joined by a pay to deliver packages to your desired location without a signature – it’s taken 3 attempts to get them to drop off a package. They are getting worse than the cable guy… somewhere between 5 am and 11pm… good luck!

    • Hi Matthew:

      It sounds like we’ve disappointed you on a few levels. I’ve shared your comment with our Customer Service team and asked that they contact you to help address the issues you’ve experienced.


  48. I’ve tried twice to register for UPS My Choice, and after several failed (?!) attempts at your ridiculous “identity quizzes” I’ve been locked out with error 1013. Never mind that I’ve breezed through at least five such quizzes for financial institutions over the past couple years. And that I haven’t moved in 25 years (though I’ve been associated with other addresses, including a UPS Store address)! I’ve also had an online UPS account for 4-5 years now.

    Some of the questions were patently absurd, with NO possible correct answer. For example, one said “Which of the following STREETS have you NEVER lived or used as your address?” The five choices offered up were two streets I HAVE lived on (long ago); two that I have never even heard of; and “ALL OF THE ABOVE!” It’s almost as if they’re trying to pull my leg.

    VERY frustrating. Again, I can pass a bank’s identity quizzes but not UPS’s?? Sheesh!

  49. I signed up for My Choice and paid $5 so that I could have a package delivered to the nearby UPS Store. When I went to pick up the package they charged me $10.
    Where on the UPS webpages is it stated that there is a $10 charge for picking up a package at a store? I see mention of the $5 delivery fee. Was it mentioned when I paid the $5 online? Yeah, UPS will deliver to the store for $5 but if you actually want to pick up your stuff there then it is going to cost another $10.

    I thought $5 was a great deal. A $15 charge would have been a decent deal. I just saved UPS a couple of trips-in-vain to my front door.

  50. A $15 charge would have been a decent deal. Good chance that I would have accepted it up front. But getting to the store and hearing “our store has a $10 fee for pickup unless you have a mailbox with us” just left me feeling ripped off.

    I asked for a price guide or something that would mention list this pickup charge (or even a brochure about mailboxes that explains that the fee is waived). Something just to make me believe that they werent just making this stuff up.

    • Hi Bill. I represent The UPS Store corporate office. Sorry to hear your were charged an extra $10 at The UPS Store. That shouldn’t have happened. We will be in contact with you to address this issue.

    • It should be free. FedEx does not charge for this service and does not require that you create an account to have packages redirected.

    • I agree. I didn’t see anywhere in the web page where you have to pay $5 extra to the for the local UPS shop after you paid the $5 online.

  51. I have a delivery every morning m-f for business purposes and I can’t seem to get ups to deliver in early am. I waste my whole morning waiting to have the driver show up. How do I fix this? Who do I talk to?



  52. This UPS MyChoice started out nice. I thought it would be a good option to choose when and how I get my packages and instead it’s been nothing but problems. I have a package coming and when I sign into my UPS account and select the change delivery option, it isn’t giving me the options to reschedule or reroute like it normally does, it’s giving me a box about learning more about MyChoice. I’ve already paid the $40 for MyChoice and I’ve been using the service for a couple months…very frustrating and no customer service. I have to come to a blog to get service. All the assistance page does is list frequently asked questions and when I’ve called UPS, the lady I talked to wasn’t familiar with MyChoice and wasn’t able to assist me either. When you pay for a service like this, you expect it to work and this is already my second problem in the couple of months I’ve been subscribed.

    • Randi,

      Can you please send me your address information you used to register for My Choice and the 1Z number for the package you tried to track so that we may investigate as to why your My Choice options are not being made available to you.



  53. Hello,
    I’m leaving for vacation and would like UPS not to deliver any packages until I will be
    back. I don’t know how many packages and tracking numbers. How may I do this?

  54. Hi Lyudmila:

    The best way to accomplish this is to sign up for UPS My Choice (www.ups.com/mychoice) if you haven’t already done so. If you register as a Member you will get proactive delivery alerts any time a package is inbound to your residence. Once you receive this alert, you can log in and reschedule the delivery of the package for a day when you will be back in town. There is a $5 fee per package. If you receive multiple packages a month you might want to consider enrolling as a Premium Member. Premium Membership costs $40/year and gives you all the benefits of the Membership Level plus a delivery planner, the ability to set Leave At (e.g. Leave at back door) and Leave With Neighbor instructions, access to a Confirmed Delivery Window, and the ability to set a vacation. This vacation option allows you to inform UPS of the exact days you will be on vacation. UPS will hold any packages scheduled to be delivered to you during that time and then deliver those packages upon your return.



  55. I’ve signed up for the UPS MyChoice and waited almost 2 hours and I still dont have the option to reschedule delivery.

    I think the problem is that when I signed up I thought the package was under my wifes name but it was under mine. I added my name under the proper options. I called Tech Support but they told me to wait longer. Unfortunately I cant be refreshing UPS.com all day waiting for it to kick in.

    Do you have any suggestions?



    • Jay

      It can take up to 90 minutes for your UPS My Choice options to appear. It would take 90 minutes from the time you entered your name in the appropriate Additional Household Members field, not from when you completed the original registration in your wife’s name. Once the 90 minutes is up and you navigate to ups.com, you need to log in and then track the package in order to see your UPS My Choice options. If you track the package without logging in, no UPS My Choice options will appear.


  56. Hi, my package is being held at a “nearby” location which opens mon-fri 9:30am to 6pm. I would like someone else to go pick it up. What d will the personne need? InfoNotice and?

    • Lou:
      In order to pick up a package at UPS Operating Facility a government issued photo ID must be presented. The name or address on the ID must much the name or address on the package.



  57. Authorizing signature-free delivery does not work. Due to a claim made last year for a stolen package, my address has been put on high-risk list. For the past three days the UPS driver has refused to leave a $2.55 item at my door. The InfoNotice tag says I can sign to authorize (driver checked that option) delivery without a signature. I have done that three times to no avail. I called Customer Service after the third attempt and was told to leave a large note on the door authorizing delivery. The vendor felt sorry for me and shipped a replacement item overnight and instructed me to leave a note on the door. So this morning I have FIVE notes on the door. Guess what – no delivery! I finally talked to a very rude supervisor at the local service center who informed me that we had been black-listed. Once I finally lied and told her the person who had filed the claim (my wife) no longer lived here, she reluctantly removed me from the high-risk list. It is unbelievable that we would be black-listed due to legitimate claim. I get the feeling that the supv feels the claim was fraudulent. I will be notifying all of the vendors that I do business with that UPS is not a good option for shipping. In addition I am part of a company that does tens of thousands of dollars of shipping with UPS – we will be looking for alternatives.

  58. I tried to register, but your system refused. It appears that you could not resolve my name.
    I have a suffix (like Sr, Jr, Third, etc) but you provide no place for thst in your form.
    Therefore it appears to me impossible for me to use your service.
    What am I supposed to do?

    • Tom:

      Try entering your suffix in the last name field. We have found this to work for other users.



  59. I registered for My Choice last night and tried to redirect a package. No options appeared. I called customer service and was told it could take up to 90 minutes. This should be mentioned when signing up for the service. After 2 hours though I was unable to use any options. They just don’t exist. Another call to customer service and I get transferred to tech support. I’m told that the address isn’t a match – I have Drive and the package is coming is a Dr. Make the change and wait another 90 minutes. I make the change, wait the required time and still no options come up.

    This service seems entirely broken from my standpoint. For a company that likes to tout their technological abilities in commercials, I don’t see it.

    If a user is registered for my choice and tracks a package – the user should be able to have my choice options right away. Quick little database query that says the user is a my choice user and does live at this address – profile matches – my choice options are available. Not a 90 minute scan. Additionally, you guys seriously can’t figure out common street abbreviations? Apparently that wasn’t the only issue preventing me from getting my choice to work. My choice STILL doesn’t work for me and I’ve called customer service yet again – ultimately customer service is clueless about this service and so is technical support.

    Lots of frustration and still no answers are going to cause me to not use this service and not recommend this service to anyone.

    Let me give you an example of a fedex shipment I needed held at their facility last week. Step 1) Request a hold. Step 2) Verify information and package is held. This took me less than 2 minutes.

    Perhaps UPS should reconsider how their system works and release proper software.

  60. What a scam this is. Corporations will never cease to find a way to milk customers.

    Why not provide this service for free? Doesn’t it make sense that if a package arrives and is collected the first time it’s a win-win for everyone? Happy customer, gas saved, more efficient?

    $5 for each reroute? $40 to be a “premium” member? I’m sorry are you Amazon or are you a delivery service?

    But go ahead and tell me how it will make my life awesome (for a fee).

    • Max:

      UPS My Choice offers users two levels of membership in order to provide options that best meets the needs of our receivers. As My Choice Member, while there are some options that have a fee associated with them, there are many options provided to you at no cost. With the free Membership you get proactive delivery alerts, the ability to electronically authorize the release of packages that require a signature and the ability to have the package held for pick up at UPS Operating facility.

      We do off a $40 Premium Membership which is designed for customers who receive a lot of packages at their home. Premium Members receive all the benefits of the Membership level, including unlimited reroutes and rescheduling of packages. Additionally, they receive an online delivery planner that shows all their inbound packages, the ability to provide leave at instructions for their driver and access to a 2-hour Confirmed Delivery Window.


  61. Under MyChoice, if I either redirect a package to a UPS store for pickup or set up for Will-Call at the UPS facility, will my package be available the same day as my normally scheduled home delivery, or will I have to wait until the next business day to pick it up at either location?

    I changed a recent package to will-call, and I had to wait until the next business day to pick it up. Wondering if this is normal policy.

    • Hello:

      Depending on when you select to have your package rerouted and how far from the original address will influence the scheduled delivery date. If you select to have it delivered to your local The UPS Store early in the package’s travel, there is a higher likelihood that it will be delivered on the scheduled delivery date.

      Currently, if you select Hold for Will Call the earliest option will be the day after the original scheduled delivery date. However, if on the original scheduled day of delivery an option will appear to have the package held for you to pick up that day. This option is called Same Day Will Call but must be selected on the scheduled delivery day.


  62. It really seems like this service just doesn’t work. I’ve had multiple packages (ground, next day air, etc) and I’m never given any options. It just says delivery change options are unavailable. What’s the point?

    • John,

      If you could send the full name and address to upside@ups.com that you used to register for UPS My Choice registration, we can start an investigation to see if we can understand why your options are not appearing when you are receiving packages. If you could send us atracking number for one of the packages you received, that will further help the investigation but this is not required.





  63. Hello I have been a Mychoice member and have tried to have several packages on different dates that I was expecting a delivery to change the delivery. I login to my choice then select track, enter number, change delivery and I always get a pop up box.
    that has no options it just says:
    you’re the receiver…
    Track with your UPS InfoNotice® Number (found above the barcode) and choose from up to four delivery change options:

    Return to Sender
    Deliver to a New Address
    Reschedule Delivery –
    Hold for Customer Pickup

    Note: Prior to the first delivery attempt, contact the sender to request a change in delivery instructions or to correct your delivery address.

    I called UPS customer service a few times, they act like they have no idea who or what MyChoice is. And I was told you cannot have a package delivered to a UPS Store unless you have an existing mailbox service with the store (i guess rent a mailbox etc.. with an address). Also If this ever gets fixed and the options finally show up, can you have a package delivered to the UPS Store where there is a COD involved and pay the UPS store for the package. I know Fedex stores allows this and they mail it in directly back to the customer. In fact it is free to ship to Fedex stores, you can just put it as the delivery address and insert hold for pick up. I would think ups would allow this. thanks

    • Gigi:

      If you could send the name and address you used to register for UPS My Choice to upside@ups.com we will start an investigation into why your options are not appearing. Also, if you have a tracking number for one of the packages, please send this as well as it will help us figure out what is happening with your packages.



  64. I’m having problems with UPS My Choice again. I’m trying to change my package to be re-routed to the UPS Store and it gives me the option to change delivery but when I click on it, it gives me a pop up box with information about UPS My Choice instead of giving me the usual options to change the delivery. I did recently move and even though I changed my address with UPS My Choice, it is only showing my old address as having the premium membership. Do you have to pay again if you move? My premium membership isn’t due to expire until Feb. 2013 and it doesn’t seem fair to have to pay again just because I moved.

    • Randi:

      If you move, you can transfer your Premium Membership to your new address. You will need to login as you normally do and navigate to your preferences page. Once there, you will see the first section called “Membership Information.” To the right of this is a link that enables you to edit this section. To have your new address receive all the benefits of your Premium Membership, update this section with your new address information.


  65. I was looking into doing a change of delivery address for a delivery scheduled for Monday. If i change the address tonight(friday) would it get delayed? i just dont want the package sitting on my front porch til i get home from work.

    • Well to follow up my own question… Dont use my UPS if u want to receiver your package in a timely manner. I changed my delivery address and so far it has delayed my package 2 days, even though the package inially arrived in the delivery citys local hub and was then sent 15 miles away to sit for a few days. using MYUPS has been more on a inconvience than the advertised convience feature.

  66. You need to add an asterisk everytime you say (on this website) that a package can be held at a local UPS Store. I was told via your 800-number that is simply not true. In my case it can only be held at a distant UPS service center rather than at the local UPS Store since UPS does not own the local UPS store.

  67. I’m sorry, but this whole thing is absurd. Why in the world I have to go through all this nonsense to receive two $2.50 cabinet knobs is beyond me. And I STILL can’t figure out how I can get this package–or any other package for that matter–because UPS will not join the *20th* century even, and deliver on Saturdays. For those of us who work during the day, you can make as many attempts as you want and leave as many little yellow stickies as you want, and WE WILL NEVER BE HOME WHEN YOU COME. Where does that leave us? Paying $5 to have it delivered to work–what if it’s too big to carry home on the bus or train? There are no options to leave it without a signature, I don’t know my neighbors, I live in a building without a doorman… HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO EVER GET MY PACKAGES?! You just make this way too hard, especially for a company that brags about your mastery of ”logistics.” Tell me, kings of logistics, if I am never home during the day, and you only deliver during the day, how do I get my packages? I don’t drive, so I can’t go to some backwater depot to get them. I’m not paying you $5 to wait an extra day. And even if I leave the notice, the driver can’t get into the building to leave it anyway. There’s only one answer: DELIVER AFTER-HOURS AND ON SATURDAYS. Ot at least let people who work days specify that they need their packages delivered after work. This is so frustrating. I’ve got one package that you are going to make two more fruitless attempts to deliver and then send back to the shipper. GREAT. And I’ve got three more coming that I don’t know how I’ll get either. All I can do is in future, refuse to do business with anyone who ships via UPS. You are USELESS to everyone except housewives.

    • Laurie

      They WILL deliver on Saturday – You just need to pay the HUGE Sat delivery

  68. Outstanding article once again! Thanks a lot=)

  69. First UPS does deliver on SAT – you just have to pay a HUGE upcharge for it

    second – I have signed up for the free version of this – Im currently waiting for a package – first alert said it would be delivered yesterday – then about 1 am this morning another email that said nope – Wed delivery between 9 and 1

    Its now almost 5 and its still listed and out for delivery

    What a colossal fail … A palm reader could do a better job of guessing. Good thing Im not home waiting for the package. Oh wait I am waiting … and still waiting


  70. I signed up for MyChoice and suddenly the driver no longer leaves my packages at my back door. For years the various drivers used to leave the packages at the back door and knock before leaving. Now the driver throws the packages on my front porch, no knock(even when I am home). I have recently found packages on the porch steps and sidewalk. It seems the service declined after I signed up and the potential for theft has increased. Why should I pay $40/year to have the driver return to leaving the packages at my back door?

    • Same here, and sometimes the driver just rings the bell for 1 sec, and when I open the door the 3rd sec, he has already gone. And did I mention he dropped my package like throwing it to the group with a big bang sound?

  71. I recently signed up for My Choice and had two shipments sent to a retail UPS store. I paid the $5 per package fee. Now comes time to pickup the packages from the store and they wouldn’t release them until I paid them $10! So now it’s a total of $20 I had to pay. Nowhere on the My Choice website or terms do I see anything about additional hidden fees the store will charge you. UPS toll-free customer service said its the individual stores discretion. This is not a very customer friendly policy, and it is very deceiving. Can anyone from UPS comment about this?

  72. Almost a year since the original post. I don’t understand why the option is still shown on the website for canadian customers if the service is not offered in Canada? It should be a simple webmaster issue to filter site content based on country. At least we should know about it before we fill half the forms like other commenters wrote…

  73. What I don’t understand is the crazy UPS policy where you send back packages to the shipper after holding them for five days. Ummm…ever heard of a vacation? I go away every year at Christmas for two weeks. During that time, I get dozens of packages sent to my home that require a signature. Why on earth doesn’t UPS allow a VACATION HOLD like USPS does? This would save time, money and ease up on your work force. If you knew, for example that I was gone from December 20th to January 2nd and with my approval, you held all my packages to be delivered starting on January 3rd, YOUR DRIVERS WOULD BE SPARED HAVING TO COME TO MY DOOR EVERY DAY AND LEAVE A USELESS STICKER!!! You would ALSO not have to spend time and money sending all the packages back to the shipper. This would save you millions of dollars per year in gas and labor. Somebody needs to either bring UPS into the 21st century or put it out to pasture. It’s so odd to me that a company can exist today that fails at the single basic task it was created to do.

    • Steve:

      One of the new benefits of being a UPS My Choice Member is that there is now a vacation option. You can tell UPS when you will be gone and we will deliver the package the day after you return. You can ask that we hold your packages for up to 14 calendar days. Click the following link to learn more: UPS My Choice Information.



  74. If I enroll as a premium member, do I have to be home for signature required packages?

  75. Any plans to bring this service to Canada? I could certainly use it.

  76. I am so frustrated with you guys. For being such a large well known company you think you would get an updated website, have someone edit it to not be so confusing etc. I am attempting to make sure I get a package before 4pm tomorrow. I have paid $25 to who I purchased to it to be rushed, and must have it for a show I am doing. Then to try and see when I could get the package I have seriously been on the phone for hours with multiple call center people all day!! First I signed up for My choice to try and set up a will call pick up for tomorrow so it doesn’t go out on the truck. However, when I do that, the site said that the package would not be available until Monday the 10th for will call. Your call center said that I needed to wait until midnight (who does that?) to get back on and see if an option appeared to select “same day pickup,” however here I am at midnight and that is not there! Then later in the day to be safe I decided I would sign up for the Premier membership for $40 so that I could select a 2 hour window for the package to be delivered. I signed up for that, the money is pending on my card, however, upon signing in it won’t let me select a 2 hour window. Upon calling around 10pm tonight they said that it doesn’t look like I signed up for the premier membership—-well the money is showing on my account!??? They also told me to wait until midnight to see if the button for the 2 hour window selection showed up. Again, it didn’t. So now I am going to be getting up early, calling everyone imaginable to track down this package to ensure I get it by 4pm. I will be getting my $40 back since this service has not done what it says it will do. This is absolutely ridiculous and I couldn’t be more dissatisfied with the My choice membership or UPS itself. What a joke.

  77. I have been having major issues with mychoice for the last 2 months or so. I am a premium customer and every time I try to execute a mychoice request I get either “your package is eligible for a mychoice request, however please try again in 30 minutes” or “mychoice is unavailable at this time, please contact….”. Tech support has me turn-off my pop-up blocker (which has never been an issue) which doesn’t solve the problem. When I call to see if an agent can reroute the package for me, they tell me they are not allowed to. The best they can offer is to have it held at the closet distribution center (not convenient). All I ask is that a service I pay for work properly. I bought mychoice because I was tired of packages being left unattended and getting stolen from outside my condo. It was great when it worked. Now mychoice is a big joke.

  78. Have seen other requests for this My Choice service in Canada but no replies yet. Is it in the works or not – a reply from UPS would be great

  79. After receiving Infonotices instead of packages I signed up for MyChoice. I authorized shipment release for packages but I still keep getting infonotices on my door instead of packages. So I called and found out that even though I signed up for MyChoice and authorized release its still up to the driver whether they leave the package or an Infonotice. After paying a premium for 2 day shipping this is really bothersome, and unpredictable, sometimes they get left sometimes they dont. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason, weather is not a factor as my door is inside. Shipment value seems to have no effect, I have had $500 stereos left at my door and $20 items not left. I have called about these issues and discussed them with local representatives only to be told its DriversChoice. Is there anything I can sign to get my packages left, a stack of Infonotices…. Will paying $40 for the premium service produce any more predictable results or will MyChoice still end up being DriversChoice? Help please.

  80. As of late October, 2012 they still allow you to enter a bunch of personal info only to be told that this service is not available to Canadians. When USP says “Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us”, I think they should add a line about the fact that they will continue to totally ignore what you have asked for.

  81. Did everyone know that a shipper can “turn off” all of your MyChoice options to modify a shipment? This is resulting in a 5 day delay for an overnight package for me. In addition, the door-slips left by the driver and the e-mail notifications have completely different estimates for time of delivery, meaning that I must either budget a whole day to sit at home waiting for a delivery or risk missing my last home delivery attempt. No one minds paying for special service when something of value is provided. This is a joke!

  82. I tried to use your new service based on a recommendation from one of your phone reps. She said she could not route my package to a UPS Store near me where I could sign for it and pick it up. I opened the account and come to find out there was no option for me to forward my package to the UPS Store near me. I called a second time and was told that holding it at the operating facility is the only option and that they would never send it to the UPS store near me because it’s not owned and operated by you and you guys don’t trust the to check my ID when I come pickup the package. I ended up have them return it to the sender and contacted the sender that they would need to send it by a different delivery source for me to accept it. FedEx forwards it to the nearest FedEx Kinko’s store without charging me and without giving me the hassle your group has.

  83. My Choice Service seems like a runaround. I signed up EXPRESSLY to have my package held at the UPS Hub and NOT put on a delivery truck (as I will not be home). I work directly across form the USP hub (Not a UPS retail outlet).
    All I want to do is have UPS hold my package – but your website makes it IMPOSSIBLE to find. This was a one day shipment – and I am forced to write UPS EVERYWHERE in hopes of getting through to SOMEONE in time.

    • Hi Jordan:

      UPS My Choice does allow you to have the package held at a UPS Hub. If it is the day before delivery, after you log in to UPS and track your package, you should see an option that says “Hold for Will Call.” This will tell UPS to hold your package at the hub. There is another option called “Hold at a UPS Retail Location” and this is the one you select if you want it held at The UPS Store. If it is the day of delivery, after you log in and track, select “Hold for Will Call.” A link will appear on this page that says “I need my package today.” By selecting this link, you will be able to pick up your package that day at your local UPS hub.


  84. As a Canadian, I would love to be able to us UPS My Choice, but sadly it is still unavailable here. I work from 7am, to 6pm. I can’t possibly be here when they deliver packages, and the only other person that can be is unable to get to the door fast enough for the delivery drivers where I live. So my only “choice” with UPS is to wait for the note, sign it, and wait till the next day. I would love to see UPS My Choice implemented in Canada, it would make life a lot less disappointing when it comes to shipping with you guys.

    • Hi Brett:

      Thanks for your interest in UPS My Choice. Unfortunately My Choice is not yet available in Canada but we are continuing to look at expand this service to new locations.


  85. I paid the fee for UPS My Choice, and want to complain that your website is very unresponsive and quite frustrating. It tells me that a package has been delivered to a UPS Store, but not WHICH store. Why is this so difficult?

  86. Wow, you have got guts that is for sure. I was steered into this AND when some pretty personal info came up I had some doubts. Thank goodness for this blog to let everyone know including the company that I feel you are skirting a fine line here in that there is almost NO info up front that this is a pay service … and pretty steep I might add. You might want to consult Instagram on what consumers are willing to put up with … get back to doing business clearly and honestly … yikes

  87. Good evening. I have signed up to for My Choice because I need to redirect a package to an UPS store. When the window pops up to select a UPS store to ship it to, there is no scroll bar. So even though I can select a store on the screen there is no way for me to scroll to the bottom to select “submit”. This is unbelievably frustrating and I can’t be the only person who has experienced this. I have a MAC but I tried it on a PC as well and the same problem exists. Please advise. When I call UPS costumer service, they tell me I have to select the location on the website! I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thank you.

    • Emily, try another browser perhaps?

  88. Ann –
    You know – I think that UPS should really redesign this page – or make a video showing EXACTLY HOW to to request that a package get held at a UPS hub FOR FREE – without paying for a service that should be a win/win for both the recipient, and for UPS.
    What exactly will it take to make this something much easier to do? Make a video- post it out on YouTube and show us at the very least. Why on Earth would UPS bury it like this.
    It is simply not worth it to me to put any more effort into this – if UPS wants to attempt delivery 2 or three times and waste their drivers time before they decide to keep it at the hub- so be it. I’ve spent enough of my time here. I have to accept that this DOES NOT WORK EASILY OR WELL. Apparently it doesn’t work universally in web browsers either? That’s just web publishing basics. PLEASE make a simple YouTube video and show us all how it’s supposed to be done. At least THAT should help people understand all around.

    • Jordan,

      Thanks for taking the time to check out UPS My Choice and thanks for your input. We are continuously looking for ways to help our Members get the most out of My Choice, including developing how to videos. Specifically to your situation, to have your UPS My Choice package delviered to a local UPS Operating facility:
      1.) Login to your UPS My Choice account
      2.) Track your package from the Trackigng Detail page
      3.) Select Change Delivery
      4.) Select Hold for Will Call


  89. I have just attempted to sign in to MyChoice from the Chrome browser and it would not let me. There was an error on sign in. I then attempted to sign in with Firefox and it let me. It looked differently from when I last was there – perhaps due to the different browser, or perhaps UPS made some updates.
    I tracked my package and from there was presented with a list of options – which included “Hold will Call”. My package was due to be delivered on Monday (it’s Friday today) and we will see how it goes.
    I also could not resist and did a quick search on YouTube. There IS a video out there on YouTube already (will comments turned off), on how to use MyCHoice. It was uploaded in Nov of 2011 .

  90. Hi,

    Tried to sign-up for UPS My Choice but the service is not available for Puerto Rico. FYI Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory and should be included.

  91. I keep getting the 1013 error when trying to sign up, and I really would like to try this service. I’ve never had a name changed and have been living at my current address for 22 1/2 years. What seems to be the problem? Absolutely absurd.

    With 7 prime major credit cards that I have, (2) car loans paid off, utility, cell phone bills, all showing the same “public info” Lol to make matters even more humorous, I’ve even worked for UPS part time and worked for the Census bureau. Why on earth can’t I get past this error?!

    I’m using my 1st and last name, my date of birth, and entering the address I’ve been living at for 22 1/2 years… someone please resolve this?

  92. With MyChoice Premium, can I give UPS the code to my detached garage and have packages placed in the garage?

  93. I ordered a package and put it in my boyfriends name. we live together but when packages are addressed to me no one can tell which house to send it to, unless its in my boyfriends name. I would like to know if I can pick it up, with his photo id?

  94. I signed up for My Choice. All I want is the ability to skip the use of SurePost and have UPS deliver the package directly to my address rather than take several extra days for the USPS to get around to the delivery. Will My Choice allow me to do this? And is that also an additional $5 fee?

  95. For those signing up there is a promotion code box during sign up. PLease use the code BBGB29BD4. This is the UPS friends & Family code. Thanks and enjoy..it’s a great service.

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