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UPS Delivers the Future for Nike
Nike MAGs

Where were you in 1989? Listening to New Kids on the Block? Watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Back then the UPS shield still had a little package at the top and Nike was heavy into its “Nike Air” shoe line with neon colors and air bubble “windows” in the heels. I know because I had a pair in the sixth grade…but it wasn’t the shoe I really wanted after “Back to the Future: Part II” came out in November 1989 and I saw a pair of self-lacing high tops on Michael J. Fox’s feet!

In an effort to help The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Nike and Universal Studios teamed up and produced 1,500 replicas of the futuristic, internally-lit sneaker and auctioned them off to help fund research into Parkinson’s Disease. You might have seen it in the news recently, possibly the Nike commercial with Doc Brown himself!

UPS driver Angela Solomon gets a 1980s time traveler (played by UPS blog writer Michael French) to sign for his new shoes.Nike wooed us kids in theaters in 1989 when Christopher Lloyd handed Michael J. Fox those sneakers that lit up and laced themselves! Marty McFly and Doc Brown had taken their time-traveling DeLorean to the “future,” the year 2015, and Marty wore futuristic clothes to blend in.

More than one little kid walked out of the theater sighing heavily as they stared ruefully at the laces they had to tie on their 20th century sneakers. I wanted those rockin’ awesome Nike MAGs more than I wanted that famous hover board. Alas, it was “just a movie” back then.

Now, UPS is the carrier of choice for the “most famous shoes never made,” and today we are proudly delivering them to their new owners! Yeah, this is heavy!

When I saw the movie’s vision of the future 22 years ago, I wondered how much of it would come true. Now, only three and some years away from 2015, we still don’t have flying cars and the Cubs haven’t won the World Series, but we do have 1980s-themed clubs, people still love Nike shoes, and UPS still loves logistics.

I have to admit it is really cool to be working for the company that is delivering Nike’s most famous shoe of all time.

Do I have a pair of these shoes? I wish. But I have a DeLorean so if I have to, I’ll just time travel to 2015 and pick up a pair. Maybe by then there will be a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. And maybe Nike will have re-released their early-80s Bruins too.

Having both happen would be really cool…

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  1. This is a really an exciting and creative way to raise money for Michael J. Fox’s foundation. I have to say that I’ll be even more excited when UPS starts delivering hoverboards.

  2. Nice! I’m also waiting for my shoes to power-lace

  3. DUDE!!! This is awesome….I didnt know we were delivering these shoes. I love Back to the Future. That DeLorean is sweet!!! I want one so bad. Where did you find it?

    • Hey Casey! I always wanted one too. In 2009, I found mine in a car gallery in Connecticut with only 2,300 miles on the odometer!!! I flew up there on a one-way ticket and drove it back to Atlanta! Best road trip EVER!

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