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Same Day Delivery? UPS Makes it Happen for The ING New York City Marathon
Empire State Building

Have you ever wondered how runners in the ING New York City Marathon this Sunday will get their coats, sweats, street shoes and keys from the start to the finish? One thing’s for sure: you won’t see them lugging backpacks through the streets of New York City!

They do what a lot of us do when we need something important delivered – they rely on UPS.

For the 15th consecutive year, UPS will be trusted to deliver runners’ personal effects to Central Park where they will pick them up at the end of the race.

Long before most of us are even awake on Sunday morning, more than 300 UPS volunteers will collect specially designed tote bags containing gear for as many as 45,000 marathon runners. A parade of 75 UPS package cars, with police escort, will then make a massive same-day delivery of all of the runners’ belongings to the finish line.

Now, that’s logistics!

Did you know?

  • UPS volunteers (including family) will contribute over 3,500 hours for the entire marathon.
  • Each package car carries the personal belongings of up to 850 individual runners. It takes 75 package cars to complete this massive project.
  • Cost in tolls just to transport personal belongings is $4,160.
  • Before the race, each runner knows which package car his or her belongings will be on—and exactly where it will be located in Central Park.
  • 1996 was the first year that UPS moved the runners’ belongings. Only 40 cars and a little over 80 volunteers were needed to support the race back then.

Check out some of the photos from last year’s event:

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  1. All that work and people and 5 pictures on facebook. A little late but what does it cost UPS to put ads in Newspaper and other areas. Now think, how many countries are at the Marathon. So if every runner gets one gift, a little truck to take home. Everytime they look at that truck, they will remember who was the company who carried their clothes on that one day, which can be one of their most successful accomplishment in their life. They might put the number they carried thru that run on the truck. A UPS truck in the street will take a different meaning for them and who ever they share they story. I know I myself retired for four years have a truck on my dresser and it always reminds me of the years at UPS. I gave them as gifts and when I talk to people I gave them a truck, they still have it. My Chinese store that I order my food, I gave them one 6 years ago and they till have it and people comment on the truck. My company I work with now (Atlantic Express) my boss has 20 different buses on display and in between them all is the UPS truck I gave him. What am I saying send the message home with every runner, UPS IS THERE FOR THEM. People look at TV all the time but don’t see commercials unless it means something to them. A UPS truck on display reminding them of their day in the Marathon, and when they go home they will show off their UPS truck who met the at the start of the race and then was there with someone saying, how was you run. Its like us saying give us your package, you can trust us from start to finish. 45000 runners.
    Another area that concerns me is the streets of NY. Do we want to go thru Streets and Streets, in a mass of vehicles and not one Poster on any truck. Thousands see us and no one know why we are there. All they know is WOW look at all those trucks I wonder what is going on. You hear it as you drive thru and people ask. But what about all those cars stopped by the police so we can all stay together. All they see is a Mass of trucks hold up their trip and some never know why. I think its a shame. Put signs on every 10 th car (both sides), UPS Working with the Marathon from Starting line to the Finish line. Visit us at http://www.UPS.com and see us at work. Put plenty of pictures, plenty of pictures. People love pictures.

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