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Got Questions about UPS My Choice? We’ve got Answers.
UPS My Choice

Last month, we introduced an innovative service called UPS My ChoiceSM. For online shoppers, it offers a new level of control and flexibility for shipments delivered to residential addresses, such as the option to reschedule a delivery when you’re not home or redirect a delivery to another address or your local The UPS Store.

As with most new offerings, we’ve had questions pop up from customers about using UPS My Choice. Here are the top questions along with our answers and advice for using the service. We even included a video at the end of this post.

  • Why am I receiving a Registration Error 1013?
  • How can I electronically release packages?
  • Why are some features not available on certain packages?
  • Will selecting Deliver to a UPS Retail Location or Deliver to Another Address affect the delivery date?
  • How can I provide delivery instructions to my driver?

I am trying to register but get “Registration error 1013.” What does this mean?

Did you recently move to a new address? Or change your name?

If so, this could trigger the error message. Why?

During the registration process, your name and address are verified by matching it to public information. If you’ve moved or changed your name, there may not be enough public information available to match. The reason for this verification step is security. Because UPS My Choice lets you change the delivery address before a delivery attempt is made, it’s important to make sure “you are who you say you are” instead of someone posing as you (think identify theft). If you have recently moved or changed your name, you will need to wait a few weeks before you can register so that public information can be established between you and your address. UPS does not store the information used for verification nor do we use it for any purpose other than to verify your information.

What if you haven’t changed your address or name and still get the message? Our advice is to enter your name as it appears in public records.

How do I electronically release packages?

There are two options to request that the UPS driver release a package without your signature.

If the shipper requires a signature, you have the ability to authorize the release of a package on a per package basis. We do this to ensure that only those packages you feel comfortable releasing are left. 

  1. Track your package from the Tracking Detail page or if a Premium Member, the UPS My Choice Delivery Planner
  2. Select “Provide Delivery Instructions” on the Tracking Detail page or select “Add” under the “Provide Delivery Instructions” Column on the Delivery Planner
  3. Request an “Authorize Shipment Release” for your package

If you live in an area where the UPS driver doesn’t leave packages without a signature, you can place a standing order for the driver to release all packages. To select this option in your preferences section

  1. Log on to ups.com and select “Access UPS My Choice” under the Tracking tab
  2.  Select the “Preferences” link
  3. Select the “Authorize Shipment Release” option on the Preferences Page
  4. Select “Save Changes”

Keep in mind that if a shipper does send you a signature required package, the standing order does not apply in this situation and you must log in and select the authorize shipment release feature.

Why are certain “Change Delivery” options not available for some packages?

Here at UPS, our goal is to provide excellent service to both our shippers and our receivers. Some of our shippers have certain business needs and they have asked us to turn off select features on their packages.

Factors that may affect the delivery options offered by a shipper are such things as high-value items, prescriptions, or perishable packages.  While this is the exception, it will happen from time to time.  However, as a UPS My Choice member, you will still receive your Delivery Alerts informing you that a shipment is on its way. You will also have access to many of the other UPS My Choice features that will enable you to receive packages in a way that best fits your schedule.

Will selecting “Deliver to a UPS Retail Location” or “Deliver to Another Address” affect the delivery date?

To avoid a potential delivery delay, we recommend the following:

  • Make the delivery change request as early as possible
  • Choose a destination that is close to the original delivery address
  •  There may be occasions when delivery delays are unavoidable, such as if the new address or The UPS Store location that you select is located a significant distance from the original delivery address.

I want my package left in a specific location. How do I inform my driver?

UPS My Choice Premium Members have the option to specify exactly where they want the package left. For example, you can have your package left at the shed or the back door. Ultimately, it is left to the driver’s discretion and if he believes the package is unsafe, whether it’s a safety threat or due to the weather elements, he may choose to attempt redelivery of the package the following day.

Looking for more guidance? Our video offers more tips for using UPS My Choice and selecting options to manage your shipments.

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  1. When can i access my feature in mychoice. I just registered about an hr and a half ago and i still cant change my delivery address.

    • I have had UPS My Choice for a year. Premium or so I thought. The 2 hr window is not an option on my next day air saver shipment. Need shipment earlier than posted time. I thought I had PREMIUM service but it seems like its not

  2. Christina,

    It can take a full 90 minutes for the system to match any inbound packages to your registration. Once the 90 minutes is up, be sure to log in at UPS.com by selecting Access UPS My Choice under the Tracking tab. On the right side of the page you should see a link that says “Already a Member? Log in Now” Once you’ve logged in, track your package using the tracking number provided to you. Your UPS My Choice options, including Deliver to Another Address, should appear. If after the 90 minutes you are still not seeing your My Choice options, I would recommend calling our technical support team at 1-877-289-6418 between 7:30 am to 9pm ET.


  3. I have just signed up for UPS My Choice and I’m trying to find where to authorize to electronically release my package(s) and I see your instructions listed above, however that option is not shown on my preference page… Any ideas?

  4. Hi Meaghan:

    Do you live in an area where your driver typically leaves packages except for those the shipper has specifically asked UPS to get a signature? If so, you will not see the Authorize Shipment Release option in your preferences section. If you have an inbound package where the shipper has requested a signature, you will need to login, track the package using your tracking number, select Provide Delivery Instructions and select the check box that says “I authorize shipment release.”


  5. Hi,

    After trying for months to sign up to no avail, I am now scouring the internets for UPS resources and am wondering you can help me. I’ve been in contact multiple times with costumer service reps who couldn’t fix my problem. If it helps, I moved four months ago and I have gotten multiple packages delivered to the address I am trying to register. I registered my previous address successfully (just to see if that one worked). The opaqueness of the system (just a 1013 error) makes it hard to figure out what went wrong. If you have any thoughts on this issue, or if you can escalate it to someone that can get a better diagnosis than just a 1013, that would be greatly appreciated.


  6. Roy:

    The 1013 error message can be displayed at different steps during the registration process. The direction I am providing is based on the assumption that you are receiving the error message at Step 1: Enter Delivery Information.

    This may be a redundant request based on your previous conversations with the Customer Service Reps, but to increase the likelihood of passing through Step 1: please confirm that you have entered your Full Legal First and Last Names. Also be certain to include your Middle Initial (if applicable) and your correct Date of Birth. If you are still receiving the 1013 error, as an alternative, attempt to register by entering any other First Name variations you may use.

    If these steps do not help you complete registration process we may ask for you to provide us a contact number so that we can talk with regarding this issue and see if we can identify the problem.



  7. I’m trying to authorize shipment release for a Signature Required package, and the “Provide Delivery Instructions” button just isn’t showing up (I only see “Change Delivery” and “Request Status Updates”). The CSR at the technical support number told me that the button only appears for My Choice Premium customers, but this doesn’t jive with what I’m seeing here; could you clarify?

  8. Hi Sho:
    To authorize the release of a package as a member, you need to log in and then track your package. If the Authorize Shipment Release feature is available for your package, you will see a link under the Special Instructions section that says Authorize Shipment Release. Click on this link and a screen will pop up that will allow you to electronically release the package.

    Certain shippers have business needs that require them to receive an actual physical signature. When this happens, the electronic Authorize Shipment Release feature is not available for that package. If this is the case, no link will be provided under the Special Instructions section of the tracking detail page.


  9. Does my choice work if the change of address is to an international location. may package is in transit and I’m wondering if i can change it to another country as I will be traveling before the package arrives

  10. I do not understand the point of using MyChoice if the driver doesn’t leave the package after I authorize them to be left without a signature – I thought the purpose of MyChoice was to allow me to do so? These are not packages where the shipper has a ‘required’ signature override.

  11. Mark:

    UPS My Choice aims at making easier for you to receive your packages by offering such features as authorize shipment release. Ultimately the driver uses his discretion to determine if there is safe environment to leave the package. There are certain situations, such as inclement weather and no dry place to leave the package, where he may choose to not deliver the package and reattempt delivery the next day.


    • Ann, I understand but don’t agree. I should have the “choice” to accept the risk whether it be weather, lack of dry location or otherwise. Since my driver does not leave packages under any circumstances all I really get from mychoice is advance notice.
      Thanks anyways

  12. I sent a package that is supposed to be an exchange order and the ups app is telling me that it will be shipped by Tuesday, February 13th. Is it telling me the day I will get the package or the day it will be getting exchanged?

  13. I’m getting the error number 1028 when I try to register for my choice. Please let me know what to do. Thanks.

    • Hi Steve: A 1028 error means that we already have a
      registration for the name and address combination you are trying to
      register. This often happens when someone is listed as an
      additional household member on someone else’s membership. For
      example, a husband might have his wife listed as an additional
      household member. If his wife went to register, she would receive a
      1028 error. In order for her to register she would need to be
      removed from the additional household members section of her
      husband’s membership. If this is not your situation, please call
      1-800-PICK-UPS and they will be able to assist your further.

  14. On my InfoNotice the driver checked “A” which means I can sign the InfoNotice and leave it for the driver to release my package at the door. When I logged into MyChoice the only option available was “Return to Sender”. Why would this be? I would think if “A” is checked, all 4 options should be available to me…

  15. Right now UPS MyChoice is not working, and I cannot complete my registration. I read the past comments here and one of it from you, Ann, says that we can go to the tracking page and use “Provide Delivery Instructions.” Can everybody use it? Because I do not see such an option. I entered the tracking number and have the item right there, but no such an option can be found. Would you kindly advise any way to give out my shipment release?

    • Lin:

      If the shipper of the package you are receiving has instructed UPS to obtain a signature, on the tracking detail page you should see a link under the Special Instructions section that will allow you to electronically release the package. If the shipper did not ask UPS to get a signature, no option will appear.

      If you live in an area where your UPS driver never leaves a package without obtaining a signature and you want to electronically authorize the release of these packages, you need to go to your preferences page. Under the preferences page there will be a section that will allow you to select the option to electronically release your packages. All packages, except those where the shipper has specifically requested UPS receive a signature, will now be left at your residence. You will need to go through the process mentioned in the first paragraph for any packages sent signature required by the shipper.


  16. My apartment office no longer signs for packages so I signed up for UPS My Choice premium. Today was the first chance I had to test it out. I tried having the shipping destination changed to a UPS store a few miles away but got an message saying it couldn’t be done and to contact UPS. After calling UPS and bouncing back and forth between departments, they checked into all possible reasons why I could not get the shipping destination changed and they finally told me that the shipper must have placed a restriction on it that won’t allow the change. Seems to me that UPS was just grasping at straws and finally blamed the shipper. I finally had to settle on authorizing the package to be left at my door which will be next week sometime. Not happy with paying for a service that doesn’t work as advertised. UPS support needs to be better educated on how the service is supposed to work instead of guessing at reasons why it doesn’t and then finally giving up and blaming the shipper.

    • Jim,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. Sometimes, due to the nature of the package, shippers have requested that we not allow certain features on their packages. However, we would like to investigate your package to ensure this was the case and that there was not some other issue with your package. If you could respond directly to upside@ups.com with your tracking number, we will investigate further.


  17. What are or how can I find the specific time windows that premium members can select? I’d like to be able to have packages arrive after I’m home from work but I don’t want to pay $40 just to find out I get to choose a time when I won’t be home anyway.

    • NK,

      As a Premium Member you are able to select any two hours from within a four hour time frame that UPS provides. The time UPS provides to you is based on when your driver typically delivers to your area. To have a general idea of what hours you would be able to select, I would like at the time your driver has dropped off packages to you in the recently.


  18. Ann, you mention that if there is no option for Special Instructions, that you can set delivery instructions under Preferences. I never see the Special instructions when I track packages, and I also do not see anything under Preferences that would allow me to set it. I live in a building that the driver will sometimes leave packages without a signature, and sometimes they will leave the dreaded sticker indicating that I can sign that and get it delivered the next day. What gives? Do I have an option to have the driver leave it (if possible) or not?

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong?


  19. Hi Mike:

    The option to set a standing order for your driver to leave your packages only appears in preferences if the driver never leaves packages without obtaining a signature. If the shipper has asked that we obtain a signature in order for us to release a package, a section in the top box of the tracking detail page will appear that says “Special Instructions.” Immediately below this there will be a link that gives you the ability to electronically authorize the release of that package. You will have to go through this process for each package where the shipper has specifically asked UPS to obtain a signature. On some occasions the shipper has asked us to disable this feature on their packages due to the nature of their packages.


  20. Does it now take more than 90 minutes for the system to match inbound shipments? I registered and upgraded to premium about 145 minutes ago and still no sign of any of the 3+ inbound shipments I have coming to the registered address. Thanks.

  21. We recently have a new driver delivering shipments to our residential address, and he requires me to sign for every package even if the shipper didn’t require signature. He says it is because his manager put a “No D.R.” on my address due to a package being stolen off of my front steps in the past. I explained that it is perfectly safe to leave a package at the back door since and that my regular driver used to do that all the time as it is sometimes difficult for me to get to the door when I’m busy with my toddlers. The new driver says there’s nothing he can do about this. As a customer I want to have the NO Driver Release removed from my residential address and I am getting the run around on this. I should have a say and I am being told that I have no say in this. When I called UPS the person told me to just sign the yellow slip every time there’s an exception and that the driver will leave the package. This is still a hassle because of the fact that sometimes there are deliveries that need to be delivered on the day that they are supposed to be delivered and not a day or two later. Can someone offer any assistance on how to get the “No D.R.” removed from my address?

    • Tricia,

      As part of UPS My Choice, if you live in an area where a driver will not leave any package without obtaining a signature you can select a preference that allows you to electronically authorize the release of packages. You will need to go to http://www.ups.com/mychoice and complete the registration process. Once you have enrolled you can navigate to your preferences page and under the Delivery Instructions section, you should see an option called “Authorize Shipment Release.” Select this and any package not specifically sent signature required by the shipper should be left at your door.


  22. As UPS My Choice member (not premium) is it free for me to change delivery to Hold for Customer Pick up at UPS facility? It’s not clear if there is a fee for this service or is it free. If it is not free for a basic UPS My Choice account, will it prompt you for a payment when you try to change delivery option?

    • Julia,

      As UPS My Choice Member it is free to have your package held at UPS Operating Facility. If you select an option with a fee associated to it, you will be prompted for
      payment information.


  23. I have a package Scheduled for delivery this Friday.
    Packages in my neighborhood are normally delivered after 5:00 PM
    Can I use my free UPS My Choice account to request the package be left in Will-Call and then pick up the package the same day. Friday Morning before noon?
    There is some information on your web site stating that the first attempt to deliver has to be made before you can request a delivery to another address or will-call.

  24. My condo recently ended up on a list where all packages must be signed for (the UPS driver told me this) due to some claim being files by one of the other units in our complex. I’ve never had a problem, and want my packages to continue to be left, as both my wife and I work during the week. I called UPS and was directed to try this MyChoice program, however I’m not seeing an “Authorize Shipment Release” option on the Preferences Page, nor am I seeing a “Provide Delivery Instructions” option on the Tracking Detail page for my package. I really need to be able to have packages left without a signature, as we do lots of online shopping and this will create a massive inconvenience for us otherwise. Was rather frustrating having to wait for multiple delivery attempts to get a $5 item from Amazon delivered!

  25. I sent a package with the instructions that an adult signature was required, is there a way i can change that so that no signature is required and it can be left at the door.

  26. Damien,

    The option to electronically authorize the release of packages appears in your preferences based off the delivery situation at your house when you registered. Based off what you are telling me, this has changed and this does happen occasionally. If you could please send me your full name and address, we will cancel your membership. Once we have done this, we will ask you to re-enroll and this should allow you to know see an option in your preferences to electronically authorize the release of packages.



    • Hi Ann,

      I actually signed up for the My Choice after our driver told us signatures would now be required for all deliveries, due to all the units in our condo complex sharing the same street address. I first called the 800 number and the rep suggested I use this site to waive the signature requirement. Happy to send you my info so you can check it out, which email address should I send it to?


    • Damien,

      If you could please provide the address you used to register for UPS My Choice and we will look into your problem with the authorize signature release.



    • Hi Ann,

      I sent my info several weeks ago to the email address posted earlier in this thread, upside@ups.com, but haven’t heard anything back. I still do not have the option to waive a signature in my “My Choice” settings or on individual packages. Not sure if there is somewhere else I should be sending it…

    • I m in the same boat. You would think that having a business account there would be an option to use the business name. When asked I was told “If the name on the package does not match your My Choice registration information exactly, there would be no way to link up the shipments and give you those available My Choice Delivery Options.”


  27. Well, I signed up; I made a request for a delivery change from 04/06/2012 to 04/09/2012 AND paid $5.00 for that change. It is now 10:43 PM on 04/09/2012 and I have NO package. (and no answer from UPS as to why – someone will have to call me tomorrow). I’m as unimpressed with UPS My Choice as I am with UPS as a whole!

  28. I use UPS My choice and am considering upgrading BUT I have an issue in that some venders ship to my home business name which is one word. The address set up for my choice requires both first and last names however there is only one for my business name. Is there any way to enter a company name instead of first and last names similar to when you you create a shipping label?

    • and one more comment – your video above is not viewable. When trying to view is says this video is private.

    • Siobhan,

      Thanks for your interest in My Choice. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the service and are investigating the ability to add a company name but currently at this time a residents name is required in order for us to match packages to an address.
      We are also looking into the issue with the video and should have it fixed shortly.


  29. I live in a condo where the driver has discretion for leaving packages without a signature, even if the shipper does not require a signature. I understand that MyChoice would allow me to provide a blanket release, but can I authorize release for each shipment on a shipment by shipment basis at my discretion, in those cases where the shipper does not require a signature?

  30. what happens if u put a wrong adress and fix the adress and nothing happens..?

  31. how come i cant change delivery??????

  32. I want to discontinue receiving delivery notifications via email from My Choice, but I cannot find anyplace on the Website to opt out. How may I achieve this?

  33. I just cannot understand why we cannot change delivery before delivery attempt like FedEX does. Also, UPS charge people to reroute their shipment while FedEx can reroute our shipments to mostly any FedEx Location.

  34. I have already signed up for the mychoice account and I am trying to change my delivery to allow me to pick up my package at the UPS store, but when I click the change delivery button it won’t give the option. What am I suppossed to do?

  35. Select “Provide Delivery Instructions” on the Tracking Detail page or select “Add” under the “Provide Delivery Instructions” Column on the Delivery Planner –Anybody able to find this? I cannot… UPS My Choice has been a big disappointment and waste of money for me, it has failed me many times.

  36. your web site is useless !!!

  37. The UPS My Choice is really good at funneling people into the “Premium My Choice” plan at $40.00 a year. For me this was just too much money when all I wanted to do was have a package change to will call. I should have been able to do that with the free services, but I tried for about an hour and failed. For me, this My Choice option is worse than having no options at all as the web site is frustrating, going from link to link and ending going in circles and eventually giving up. From a customer service point of view UPS has failed to deliver a useful tool.


  38. I just ordered a package about a week ago and a delivery was attempted to my apartment today. However, I realized that it wouldn’t be possible for the deliverer to leave the package at the door and was left with an InfoNotice. Is there a way (after 1st delivery attempt) for me to request a will call pickup instead of delivering the package to the address?

  39. i got a package for my freind i have it in her name but i have it getting shipped to my address will the package still come to my address even though its her name?

  40. You need to find some way to account for alternative address configurations. For example, I live in an apartment, and I’ve registered my address with MyChoice in the way that I record and provide it to shippers. But often the sender will change this (example, dropping the apt number to a second line or altering “apt” to “unit” or “#”). Despite receiving dozens of UPS deliveries since signing up for this service, I’ve yet to have a package match my address as entered in order to trigger an alert. Contacting customer service revealed why this was happening, but offered no solution for the problem. The service is worthless for me as the functionality is currently set up with the stringent address match requirement.

  41. Why does choosing “pick up at UPS center” delay my shipment date by one day?? I have two packages scheduled for Tuesday delivery (it’s currently Saturday) and when I tell UPS to hold at their location, it advances the first available pickup date by one day (to Wednesday). I am going out of town Wed morning and need the packages by Tuesday.

    Also, why isn’t there an option to print out and sign a driver release? I refuse to pay $40 for the premium plan only to discover Lenovo requires an in-person signature, negating the option to pre-sign electronically.

    FedEx is much better in this regard. Also, they don’t charge $5 to re-direct to a FedEx store. Noted for sure.

  42. Worse customer service than the Post Office.
    I had a package that was to be sent to me via next day, but the information was sent out by the sender two days later which was agreed to for a total of three days. The package was sent even faster and was here a day early, but I was at work; which is why I wanted it in three days for my day off. The person I contacted on the phone stated that it would only be available for pick up not re-delivery. Why? Supposed policy change. I said fine and arranged to pick up the package the next day. I drove 25 miles into the UPS office that was closed. Come to find out the office is only open two specific hours a day, the person I spoke to failed to mention this fact, so I had to drive 25 miles home empty-handed. Now the bad part about this is while I was at the UPS location there were 5 men sitting around, doing absolutely nothing. I believe these men get paid in excess of $17 per hour, apparently to do nothing. I called the 800 number to ask them why this was happening, couldn’t they simply put a bell on the door and get someone to process packages all day instead of sitting around. She responded that they would have to come all the way from the back of the location, after I had drove 25 miles, to process the package. Where is the customer service here? I attempted to change the delivery time for the package to just one hour later and they said that the policy did not allow them to make these types of specific requests. Again, where is the customer service? I think that the corporate office had better take a look at these policies or they will suffer losses in the UPS reputation.

  43. ups my choice – i have never been able to use the will call feature – the website is a joke…sends me in circles…I have called and find I cannot request a will call pickup over the phone. website confusing, way too many links and obviously the webpage programmer never tried using the change delivery to will call feature. i am deleting my account and will wait the extra 8 hours for my package, inspite of it being such a very simple request. no sense me giving you all my personal info if I can’t use the one feature I need. talk about shooting yourselves in the collective “foot”

  44. Your stupid web site told me 3 times I had not entered the correct information. So … I put the $ 5 charge on my AmEx card.
    Then, checking my debit card account, I see you’ve “charged” it 3 times.

  45. This website is a joke and the phone support is terrible. I just want to change my delivery to will call and the person on the phone says I must do it online with My Choice. The website just sends me in circles trying to do this simple task that the person on the phone should have helped me with in the first place! What a waste of time. Lousy website, no logical way to navigate, and no ability to change my delivery in a way that My Choice boasts I should be able to do.

  46. I paid the $40. I have an incoming package. It does not show up on the calendar. What do I need to do?

  47. I paid $40 for My Choice. When registering the address it thought my new single-family home (just built in the last few months) is multi-tenant and therefore needs a AddressLine2. I put in “1st Floor” since I could not get around it but none of my shipments are showing up. Please help fix!

  48. I tried to sign up but had to answer some public data information questions like old addresses i lived at and cities i lived in. The last question is why i did not pass the verification process. It wanted to know when someones birthday month was. This would have been ok to answer if it was not for that fact that it happens to be my ex husbands new wife birthday. I have not freaking clue when her birthday is nor do i care to know. I have seen her show up on my public records as someone i may be related to and i wish i knew how to get her off there. How do i complete a registration if i have to answer a stupid question like this? I understand the need to know it is the right person signing up but the questions should be something i know answer to.

  49. I’m afraid the MyChoice registration algorithm has major flaws. I have the same complaint as Shyrendora on Sept 21, 2012. I keep getting error 1013 when I try to answer the security questions the system makes up for me. Unfortunately, the questions refer to situations that are based on erroneous information, supposedly from public records. The records apparently have addresses I’ve never lived, and relatives I’m not related to. The question asks about people I supposedly shared a home with, and I’ve never heard of these people. When I looked up one of these “relatives” it turned out the person is the current owner of the house my wife grew up in. It’s impossible to answer the questions correctly because the information is flawed. Also, I have not moved recently, unless 2 years ago is considered recent.

  50. I would like to schedule a will call before the first attempt to deliver the package but it appears I don’t have that option. I am a UPS my choice member. Am I doing something wrong?

  51. The UPS My Choice system seems pretty poorly designed. First off it gave me trouble registering as others have mentioned, and now even having been a member for more than 24 hours I cannot find any options to do anything regarding a package that I have coming. There do not seem to be any functional options to even select a Will Call which is supposed to be available before the first delivery attempt! Was the system built without any proper coders or UI designers?

  52. I need to change my delivery address as I cannot sign for my package at the current delivery address this Friday. The website made it seem like signing up for My Choice would give me that option, so I signed up with no problems. Now I’m logged into my account and have spent way too much time trying to figure out how to simply change my delivery address! When I go to “view history” under Shipping, my package isn’t even listed, and I have tried changing my preferences and everything. But then when I go back to Tracking and enter my # there, my package says it’s in transit. I have literally tried every option that the site gives me but somehow I keep ending up at a page telling me to sign up for My Choice UPS to be able to achieve what I want to do. I ALREADY AM SIGNED UP! Why is this so difficult? Very unclear and poorly designed site…

  53. I am signed up for UPS My Choice and have seen very litte advantage to the standard tracking system. I signed up because the service is purported to allow electronic release authorization of packages. The hub in my area (34112) refuses to leave packages at my residence without a note. This would be fine if UPS My Choice worked as advertised, but it doesn’t, there is no way on the site for me to sign a release electronically. I’ve been told by the hub and customer service that electronic authorization is irrelevant, and leaving packages is up to the driver, but they will leave them if I sign a note. This is absolutely ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense. What is the difference between an electronic authorization and a signed note? Also, what difference des it make any way? As far as I know UPS doesn’t reimburse recipients if a delivered package disappears. All I want is to have packages left at my doorstep. It is extremely frustrating that UPS advertises a feature (Electronic release authorization) but doesn’t make it available.

  54. I signed up for My Choice a few days ago and had great difficulty getting it to work. CS kept telling me that giving electronic authorization was a premium feature in direct opposition to the information listed on the website. That problem was finally solved. Now, I am now expecting a package on Monday which I want to redirect to a UPS retail store. Every time I press the delivery change button I get sent to the page to sign up for UPS My Choice. Seriously, there seems to be absolutely no advantage to My Choice membership. Yes, it’s free but it also (if it worked) would save CS from having to deal with these minor issues. Fix it or get rid of it. I would never pay for premium service after experiencing the poor performance of the limited option.

  55. I agree with all of the above commments about UPS my choice. It offers no advantage to us – the customers. All I wanted to do was change the delivery address or date. I was told by a customer service agent that I could do this through UPS my choice online. I registered and could not do it no matter how many times I tried. I called UPS again (the second time) and was told the local shipping office would call me and I could change delivery access. When they did call, I was told I could not change the delivery address because this could only be done through an agent. Ok so now the fourth conversation, this time I am told that the shipper, Amazon, restricts changing delivery address. Why didn’t someone tell me that from the beginning? I hung up frustrated. I tried again and this time to just change the delivery date. This time I was told I would have to pay $6 dollars to change this on a $10 purchase. BTW, both times they attempted delivery they did not leave a notice. Second attempt I was actually home and no one rang the bell. So where is the customer experience in all of this? UPS my choice is nonsense. I spent over an hour of my time to get absolutely zero resolution. So my package will be returned to Amazon. Thank you UPS for a great customer experience.

  56. I am the new shipper at this place but when I print certificate of orgins and labels they have the old shippers name. My question is how can I change the old shippers name to my name so my name will appear on all the documents and not hers???

  57. I am not sure why UPS uses date of birth for identification when UPS stated DOB is a public record. So, if anyone knows me well or someone doesn’t know me but uses my public record can setup an account?

  58. On the My UPS vacation preferences page it mentions a “transaction fee” for every package delivered during my vacation but fails to state the amount of the fee. How much is the fee? (You might want to put that on the page where you ask for credit card numbers).

  59. Why do I get an email saying my shipment has been delayed a day, but then this information doesn’t show up in the tracking page?

  60. UPS MyChoice states the two hour delivery times of many of my packages. Every time, the delivery window is missed and the package is delivered late in the day. When I call to report the problem, UPS apologises and states that the delivery will be made later in the day. Should I take a day off of work to meet a morning delivery window? In my case, not ever again.

  61. Trying to sign up for UPS my choice but can’t register because unable to verify identity. It asked me about my neighbor’s month of birth but we’re not even related. Also asked about a car that I owned more than 10 years ago that I do not remember the year. The identity verification is not good. There should be another way to sign up. It’s sooooo frustrating!!!!!

  62. I feel like I just wasted $40 on this UPS My Choice premium service. I wanted to change the scheduled delivery date of a case of wine shipped to my home by one day, only to find out that feature apparently isn’t supported if the sender has ‘special’ delivery instructions. I think I know better than the sender if I’m going to be at home or not to sign for a package. I guess UPS prefers to waste their time and resources making failed delivery attempts. The website is also completely non-intuitive. Every option I tried to change the delivery date sent me to a page to sign up for the My Choice service, despite the fact I’m already signed up! The wine shipment didn’t even show up on my accounts page. I had to track it by entering the number manually, just like I used to before I bought this “service”. I will definitely not be renewing this worthless service.

    • Hello

      Thanks for taking the time to discuss your experience with UPS My Choice. I’d like to address a couple of the points you raised in your comment. There are times when our shippers ask us to disable certain features of UPS My Choice for their packages. This is usually due to the nature of the package, such as a perishable item. As for the website, we are constantly looking at ways to improve the customer experience to make it more user friendly. Lastly, if you have your tracking number for the wine shipment send it to upside@ups.com and we’d be happy to investigate why you did not receive your delivery alerts.


  63. I moved to a new condo and was not surprised that the drivers often wouldn’t leave packages if I wasn’t home. This was a problem since (at the time) I worked M-F during the hours UPS generally came, so I was delighted to see a new option had been rolled out to accomodate this, via MyChoice.

    I immediately signed up, and noticed that drivers began leaving the packages. However, recently, I got another one of those dreaded InfoNotices, where the driver didn’t leave the package. I complained and the facility called me and said the driver didn’t think it safe to leave, but the one that day would definitely do so. I thought the issue resolved, but then last night, the driver came very late, didn’t knock very loud, and again left an InfoNotice.

    You’ve stated that the option to sign a standing order to release packages without a signature is only offered to those in areas where the driver typically won’t (ie, apartments/condos), and my facililty is telling me these types of elections are typically not followed in apartments/condos…well that’s a paradox!

    I understand the driver is trying to help, but if I’ve signed away my authorization, I’ve also signed away any liability to UPS. I’ve never had an issue with theft (second floor units don’t often), but if I did, I would pursue the thief, not you. Even if I tried to come after you for it, you have my signed authorization saying it was ok to leave the package, so…why does the driver feel the need to ‘look out for me’ further? The answer, I believe, is that he either isn’t looking to see that I’ve given authorization, or doesn’t care.

    None of the packages have been valuable or required a signature from the sender, so that wasn’t the cause. It just seems like facilities don’t seem to understand what the service is for. I shouldn’t have to complain two or three times about this — if I sign my authorization, and the driver still won’t leave packages, my conclusion is that there is no benefit to the program.

  64. Your rep just told me now that InfoNotice number doesn’t work on ups.com. And that the only number that works online is the tracking number. Unless you guys didn’t update your site under tracking by numbers, which clearly said tracking of InfoNotice number, and I always have success with tracking by InfoNotice number. Not sure why this time won’t work and the rep flat out told me InfoNotice is only for internal customer service to use, not for recipient to use online. I’ve already registered to be a regular ups mychoice member last year, and it still shows me as active member, but I couldn’t figure out how to pay the $5 and have the package rerouted to the ups by my work instead of my apartment. Your website is confusing and your rep is not helpful this time. Even on the InfoNotice it said ‘go to ups.com and enter the InfoNotice number above in the “tracking or InfoNotice number” box’. Can someone explain what happened with tracking by InfoNotice online? And specific instruction on your site about how to have a package reroute? I prefer to arrange will call pickup online so I have a record instead of using the phone. But with this InfoNotice number doesn’t work online, it’s really inconvenient. I’m very disappointed as the rep didn’t really listen to my question and just told me InfoNotice number is for internal customer service use only, didn’t offer any alternatives or solution at all…

  65. Hello,

    Is it possible to redirect my delivery to another country, if i made a shipment, and have to travel before its delivered?

  66. Each time I click “Change Delivery” I am prompted to “Log in to Change a Delivery”.
    I log in again, click “Change Delivery” and I am prompted to “Log in to Change a Delivery.” Tried 5 times in a row in two browsers and gave up. This website is ridiculous.

    • Ditto that. I am leaving town and need to redirect my package to Hold for Pickup / Will Call but the web site is just a circular loop, as you described.

  67. Hi Ann,
    I was looking to cancel only my ups mychoice membership and not my normal ups account. Please can you let me know how do I do it and will I get a refund for it?

  68. The My Choice program is a great concept that is not being well implemented. The actual My Choice service is misleading, inconsistent, and causing frustration for me and other customers. I signed up for My Choice months ago and since waiving the signature required option I have generally received improved service from UPS and actually received most packages without a runaround. However, I returned home Friday to find an InfoNotice noting that signature is required for two packages to be delivered despite waiving the signature requirement in my My Choice registration. I understand from the above comments that UPS doesn’t really mean that WE customers get a choice all of the time; although I don’t agree with this policy, UPS should say so when you advertise My Choice and you could prevent A LOT of frustration.

  69. I signed up for My Choice, so I could have a package placed on hold at the local distribution center, where I could go get it first thing in the morning, rather than have to wait all day for it to be delivered. The “Change Delivery” button appeared almost immediately, but when I click on it, all I get is an information screen, with links for more information on My Choice! No options to change the delivery of my package are given. This is a bit pointless.

  70. Somehow we’ve ended up with two My Choice memberships, my Premium membership and my wife’s normal one. I would like to add her to my membership, but I am unable to do so because of her account. Is there a way to cancel her’s and merge it into mine or add her? Just doing normal cancel takes a year until the anniversary date, but there must be something more sensible than that?

  71. How to do will call online before first delivery??

  72. I have registered for My Choice, but when following the instructions for changing a delivery to “will call” I get sent on a vicious circle that always ends back at the starting point. Very frustrating.

  73. The UPS MyChoice Leave At instructions should be free. I feel liked I am being blacked mailed by UPS. They are saying if you want your package delivered properly you must pay us extra.

  74. I just registered for MyChoice and set up vacation information. I want to modify or cancel the vacation detail but can’t see how to do so. I’ve logged in successfully but don’t see a) where to see vacations that I’ve set up and b) how to cancel/modify same. Is it that I just registered and need to wait a couple of hours? Thanks.

  75. Cannot register for MyChoice, keep getting error code 1012 and it states “cant be processed with the information provided” My name and address has never changed and its correct in the blocks. Whats going on?

  76. What’s the point of same day will-call pick up if it takes you a DAY to process it? By the time you process my request, the package is already out for delivery. The whole goal is to get the package earlier. It’s sitting in your distribution plant, and I drive by every day… its 3:30 pm, the distribution scan has occurred, the package is not on a truck. I should be able to pick this up at 7:00pm or after. Come On UPS, get out of your own way and bring some customer service to the forefront.

  77. Yea I applied online and at then end it had me pick a time I can go in for an appomient what does that mean I have an interview at that time?

  78. I’m trying to set up vacation dates so they don’t deliver packages to me while I’m on vacation, and it keeps asking for my credit card information. Why would it need my credit card info for this? Do they charge to stop delivery or something?

  79. after receiving electronic infoo , how long does it tke the mail person to pick it up

  80. Is UPS my choice only available in US only? My friend in aus told me she couldn’t find this service on ups aus web.

  81. What do I do, if I forgot my MyChoice user name and password

  82. tried signing up for my choice and I’m getting…

    “Either the user name or nickname and delivery address are already in use for this membership. (1028)”

    contacted tech support and he can’t lookup and see who is signed up at my address to see if I have an account I’ve forgotten about.

  83. I registered my ups at an old address but added an address under my boy friends name at my new address which address will my package go to if I inactivated my old address but the new one is not n my name?

  84. How long does it take for an address change to take effect? My package(according to the company) was supposed to get here today, but today they just finally gave me the tracking number, and it is already on its’ way into the state. I will be at a different address tomorrow so I changed it, and the addresses(when I changed one to the other) are only an hour away from each other. Does this mean my delivery date will be changed?

  85. why can’t I set up a commercial address for My Choice?

  86. My primary address is a UPS Store because of my work schedule. UPS “My Choice” will not allow me to use my UPS Store Mail Box address as one of the addresses in “My Choice”. This is extremely inconvenient for me because there are times when I am off that it would be feasible for my package to be delivered to my home. I am told that my UPS Store Mailbox is a “Commercial Address” and not allowed. I also think this policy is unethical as I paid for the premium membership and cannot use the features I paid for. UPS Really needs to change this horrible policy. Even if it required “proof” of my UPS Store Address via fax or email of the documents that confirm I do actually have a UPS Store Mailbox. This policy must be changed. I am sure I won’t be the only one that has this problem.

  87. We’re sorry. You are not eligible to register for UPS My Choice at this time. (1084) What does this mean?

  88. Why can’t I register a commercial address?

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