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#HassleFreeHoliday Twitter Party Delivered Tips for Managing Holiday Logistics
Holiday delivery

Everyone loves a good party! We especially loved last Thursday’s #HassleFreeHoliday Twitter party. Mommy blogger Kelly Loubet (@Childhood) and a panel of four expert bloggers got the holiday logistics ball rolling by leading a great discussion that led to some great tips, ideas and holiday secrets!

In addition to the many great ideas people shared, @UPS and @The UPS Store shared some helpful tips for creating a hassle-free holiday, including UPS My Choice, The UPS Store Pack & Ship Promise and new personalized photo gifts from The UPS Store.

While there were many great tips and tricks shared during the #HassleFreeHoliday hour, we wanted to highlight a few that really stood out to us. From strategic tips for managing the chaos of the holidays to figuring out creative ways to reuse boxes, you can find anything you need to take the hassle out of the holidays! Check them out:

What are your best resources for managing holiday tasks?

@Childhood #HassleFreeHoliday I keep a checklist on my phone so it’s always with me

@RachelFerrucci: I have a list & delegate to other family members/ coordinate w/ friends to shop #HassleFreeHoliday

@julybug17: Google Doc list, very helpful and I can access it anywhere on any device #HassleFreeHoliday

@following_ivy: I use my memo on my phone and I carry my flyers around to remind me of the sales #hasslefreeholiday

@janettwokay: I also use Lists from websites such as @Amazon, @QVC, and others. They come in handy. #HassleFreeHoliday

@toonces1989: Coupons! plan what you’re shopping for and where you’re going and look for coupons #HassleFreeHoliday

How are you designing and printing your holiday newsletter or postcards?

@saving4someday: @Childhood Printing holiday cards? You mean I can’t just send an email or a tweet? #HassleFreeHoliday

@TheGunnySack: @Childhood Q4: My youngest son writes a letter about the people our family #hasslefreeholiday

@VegasStephica: @Childhood Q4: We have handmade photo cards with our birds on them, family loves them! #HassleFreeHoliday

@following_ivy: A4: all of mines are going to be handmade! I think it’s extra special that way #hasslefreeholiday

@hawaiianstyle03: We always do Holiday Cards.  Love to take the pix then customize the cards FUN FUN! #HassleFreeHoliday

@MinnieandJ: Handcrafted of course! get my nephews to help out as well.. great projects for them #hasslefreeholiday

The Top 5 tips for reusing boxes:

@TheUPSStore6148: Used packing material can be taken to your nearest UPS store & we recycle cardboard, peanuts, bubble #HassleFreeHoliday

@janettwokay: Especially those peanuts, LOL! We recycled some yesterday in a box that we were shipping via UPS yesterday. #HassleFreeHoliday

@JanelMayer: Make an igloo instead! RT @UPS: @Childhood A8: Never good to reuse a box. Boxes can weaken+get dented during shipping. #HassleFreeHoliday

@TxTerriSweeps: I don’t reuse boxes for shipping, but we always find some way to use them at home…. storage, crafts #hasslefreeholiday

@JanelMayer: Wrap your @ups empty boxes and decorate with them! #HassleFreeHoliday party

If you missed last week’s party, don’t worry! We’ve got another one coming up this Thursday at 8 p.m. ET. We’ll talk about #HolidayPacking and feature travel expert Emily Kaufman (@thetravelmom) and another panel of expert bloggers. Along with amusing stories, our panel will share tips to prepare for holiday travel and packaging gifts. We’ll also be giving away some more prizes!

Join us by including the party hashtag #HolidayPacking in your tweets. You’ll also need to use the #hashtag for a chance to win a prize. During the party, we’ll give away three $25 gift cards to The UPS Store every 15 minutes and a $75 gift card to Wayfair.com at the end of the hour. Read more for complete rules on the prize drawings for this party.

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