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The UPS Foundation Gives Thanks Through Communities for More Than 60 Years
Global Volunteer Month

This December marks the 60th anniversary of The UPS Foundation. Our founder, Jim Casey, a visionary in so many ways, was practicing the concepts of “Corporate Citizenship” and “Corporate Social Responsibility” in 1951 long before those words even existed. I’m thankful that I work for a company with a heart. After all, we do love logistics.

I came to The UPS Foundation just over one year ago after eleven years in corporate marketing. The desire to work in the foundation and have a job that allows me to give back started back in 2005. I was selected to attend the UPS Community Internship in McAllen,Texas.  For one month, I was relieved of my daily office responsibilities and asked to do service work in this extremely challenged community. Those thirty days changed my perspective on life. I became thankful for the things I had, and less wishful for those I didn’t.

In my current role as corporate relations manager, I see the real impact of all UPS giving. UPS and its employees give nearly $100 million a year back to our communities. We fund programs that make the dream of attaining a higher education possible. We provide support for emerging entrepreneurs to ensure they are positioned for success and self-sustenance. We are dedicated to ensuring that young girls grow up to be strong, determined, capable women. We provide the use of our transportation assets to make sure the children who are starving in the Horn of Africa are getting food supplies. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our competitors in the logistics space when disaster strikes to lend a hand and speed the distribution of emergency relief supplies. We leverage the skills of our drivers and our knowledge of road safety to teach teens how to be better drivers with our UPS Road Code program. I’m thankful that we are able to continue to do this in a time when so many companies have cut back on funding.

With all of our personal commitments and work obligations, our people find it in their capacity to give more than 1.2 million hours of their time to help others each year. I’m thankful that this is a part of our DNA and our people truly believe this is our obligation. The following video illustrates the continued commitment  to communities of UPS employees around the world during UPS Global Volunteer Month…

Happy Birthday to The UPS Foundation!

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