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#HolidayPacking Twitter Party Helps Simplify Holiday Travel and Shipping
Shipping a holiday gift

That’s right, folks: another Twitter party come and gone. This time, @TheTravelMom, Emily Kaufman and five fabulous blogger panelists helped UPS and The UPS Store host the #HolidayPacking Twitter party focused on having the best travel experience this holiday by packing and shipping holiday gifts ahead of time, not to mention your luggage!

Participants shared some great travel stories, both the good and the ugly, and lessons learned in the process. @UPS and @TheUPSStore shared some helpful  tips on avoiding the headaches that can come with holiday travel, including UPS My Choice, holiday packing tips and luggage shipping.

The conversation was lively and informative.   Here are some of our favorite tweets about everything from the best ways to pack your items to the strangest things shipped to loved ones. Enjoy!

Do you travel with gifts or ship them to your destination?

@janettwokay: Both. The larger gifts get shipped. The smaller ones go into carryon bags. #HolidayPacking

@MACMOMof3: Absolutely ship them. No room in the car for wrapped presents plus the kids are bound to get into them. #HolidayPacking

@tkharmonic: If you fly, you can’t have anything wrapped, it’s too much of a pain so I just ship them to my Mom’s house. #HolidayPacking

@julybug17: I ship them to final destination, traveling is exhausting enough I don’t want to worry about the gifts #HolidayPacking

@msmary1962: You can ship your things when you fly cheaper than taking them on the plane nowadays. #holidaypacking

What are some unusual items you have shipped during the holidays?

@thetravelmom: My mom loves good deli pastrami and I sent her the essentials for the perfect Reuben Sandwich once #HolidayPacking

@LifeWithoutPink: I once shipped a big lamp to my in-laws. What a project but it got there safe and sound thanks to @UPS! #HolidayPacking

@KaratewithaZ: My parents are always overnighting us fresh caught Alaskan fish and crab. Always frozen and tightly packed. #HolidayPacking

@CaringMom: I have shipped Holy Water to a friend…………it’s true! #HolidayPacking

So stressful to miss deliveries when you are traveling, especially when it is gifts. What options do UPS and The UPS Store offer?

@UPS If traveling during holidays, #UPS_MyChoice lets you re-direct shipments to @TheUPSStore or another address #HolidayPacking

@thetravelmom: My son came home from college but his suitcase didn’t. To be safe I used a @UPS luggage box when he went back to school. #HolidayPacking

@LifeWithoutPink: Love that you can track your packages to ensure they arrived safe and sound, especially during the holidays! #holidaypacking

@Unkatchable73: I absolutely LOVE the mychoice now… I can see what and when it’s coming #HolidayPacking

@dragonfly777: #HolidayPacking I recently moved. @UPS My Choice has been a fantastic service for me!! Thank you!

@MACMOMof3: My Choice is great. It’s exciting to know a package is on its way #HolidayPacking

And a few more of our favorites…

@KaratewithaZ: I LOVE getting UPS packages this time of year! I do a little “UPS” dance when I see that truck stop in front of my 4plex #holidaypacking

@MACMOMof3: The UPS store in Huntersville, NC was my favorite. Shipped presents to my husband for FREE while in Afghanistan. SO nice #HolidayPacking

@BlessMyGOFoods: I watched a UPS worker packing a huge box of gifts for an older woman here in Henderson NV…I was so impressed #HolidayPacking Love my UPS

@myfolly: Our UPS store is so great, there’s never a line and the people are so nice! #HolidayPacking

If you missed Thursday’s #HolidayPacking Twitter party, no worries. Join us Dec. 15 at 8 p.m. ET for our #GreenHoliday Twitter party, where we’ll feature UPS’s Chief Sustainability Officer Scott Wicker and Aman Signh (@AmanSinghCSR), who writes about corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices. Scott and Aman will discuss practical and creative options to make environmentally-friendly choices during the holidays. Scott will also discuss the green services we offer our customers through UPS and The UPS Store, such as carbon neutral shipping.

Join the conversation and share your ideas by using our party hashtag #GreenHoliday in your tweets. During the party, we’ll give away three $25 gift cards for The UPS Store every 15 minutes and a $150 gift card to Anderson Seafoods at the end of the party. Read more for complete rules on the prize drawings for this party.

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