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UPS Small Business Delivers Sweet Southern Treats
Savannah’s Candy Kitchen praline platter

Santa’s been working overtime this month getting ready to make his rounds. Just in case you’re reading this Santa… I’ve been really good and I’m emailing my list to your personal account. And because I know Ole’ St. Nick has been working so diligently – and perhaps to offer a small bribe – I’m not going to leave him just cookies.  He’s getting praline layer cake and pretzels dipped in chocolate and covered with Georgia pecans from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. I’m just saying – I really want Santa to take my list seriously. 

The man behind the candy is Stan Strickland. He’s so sure you’ll enjoy his treats he offers a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. The inspiration to open his small business came from his mother who worked in a candy factory. At home, she made everything from scratch – even measuring with the “cup” of her hand. After spending hours working beside his mother, Strickland developed a similar passion for sweets and continues the family tradition of using only local and all-natural ingredients to make candies and cakes. A local sugar company uses trailer to deliver about 60,000 pounds a month!

Stan StricklandWhen he started more than 30 years ago, Strickland only had one location on historic River Street in Savannah, Ga. Today, Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is the largest candy company in the Southeast, serving about half a million customers each year.

There’s a major rush during the holidays when daily shipments increase from 200 orders a day to about 6,000. Strickland relies on a sleigh with brown wheels and elves dressed head to toe in brown to deliver his precious goods. In December, a small team of UPS employees work on-site loading holiday packages onto trailers for delivery. They use UPS Quantum View® Manage to monitor inbound and outbound shipments and UPS WorldShip® to save time creating shipping labels.

New this holiday season, Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is offering free standard shipping on all online orders.  Click here to check out Stan “the Candy Man’s” favorite items including Chocolate Reindeer Drops… I’m not quite sure what those are but I’m sure Rudolf, Donner and Blitzen don’t like it.

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