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UPS #GreenHoliday Twitter Party: Being Green Can Be Easy During the Holidays
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Kermit the Frog famously sang that “It’s not easy being green.” However, the participants at our #GreenHoliday Twitter party could likely inspire Kermit to sing a new tune. Dozens of smart, practical ideas were shared … including a few from UPS Chief Sustainability Office (CSO) Scott Wicker.

Journalist Aman Singh (@amansinghCSR), joined by four fantastic panelists, kicked off the conversation. Scott Wicker shared insights about UPS’s environmental efforts, such as carbon neutral shipping. And The UPS Store offered practical guidance on how to choose eco-friendly materials for packing your shipments (hint: soy and starch-based packaging peanuts can decompose when exposed to moisture such as snow or humidity).

Here are some of the top tweets and tips shared during the party:

Today, everyone talks about being “#green.” How do you use it, if at all, as a criteria when you shop?

@LeonKaye: @AmanSinghCSR At this time of year, doing my best to shop locally and being smart about how I ship, and wrap! #greenholiday

@UPS: UPS CSO: Before I shop, I research purchases online to plan my driving route. Saves time + gas. #GreenHoliday

@candacki: @AmanSinghCSR q1 try to by green products, bring your own bags, shop at stores close together! #greenholiday

@diamondslady812: #GreenHoliday  i also buy online w/free shipping so i save gas and wear and tear on my car

@LeonKaye: By the way, in 2009 I used old & vintage post cards & turned them in2 greeting cards: http://t.co/UbilQAvr #greenholiday (instead of buying)

@TheUPSStore: Nothing like a homemade gift! RT @HealthyVoyager: @AmanSinghCSR Homemade gifts are budget + Eco friendly and a lot of fun #Greenholiday

@LeonKaye: We have to remember that when shopping online, we can support small business like those on Etsy, etc. #greenholiday

@msmary1962: I am a big freecycler and other sites that let people who want something you don’t have it. (matching what with have is hard) #greenholiday

@Julias_Child: I made my own recyclable wrapping paper, since most commercial (shiny) paper cannot be recycled. #GreenHoliday

 #Sustainability is a word that consumers don’t always relate to. How do we bridge the disconnect b/w consumers #brands?

@UPS: UPS CSO: Give people practical options. Shipping ground emits less CO2 than air shipments. #GreenHoliday

@UPS: UPS CSO: Also, options for smart packing – small boxes vs big boxes, recycle pckg peanuts, reusable express envelopes. #GreenHoliday

@UPS: UPS CSO: Sustainability is using resources wisely – socially, environmentally + economically. #GreenHoliday

RT @AmanSinghCSR: @UPS defines #susty in 140 characters! It is using resources wisely: socially, environmentally+economically. #GreenHoliday

Scott, what is carbon neutral shipping? How can people use this service during the holidays?

@UPS: UPS CSO: Good question. For just 5-cents extra, UPS offsets carbon associated w/ the delivery of your shipment. #Greenholiday

@UPS: UPS CSO: Carbon neutral shipping is available at most @TheUPSStore locations and at ups.com #GreenHoliday

@UPS UPS CSO: With carbon neutral shipping, UPS buys certified CO2 offsets to balance out emissions from transporting shipments #GreenHoliday

@UPS: UPS CSO: Planes are 8x more carbon producing vs trucks. Trains are 1/4 less vs trucks and ships are 1/2 of train. #GreenHoliday

What creative ideas do you have to reuse holiday leftovers, like wrapping paper and greeting cards?

@GingerCM: Q7 I have a year round box of wrapping & make tags with old cards. I haven’t bought paper or bags in years! @ups #GreenHoliday

@ChildMode: RT @AmanSinghCSR:Cards are great 4 cutting out + using 4 crafts or art projects. Bows can almost always be reused!

@kpswagger: I like to turn greet cards into place mats to use for next year. Something to keep the kids entertained, but is really neat! #GreenHoliday

@MOM4EVEREVER: q7 we take homemade ornaments roll in pb & seed them for bird after the tree goes down no waste #GreenHoliday

@janettwokay: @AmanSinghCSR Q7: Turning old wrapping paper inside out gives it a second life. #greenholiday

Looking for more practical ideas? Join UPS and The UPS Store on January 3 for #HolidayReturns Twitter party. Our moderator, blogger Melissa Dawn Lierman (@TimeOutMom), and a group of panelists will help get the conversation rolling.

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