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Ain’t They Sweet: How UPSers Sweeten the Holidays
UPS holiday cookies

UPSers from around the world recently were asked how they make the holidays sweeter. Here’s what some of them had to say.

John – Kentucky

Telling someone who is working at a gas station or restaurant that I appreciate what they do.

Leslie – Texas

I take in baked goods to my mother’s nursing home where she has been an Alzheimer’s patient for nearly nine years. It is very good to see their faces light up when they get something special for them. Some of these patients rarely get visitors.

Chi Wah Kwok – Hong Kong, China

Enjoying time with my loved ones.

Velma – South Carolina

What touches my heart is when I bake for someone who has nobody to care for them anymore; seeing the smile on their faces when I knock on their door with a plate of baked goodies. WOW! My heart skips a beat when I see their eyes light up with hope again, after thinking they had been forgotten. This is one of my reasons for baking for the season.

Eamon – Pennsylvania

In our house we make the holidays sweeter by not forgetting the little ones. Our dogs are so often overlooked when we make ourselves all these nice treats. We make doggie cookies and such to help them feel the holiday spirit.

Rene – Netherlands

Reaching out to the less fortunate around should be part of everyone’s December holidays. It will make you and the other warmer during the cold days.

Jennifer – Indiana

My husband, kids, and I, have a tradition each Christmas Eve. We all sit together in our family room and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” My children are not put off by the fact that the movie is in black and white either. They love it. We eat the cookies we had all baked and decorated together while the movie. It is just so wonderful to be all together creating these memories for our children to cherish.

Brenda – Kentucky

I always remember to help UPS sprinkle a little extra brown sugar on every batch of packages, measuring delivery time perfectly, never being a cookie-cutter company, and using all the right ingredients in the dough to grow the business.

Raquel – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Baking sugar cookies is a family tradition.

John – Arizona

It’s hard to make the holidays sweeter in tough times like this when you are trying to scrape by and provide for your family. I like to bake cookies with my kids to give out to family members as an inexpensive way to show our love for them. I’m not sure where I would be if it wasn’t for UPS. I am very grateful for the job I have. There are too many families out of work right now.

Rachel – New Jersey

Unfortunately, I lost my home to Hurricane Irene and will be spending the holidays in a hotel. I will make it sweeter by giving to families and children in need. My life will eventually go back to normal, but a lot of theirs will not. You always must give to those in need because one day you may be the one asking others for help.

Balpreet – Mississauga, Ontario

Love is the primary ingredient in having the perfect holiday. Give to those in need and don’t think about what you receive.

How do you make the holidays sweeter?

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