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At UPS, Throwing Packages is No Laughing Matter
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Recently there have been videos circulating on the Web showing drivers from various delivery companies, including UPS, mishandling packages. Some of these videos have even been used as comedic fodder for late night talk shows. But at UPS, this kind of conduct is no laughing matter. Throwing a package is inexcusable and UPS does not tolerate it under any circumstances.

And even though the videos are very hard to watch, we genuinely want to know when we fall short of delivering on our promise of providing perfect service to our customers.

UPS is first and foremost a service company. When we fail in our mission, we look at the cause and take corrective steps to address it without delay. With regard to UPS employees not treating our customers’ shipments with care and respect, those corrective steps can include terminating from employment anyone who isn’t living up to the high professional standards we have set for ourselves. 

This week alone, UPS expects to deliver in excess of 120 million packages worldwide, but we consider every shipment as if it’s the only one we have to deliver – whether it’s during our peak holiday shipping season or any other time of year.

We understand the unique trust our customers place in us and we are committed to do whatever is necessary to ensure we remain worthy of that trust day in and day out, the whole year through.

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  1. UPS has become an important partner for our logistic needs here at California Knife and Blade. We have heard of romours of mishandling packages at UPS. If corrective actions are taken with no delay, and those customers are paid with their fair compensation, it’s always important.

    Jim Underhill
    Baucor, Inc., part of California Knife and Blade

    • James,

      We appreciate your comments as well as the trust you’ve placed in UPS as your logistics partner. UPS is first and foremost a service company. When we fail in our mission, we look at the cause and take corrective steps to address it without delay, both with our employees and customers. We know that prompt action is necessary to avoid anything that would undermine the unique trust that our customers place in us.


  2. Worked at one of your depot centers near the Mpls, MN airport for about a few weeks many, many years ago. Occasionally I saw people throwing packages. People that should have know better. In the last two weeks I’ve placed the same order with amazon.com and the packages have had to go back to the sender because the contents were damaged. My guess is they were thrown.

    • Thank you for your comment. Rest assured, we really do take this matter seriously and I have shared your post with our Customer Service team.

  3. My laptop which I payed 1,200$ for was THROWN while I was exiting my house. They did not ask for a signature or anything, anyone could have taken it. It should hurt a huge company like this when so many people in a large scale know of these actions. My seller refunded me after UPS denied it was them after I saw it right in front of me. Sadly my seller used FEDEX and I received my package nicely. Honestly I love ups…I never knew it was going to be like this.

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