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Delivering on the Promise: UPSer Joseph Sosa Honored for Volunteer Service in Colombia
Joseph Sosa

The James E. Casey Community Service Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on any UPSer. Created in 1995, the award is given annually to the one UPSer who rises above all others to demonstrate an “exceptional commitment to helping others in their community.”

Flying from his home in Hialeah Gardens, Florida, to the country of Colombia, UPSer Joseph Sosa makes a long drive from Monteria to a remote, 900-person village called Buenos Aires once every three months or so. If the jeep holds up on the undeveloped road through mountains and farm lands, Joseph reaches the little community where his grandmother lived and died.

He arrives in the village of his family roots with a big smile … and with a load of food, books, medicines, and other goods for the children of this needy community.

Back in Florida, Joseph, age 39, works as a part-time Driver and Night Sort Safety Committee Co-chair in Hialeah. After hours, he’s President and Founder of the Mami Dora Foundation, pledged to provide basic needs to the village of Buenos Aires, Colombia, and others like it that don’t have reliable drinking water, electricity, or other modern conveniences. In South America, his work even includes some politics – Joseph recently met with Colombia’s vice president and with senators to raise awareness of conditions in impoverished villages.

Here is Joseph’s story:

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  1. Congratulations, proud and committed Colombian.

  2. Joseph, congratulations! this is a great program and your dedication to the needs of the children in Buenos Aires is highly commendable!

  3. I love the fact that individuals in our country provide aid to other individuals in countries where it is needed the most. I am wondering if the delivery of goods was supported by UPS or offerded by Joseph. If the former is true, I also have a propal for UPS to provide logistic support of delivering computers to two middle schools in Sao Tome and Principe (two islands in the Gulf of Guinnea). I am an instructor for IT department at Globe University. I also have an association with a nonprofit that donates computers to schools around the world. The students at Globe have assembled/repaired and loaded open source software on donated computers in hopes of delivering computers to schools in need of computers. These systems are old and slow, but to a child that has never seen a computer, it is fast and welcome. Not only does this help the schools, it also helps reduce US waste. If UPS is interested in helping our cause please contact me at Globe University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thank you for your kind consideration!

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