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UPS Drivers Deliver Record for Safe Driving
UPS Package Car

UPS again set a new record for the latest class of amazing drivers who have gone 25 years without an accident – 1,235.  This year’s additions bring the total number of active Circle of Honor drivers to 5,842.  These drivers have collectively driven more than 5.3 billion miles without an accident.

And the safest driver of them all is Ron “Big Dog” Sowder from Springboro, Ohio, who recently celebrated 50 years of safe driving.  That makes Ron the safest driver in UPS history.  Ron has been driving safely longer than many people have been alive.  And speaking of being alive, there’s no telling how many lives he has saved by steering clear of accidents for so many years and so many miles.  Ron has amassed more than 4 million miles without so much as a scratch.

The video below shows Ron crossing the “finish” line on his 50 year safe driving anniversary.

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  1. We Love Our Driver. He Is Always Happy. Always Smiles, Always Polite,
    When We see him driving around somewhere else on his route he always honks and waves. He really cares.

  2. I lover my Driver Mr. Leroy T Smith , Colorado Springs CO. he is the hardest working man for UPS 17 years

  3. its simply amazing & proven that UPS is supreme in logistics.

    We love logistics.

  4. What about your sales force. I would bet that Jim Pribble (retired) did at least 25 at UPS.

  5. Beautiful! Just great! A honor to be part of the circle of honor. With the learning process, which I thank ups for teaching us the correct methods. We had to take those and use that each day. I retired in 1999, and when I get into my car, I still follow the smith system. I was honored to be in that milestone of a elite group of people, to think that this record will stand for many years. Thank you for being a great driver.

  6. Woww thats a great record,he will be role model for young drivers……….

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