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UPS’s Next-Generation Mobile Devices Are Here

UPS has recently begun its global deployment of the next generation handheld devices you see our drivers carry, also known as the DIAD V.

The DIAD V features ground-breaking communications technology that enables on-the-fly switching between cellular carriers independent of cellular technology. This means that the DIAD V can automatically jump to another cellular carrier if the preferred carrier’s signal is lost.

  • At approximately half the size and weight of the DIAD IV, the new mobile computer features:
    • A state-of-the-art color display and microprocessor with expanded memory to support driver training and future applications including navigation.  For example, the DIAD V could be used to enable maps to help a driver avoid a traffic jam
    • A color, auto-focus, flash camera could be used to enhance proof-of-delivery and to help resolve customer claims
    • An aggressive multi-dimensional imager that can decode many symbologies, including existing UPS linear barcodes and the UPS MaxiCode, without requiring the driver to rotate the DIAD to capture the barcode.  The multi-dimensional imager could also be used to make it even easier to “capture” a clear view of a recipient’s signature.
  • The DIAD eliminates the use of 89 million sheets of paper, saving 7.308 trees per year.
  • UPS’s global network relies on the DIAD for most of the tracking information being viewed by customers online, facilitating on average 32.1 million online tracking requests daily.   It also enables UPS operators to communicate customer requests, including changes to package delivery instructions, while the UPS driver is on road.

But don’t take it from me…listen to what our drivers are saying.

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  1. I like that the DIAD V helps reduce the amount of paper being used. Such a great idea to make this product green and it’s going to help me get my packages out of my warehouse via UPS faster. That is key!

  2. How Can I purchase a UPS Diad for my small business?

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