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Logistics is a Game Changer in Basketball (and Business)
basketball going into the net

Coming out on top during NCAA® March Madness® requires everything coming together at the right time, in the right place. The game changes quickly. When it does, the teams that have planned, prepared and can execute with precision distinguish themselves from the competition. That’s logistics.

In business, it’s not really that different.  Logistics can help your business get to the next level, too.

That’s the idea behind UPS’s new “Game Changers” communications campaign that you’ll see throughout March Madness.

If you’re a college basketball fan, you’ll probably be familiar with UPS’s three new team members who will be part of our new campaign. They include legendary broadcast analyst and former coach Dick Vitale; Rutgers University women’s head basketball coach Vivian Stringer and Butler University men’s head basketball coach Brad Stevens. They’ll be showing you ‘Ideas that Changed the Game.’

The campaign also includes two new TV commercials, dissecting one of the most famous plays in college basketball history, “The Pass.” Christian Laettner’s buzzer beating shot lifted Duke over Kentucky in the 1992 East Regional Men’s Basketball Finals. But without the amazing full court pass from Grant Hill, the shot would have never happened. The execution of that pass – getting the ball exactly where it needed to be at precisely the right time – required flawless logistics.

And finally, why not be the envy of your bracket pool with a beautifully printed color version? The UPS Store is offering 25 cent color copies right now. While you’re there, pick up the in-store text code and enter for a chance to win a trip to the 2013 NCAA® Final Four.®.

Check out facebook.com/ups to see more.

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