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Some Memories Don’t Fade – the 1992 Duke-UK Game Revisited
The Pass

Recently UPS launched some new television ads in conjunction with the start of NCAA March Madness. One of these commercials features footage from the 1992 East Regional Finals in which the Duke Blue Devils beat the University of Kentucky Wildcats in overtime with just 2.6 seconds left on the clock.

I remember that game very well. UK was still feeling the sting from being on NCAA probation that kept them out of post-season play for two years and the team’s four seniors – Richie Farmer, Sean Woods, John Pelphrey and Deron Feldhaus along with sophomore Jamal Mashburn – gave everyone in the Big Blue Nation a much needed shot of hope. Had there been a little more time on the clock that night in Philadelphia, fate might have been kinder to the Wildcats – but it just didn’t happen.

As a Kentucky native and UK fan, I was crushed by the outcome of that game. And by crushed, I mean I literally had tears running down my cheeks after the initial shock wore off. But almost immediately after the final buzzer, I also felt I had just witnessed one of the finest displays of skill, determination and teamwork in the history of college basketball.

And apparently I wasn’t alone in my assessment. In subsequent years, the ’92 Duke-UK match-up has been declared by countless sports writers as one of the greatest games ever played, which ultimately is why it was selected to become part of UPS’s new “game changers” advertising program.

Conspiracy theorists might speculate that a Duke graduate is in charge of UPS’s advertising (she’s actually a Tar Heel, but I still like her) but the reality is, that incredible final shot of that incredible game couldn’t have happened without an incredible pass.

And that’s what UPS is trying to convey in our advertising. Logistics is all about getting something precisely where it needs to be at precisely the right time and  whether it’s in business or basketball, you need a teammate who can give you that critical last-second assist to win.

The campaign isn’t about the players or the teams involved. It’s about what it takes to be in a position to win – the logistics of competing and delivering.

I know our new ads will anger some UK fans, but if you truly look at that game with an objective eye, it’s hard to think of a better example of what determined people working together toward a common goal can accomplish – and that’s what UPS is all about.

No one should think that UPS has some kind of anti-UK bias. On the contrary, UPS loves Kentucky. We love it so much we established our primary air hub in the commonwealth, which has driven the creation of 33,000 jobs with $300 million in annual payroll.

We also established a unique program with the state called Metro College that has given thousands of deserving young people throughout Kentuckythe ability to attend college at virtually no personal expense.

We also donate millions of dollars to Kentucky charities each year and our employees volunteer hundreds of hours to worthy causes. Most recently, UPS contributed more than $100,000 in cash and in-kind support to assist in tornado relief efforts in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.  

I wish the Duke-UK game had turned out differently but even so, I’m still glad I was witness to one of the most inspirational moments in sports. Of course, it also helps that as I write this, the Wildcats may be destined to show the world once again that Kentucky is rightfully famous for more than just fast horses and fine bourbon. Go Big Blue!

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  1. Do you really think using this ad will boost business? I will not use UPS again. I will use Fed Ex or the U.S. mail. I’m sure you don’t care, however it will make me feel better every time the U.S. mail truck or the Fed Ex truck makes my deliveries. Hows that for logistics?

    • It’s footage of a basketball game that happened 10 years ago, grow up. The immaturity by many UK fans in response to a simple clip is absolutely astounding.

    • 20 years, Richard……It happened TWENTY years ago and this is the reaction by uk fans….wow. Most uk fans have never stepped foot on any college campus, let alone the University of Kentucky. Maybe that explains it.

    • Being the parts manager for the company where I work I decide which company get the shippments for that day. Well goodbye UPS, never again.

    • I am from KY, I live in Lexington, I am very educated and have in fact stepped foot on multiple college campuses. 20 years ago feels like 20 minutes ago. That loss is still in my mind and in my blood and I currently have a “I still hate Laetner” shirt to prove it. If you are a KY fan, you understand the outcry about this commercial. To be a UK fan is to be a fan of the best and it’s easy for outsiders to misunderstand. However, if you want to have an intelligent discussion about this, then talk about the topic and leave ignorant comments like, “most uk fans have never stepped foot on any college campus, let alone the University of Kentucky” for your “I’m too stupid to live” blog. The easiest thing in the world is to buy in to the “let’s make fun of KY” topic. Apparently the hardest thing in the world is to have an intelligent conversation, at least for some anyway!

    • ku – you fans is dumb. cant a company just sell an ad? buy what ever they sell. or dont. you cannt get over a basketball game, than you are ignorent. what a joke.

    • As a UK fan, it hurts to see this commercial come on seemingly every time out. But seriously, some of you other UK fans need to calm down with your reactions towards UPS. Appreciate the game. What happened, it hurts and we can rag on Duke and Laettner as much as we want. But you’re making the rest of BBN look bad.

    • Michelle, you do understand that just because you went to college doesnt mean the majority of uk fans did, correct? Just checking. You bought that shirt because its funny. If it brought up all these horrible emotions, you wouldn’t wear it. Lets give up on the fake outrage, Mkay?

    • Maybe if you’re lucky your boycotts will cause the eventual layoffs of your friends and neighbors. Hey, if you’re REALLY lucky maybe UPS will pull their headquarters out of Louisville. No wonder the rest of the country makes so much fun of Kentucky. Ridiculous! I’ll keep using UPS because I want my packages to actually arrive when & where I send them!!

    • Apparently Stevo you don’t know very much about Kentucky. Facts: Lexington is the home of UK, Lexington is the largest city in Kentucky and ultimately based on its population has the most UK fans, AND Lexington is ranked number 10 in the nation for it’s population having a college degree or higher. Get your facts straight before passing judgment on UK fans. Most of us are well educated!

    • Correction Lexington is 2nd largest city in Ky. What was missing from my post was Kentucky is the largest city with a Uk fan base.

    • When UPS lose enough business in Kentucky, maybe they won’t be so inconsiderate of KENTUCKY from now on.

    • This is one of the most celebrated moments in NCAA tournament history.
      “There’s the pass to Laettner, puts it up, YES!”

    • UPS is delivering the FInal Four court. Maybe UK should put their money
      where their mouth is and boycott the Final Four if fortunate enough to end up

    • Ms. March is a perfect example of the immaturity of Kentucky fans. Did she ever stop to think that Duke fans might enjoy the commercial? Grow up.

    • It’s a basketball game – grow up, Kentuckians. Did you ever stop to think that Duke fans might enjoy the commercial? You’re not the only people in the world.

  2. Who was the idiot that decided to run this ad? It’s an insult to the thousands of folks in UK who work long, hard hours for UPS through out the commonwealth of KY. Grow up and pull the ad.

  3. I cannot imagine why UPS would think this commercial in anyway speaks to logistics! “Logic” would dictate that you have just alienated millions of Big Blue Nation fans! Your analysis, albeit from a so called UK fan point of view does not make this horrible commercial palatable! I shipped a package from Lexington today and specifically used FedEx because of this commercial ….logistics….I think not!! GO BIG BLUE!

    • Logistics and logic are not the same thing. Logistics involved things getting places, logic is a basis of reason. You could say “My logistics are logical” If you were traveling by plane over mountains instead of by foot. But other than that they are unrelated.

  4. Why would you make a commercial depicting any sports teams lowest moment. I have lived in Kentucky all my life and am a proud supporter of my states teams. I have also always been proud of the fact that UPS, like Ford Motor Company, is part of our community. You need to realize when you use sports as a metaphor that the main aspect of any sport is teamwork. That means if you are truly a part of this state and community, and we benefit from each other , then you support each other. You don’t embarrass your neighbor and teammate by reminding them of a hard moment they have never forgotten. Why would you rub salt in the wound a friend? From the way you have responded I know this letter will not matter to you. That is fine by me. It’s your business and your choice. As for me, I can make choices too and from this point on my business will ship with USPS and FedEx.

  5. I cannot imagine that you would use this!! Have you forgotten Christian Laetners actions after that shot? Well we have not forgotten!! You have certainly muddied your name in Kentucky and I am sure I do not stand alone.

    • Laettner’s reaction? You mean celebrating with his teammates? That’s pretty standard for a game-winning shot. Lighten up, Nancy.

  6. Thanks for your comments. Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we approached this campaign very carefully, including sharing the materials with the University of Kentucky, who approved their use.

    Personally I can’t allow myself to dwell on the past. I was inspired by the effort and teamwork displayed by “the Unforgettables” and even though the loss was painful, I look back at that moment with nothing but a deep sense of pride.

    The commercial isn’t a commentary about the players or the teams involved, or even specifically about college basketball. We’re just using this game as a metaphor about logistics and the value UPS brings to our customers.

    • Very poor planning in your marketing. I read your comments, others comments, and story all the way through, but if you knew anything about KY Basketball you would not have run this ad even with running it by the University. I see a decline in your KY business in the next 4 weeks at least. Hope it was worth it. KY FANS NEVER FORGET!!!!

    • I thought you explained the reason for using that shot very well. There are a few people who just don’t get it.

    • Yes, the commercial shows great basketball. Ask any analyst, and they’ll agree. BUT, the objective of ads are to appeal to the masses. You want to draw customers in rather than push them out. You have pushed out an entire group of people who, regardless of how crazy it is, feel hurt, bullied, and alienated.

      Rather than having “the Unversity” approve it, why not pull some fans. Ask us. Grab some students. We would’ve told you straight away that it wouldn’t go over well. Here’s the reality: you were unprepared to handle this backlash. UPS never imagined that the BBN would retaliate like this.

      On a personal note, my grandfather drove for UPS for 31 years. I know many drivers in my small town personally. They’re all UK fans. With so much about UPS centered around Kentucky, you would think you would have more respect for the main university there. I’m do disappointed in your company. Be a little more sensitive next time around.

    • Mark Dickens, there is no way you can call yourself a UK fan and advocate the airing of this commercial. I was a student on the UK campus during that 1992 game and I can remember that night vividly to this day. Any true UK would know you would upset a lot of people, particularly airing the commercial during a UK game! Sorry Mark, we bleed blue and we don’t forget. The reaction to the video of this shot from 20 years ago should let you know that. Disapointed UPS, disappointed..

  7. Mark,

    I am a UK grad who thought people were overreacting to the commercial…until I saw the response from UPS and from you. If the commercial wasn’t about college basketball, why did it debut on Selection Sunday and why did you “approach this campaign very carefully?”

    UPS should just own up to the fact the powers that be KNEW there would be a negative reaction from a large fan base in the state that is home to the company’s primary air hub.

    Own up to the decision. Condescension doesn’t sit well on anyone, especially a large corporation in a rough economy.

  8. Speaking as a lifelong Kentucky fan, I think the whole “I’ll never use UPS again” is a bit much. I remember that moment as we all do, and while using this may not be the best choice, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. How many sports packages use the same clip? Just wait until the Elite Eight when we’re playing Duke this year and see how many times you see it. We’re past it — it’s history. If anything, it should be a reminder of how close we’ve been in the past, and should drive our talented youngsters to greater heights, such as hanging banner #8 in the rafters at the end of this NCAA tournament and cutting down the nets in New Orleans. Go Big Blue!

    • I have to say, I see it from both sides. I am being forced to watch a commercial, showing a clip that I never wanted to see again. Being a life long UK fan, that is a tough thing to watch. But I have to agree with Mark, I can see that UPS did this commercial in a repective way, and I appreciate it. We can never take away that Duke won that game. But its been what, 20 years. I like how UPS made this about logisitcs instead of about the teams, and players in the clip. I have to also say, I respect Mark for taking the time to respond to the posters here. I assume he has a higher position with UPS, and how many “higher ups” would take the time out to continue this conversation? Probably none. I will always love UK, and will always hate Duke, and Christian Laetner, but I respect the commercial, Mark, and who ever came up with the idea for this commercial. It is well thought out and gets across the point UPS is trying to make. GO UK! Lets get number 8!

  9. If you think this isn’t a big deal to the Big Blue Nation you need to think again. I spent about 15 minutes lying on the floor after that shot and I will never forget it. I will also never forget how UPS has abused the business the people of Kentucky has given to the company who has its main air hub in Kentucky. What on earth are you thinking? Not that it will affect your bottom line, but you have lost the business of many Kentuckians and UK fans all over the nation. I will write the Kentucky legislature and request they deny the bills you are trying to get passed. Any business that is making this many of its customers unhappy should see the light, pull the ad, and apologize.

  10. Here’s an idea for your next UPS ad. How about you detail the “logistics” of a major company receiving huge tax breaks from a state as an incentive to move there. Then you could show the “teamwork” required to make an ad highlighting the most heartbreaking moment in that state’s sports history. Sounds like another winner.

    It’s bad you wrote this post trying to justify the ad, but to do so in such a condescending manner explaining to everyone how great the play the play makes it even worse.

    • They had to dumb it down for the majority of your fan base. Sorry to all the “millions of UK fans.” God, you just can’t make this stuff up! Here’s a thought; UK fans, stop giving the rest of the country so much ammunition with your ridiculous posts and pictures of toothless rednecks posing with an actual stuffed Wildcat dunking a basketball (google it). WE ARE UK!

  11. If what you are saying is true, then use footage from another upset against UK. It isn’t the shot we remember, it is the fact that Laettner should never have been allowed to play at that point in the game. He should have been ejected. Being beat wasn’t what made the game memorable for true UK fans, it was being beat by someone with no class who was rude towards our players. You don’t literally step on the chest of another player and have class. Use footage from our Indiana game this year. Use any other footage at all but using this one particular game proves you don’t have any idea of what you are doing as a marketing expert. Know the whole story, not just part of it. Use a game that ended with class and show that you are smart enough to not turn your back on an entire state of fans.

    • Thank you so much for this comment! This is exactly how I feel. Most of the intelligent UK fans (yes there are plenty!) aren’t hurt by using footage from a loss of ours, but Because of the unsportsmanlike circumstances surrounding Christian being in the game.

  12. Seriously UPS??! Are your marketers really so out of touch that you thought BBN was going to buy into your lame excuse that the commercial” isn’t a commentary about the players or the teams involved.” If it’s not, then why use it at all? Do you really believe that the social media backlash you’re getting about this ad is worth it? #BigTimeFAIL!!!

  13. Here I am down in Georgia because my family is AD Army and the few times we get to see the CATS play, I have to watch a backstabbing commercial like this. How much did the airtime cost you to have it set to air at halftime? I mean if you wanted to hit every CAT fan in the nation….you did it. Incredible arrogance and well, just flat out rude. I feel for the huge UK fan base living in Louisville who has to walk into the hub and tug around at work tonight and all the while feel embarassed and shame knowing their employer backstabbed them. I CANNOT stand Fed Ex but you left me no choice but to move my business account to them. I am sure you will lose sleep over my new logistically correct option. EPIC FAIL UPS! EPIC FAIL.

  14. LOVE IT and I live in Kentucky… greatest game I ever watched… I am not petty like these others KY fans; I can appreciate the greatness of that game and one team had to win; unfortunately it wasn’t KY but that takes nothing away from being part of the best fought basketball game ever… GREAT JOB UPS… I remember like it was yesterday; sitting on my couch, my girlfriend complaining I was holding her hand too tight in the closing seconds… how intense watching that game was

    • C’mon, Mark. You didn’t even change your name. No UK fans talk like this.

    • Different Mark and yes I am born and raised UK… born in Covington KY, lived most of my life in Boone County KY… not all of us are off the deep end… some KY fans are rational, well rounded members of society… others, well you can read their post here….

    • You must be a liberal, because all you did with your post and response was insult and condemn those that you do not agree with. I guess those of us that do not appreciate the ad are also hillbillies and racists in your eyes. Marketing dept at UPS did not think this all the way through or they just did not care. When it comes on I just hit the previous channel button on my remote.

  15. I am proud to work for UPS and can’t believe that this commercial is causing the company so much grief. We are a global company, not a Kentucky company. While this commercial may have alienated some Kentucky fans, I think basketball fans all over the country and the world truly appreciate what a great game and great pass this was. And, what a great commercial this is. It’s all a matter of keeping things in perspective. After all, it is just a game. This almost (but not quite) makes me want to pull for Kentucky to win the tournament so UK fans will just get over it.

  16. So now there are 3 commercials where I frantically try to find the remote — this one, the ESPN IU shot, and the Sarah Mclachlan one about abused/abandoned pets.

    • This cracked me up. I agree completely!

  17. Tyus Edney UCLA over Missouri
    Drew Nicholas Maryland over UNC Wilmington
    Bryce Drew Valparaiso over Ole Miss
    Derrick Whittenburg/Lorenzo Charles NC State over Houston for a national title.

    It’s just lazy filmmaking to continue to abuse that 1992 shot when better situations exist. Or hell Just make a whole series of them.

    • I think the 3/4 court pass gets the nod.

      Oh, and as a fully functional working professional age 32 that uses shipping companieis for both personal and business… I can attest that they are hitting a target demographic because there is no single moment in any tourney I watched as a child as indelible as this one.

      It was a battle of two larger than life programs, loaded with players I loved watching, and it came down to that absurd ending. It was madness incarnate, and if you want to point out the pass before the shot what better than grant hill flinging it down there?

  18. You want us to look at a UK basketball game objectively? We can do that and say it was the greatest basketball game ever. But to be subjected to the highlight over and over and over is just too much. I said I would never use UPS again, but that is not true or objective. But if I have a choice, I will choose the competition based on this ad alone.

  19. These BBN fans are hilarious. This company has given so many opportunities to the state of Kentucky. There is a whole generation of people who know the value of a quality education because of the work the UPS has done in this state. To think that you would be so miffed about a silly commercial? Gimme a break. CBS and ESPN use that clip over and over again every year. Do you boycott those companies? I think not.

    So stupid, you only make your fan base look ignorant by reacting this way. Not that you need any help. Especially after the vandalism that occurred at the YUM Center yesterday.

    Grow up, and find something in your life that means more to you than Kentucky Basketball and hating Louisville and Companies affiliated with UofL.

    • Well said.

    • GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

    • KFC Yum! Center ‏ @kfc_yumcenter
      Despite some reports, we did not experience vandalism at last nights game. We appreciate everyone’s respect of our facility. Thanks!

  20. I thought UK and the BBN only used Emery Air Freight anyway. What’s the big deal?

    • Hi-Yo! Straight Cash, Homie.

    • Emery’s successor company, Menlo Worldwide Forwarding, was acquired by UPS at the end of 2004

  21. Wow, talk about a reality disconnect. What % of total basketball fans are UK fans? What is the population of Kentucky (26th largest state)? How many more people actually enjoyed that commercial because it was a great memory? How many kentucky students and fans weren’t even born yet and don’t carry what seems to be crippling emotional damage from this moment?

    This happened 20 years ago. Take a look around you, has anything more important happened to you since then? Are there any causes greater than the one you are currently taking up? I’d say so. Watch your internet rage, you’re embarrassing the school you claim to love.

  22. http://www.webpronews.com/ups-commercial-is-stupid-business-move-2012-03 UPS has aligned its business with a cheating player, offended thousands of people who remember that, and wants to argue that it should be ok because they bring “33,000 jobs” to the state? In what business school is this taught? How is that smart to argue with customers you’ve offended?

    • The arrogance of the BBN is astounding. They bring 33k jobs to the state, and provide a free education to so many others. They can show any commercial they want in my book, BTW, they paid for my education and I’m from a small town in the middle of nowhere, KY. I wouldn’t have a college degree if it weren’t for UPS.
      Also, if you think that offending a few radicals on the lunatic fringe is going to cut into the profits of a multinational corporation, you’re a out there with them.


  24. Mark, I thought you explained the reason of the commerical rather well. As big of a business that UPS is, I’m sure it won’t lose that much money for people using FedEx instead. I wonder if these same people will quit donating to the Special Olypics of Kentucky since UPS is a major sponsor. I feel bad for the kids. I’d hate to think that UK fans didn’t have any class.

    Mark, for the next ad use cartoons so it explains things better to the uneducated fan.

  25. For a company that prides itself on logistics, why not use your logistics to show the same commercial premise with a different team in the Kentucky media market? There are countless other last minute shots (John Wall had a few if I recall…) that would work.

  26. You, UK fans are re-dic. You are children. Really over a commercial!

  27. Lmao….losers in every fan base I guess. Im ashamed at some of you, well all that complain about this really look like idiots. We are on our way to number 8 who cares about this coomercial. Ups is great for Louisville n the state of Kentucky.

  28. I enjoy that commercial each time I see it. Kentucky fans can’t fathom that the message of the commercial was bigger than their basketball program. They also can’t but help to live in the past or respect their competition (i.e. vandalizing Louisville’s new facilities out of disrespect). UPS has been and still will be my choice of service. Thanks for what you have done for the city of Louisville and state of Kentucky.

    You stay class Lexington.

    • The rumor that there was vandalism at the Yum Center is false. The Yum Center administrators themselves have refuted it via twitter. There was NO vandalism. This was a malicious rumor started by UL fans.

      Stay classy Louisville.

    • The Yum center wasn’t vandalized. They released that statement this morning…

    • That’s why the official spokes person said yesterday that the sprinkler system was “pulled down” by someone. I’m sure them issuing that statement didn’t have anything to do with not wanting it to happen again tomorrow…..

    • hey. Insert foot into mouth. The KFC bucket announced there was no vandalism. Take your UL crap and get out. Make sure you pick up those crown royal empties and those 40 bottles when you go.

    • I was in Yum Center yesterday and that arena is way to nice for the mediocre team that plays there.

    • Check out “Suck it” and his thinly veiled racist comment. Can uk fans look any worse in this story?

    • UK fan on WHAS radio today: “We are the greatest SEC conference in the world!” On this post: “You are upsetting millions of UK fans” and UK fans pointing out a dozen other teams or endings the commercial could have used when UPS chose this particular one because a best-selling book just came out about the game. I hate being a Kentuckian right now. Ignorance doesn’t excuse ignorance. The link Anonymous posted says it all. How, even as an extreme fan, can you justify the post on this UK website? It turns my stomach. UPS, thanks for everything you do in my state on behalf of all the idiots who choose to berate you on a commercial that may have hurt the feelings of kajillions of imaginary worldwide UK fans. Arrogance and ignorance are a dangerous combination.

  29. UK fans just need to accept that this shot was one of the most memorable and iconic shots in college basketball, and that was the reason it was used. The only shots that have the same level of recognition would be NC State’s National Championship, and the most recent Kansas National Championship. To think that UPS is intentionally trying to upset UK fans for any particular reason is ignorant and narcissistic.

  30. UK fans have started another boycott…

    They are boycotting God now because he made the sky Carolina blue instead of Wildcat blue.

  31. Maybe it IS a conspiracy. My theory is that UPS is upset over the fact that UK uses FedEx when sending cash bribes to its recruits…

    • It was Emery that was used. Emery’s successor company, Menlo Worldwide Forwarding, was acquired by UPS at the end of 2004

  32. The whining UK fans are doing little to disprove the common stereotypes of their fans. Get over it. UPS isn’t picking on you. Get over yourselves.

  33. you could have planned better…like not buying ad time where BBN lives.

    Seriously, I lived through the shot once. CBS forces it down our throats each and every year.

    Why not show the US Reed shot against Louisville? Isn’t that a better idea? Upset the Louisville fans?

    We HATE Laettner and the shot is forced down our throats eahc and every year. If UPS is smart, UPS would simply let the ad die a quick death.

    • The US Reed shot didn’t include a 3/4 pass be it was made. The commercial is about the pass, not about or against UK.

    • Actually, as a Card fan, I’d love it. I kinda wish they would. Probably doesn’t fit with their logistical idea, without the fancy pass. But at least the fan base for Louisville is a whole lot more understanding.

  34. UK fans largely consider themselves to be the gold standard of college basketball, yet they treat this game as if they were South Dakota and they just had their only chance at a basketball championship ripped from them. You are UK, you have since won two championships, most of your starting lineup wasn’t even alive when this happened. The fact you act like blubbering babies about a 20 year old game makes me wonder if your school is as great as you claim it to be. Have higher standards for yourself, hell, the NC State wolfpack don’t complain about the 1989 Hartzell call as much as UK fans whine about Christian Laettner. I expected more from the mecca of college hoops…you’re a better program and should consider yourself a better fanbase that doesn’t have to whine about games that happened almost a quarter century ago.

  35. Big Blue Nation is the punchline to almost every joke.

  36. I am as proud of a member of the Big Blue Nation as anybody else. With that being said, A LOT of you guys are embarrassing, and are the SOLE reason BBN gets looked at negatively by some. At the end of the day, it was one of thousands of ball games our great University played in. If you had exclusive rights to NFL footage to make a commercial, are you telling me you wouldn’t use The Immaculate Reception or The Catch because you didn’t want to “alienate” the huge fanbases of the teams the plays happened against?! Of course not, so grow up guys and carry yourself with the PRIDE and CLASS that all Big Blue Nation should.

  37. Im a UK fan. I also use UPS. It’s a freakin commercial. I know that game was a heartbreaker, I remember it well. But, it’s dubbed as one of the greatest games ever played. Cant we look at that side of it? Personally, yes, I hate the commercial, so I change the channel when it comes on. I won’t boycott UPS over it. I’m a proud member of BBN, but some of these comments are just embarrassing.

  38. UK fans aren’t all crazy and/or uneducated. This shot hurts to watch every time, but it’s actually a clever idea for your commercial, because you’re right, no one talks about the pass, but without that delivery, there’d no shot. (However, once some UK fans realize this, they might boycott Sprite, since passer Grant Hill did ads for them a decade ago). Every fan base has idiots, ours are just louder than most, bless their hearts.

  39. Stay classy BBN. I cringe everytime Isee the shot but it’s history. Had he missed it and they would run the miss we would all love it. Grow the hell up and enjoy this years run. Oh and I will always use UPS with or without a commercial. You fans who take everything so serious must be miserable all the time.

  40. I use both ups and Fed-Ex at work. Not anymoe. Fed-Ex gets it all. ups is based in Kentucky. It should have thought this out a little better before developing this ad for the Big Blue Nation to see.

  41. i love the fact that you chose to include one of the dirtiest and most arrogant players in the history of the NCAA tournament. unlike some UK fans, i don’t think there is some conspiracy theory at work here. i believe that you chose someone to be the face of UPS during the tournament who purposely stomped on the chest of someone who was defenseless, laying on the ground. the modern day company and their adverting continue to confound me. you have this misguided ad campaign,along with the whole we love logistics schtick (the whiteboard campaign was great), the at&t we have 4g so now we are arrogant as hell. pure genius. it’s pure disrespect that is shown to big blue fans from a company that derives a great deal of profit ftom the backs of those fans. please don’t call yourself a big blue fan, because you can’t be if you are defending this campaign.

  42. Good Lord you all, grow up. its a very well done commercial. You should feel proud that our cats were involved with the greatest college bball game ever, and is still being talked about 20 years later. Im sure you would have no problem with the commercial if we had hit that shot to win the game. Grow up and stop making our whole fanbase look like a bunch of ignorant rednecks.

  43. First off I’d like to say that I was born and raised in Lexington, which is generally considered the heart and soul of #BBN. And as a die-hard fan of our CATS I’m rather embarrassed by many of the comments here. The writer’s stance is anything but “anti-UK” and those above me who have said that it is (“anti-UK”) probably didn’t bother to read the article. I will say, I was merely 1 year old on the day of that shot so I can’t fully comprehend what it felt like to watch the CATS lose in such a manner. But, I can say that in my opinion, the higher road to take in this situation would be appreciating the positive impact that UPS has made in our beloved Commonwealth, while concentrating on the GREATNESS of our current WILDCATS! Quit living in the past BBN, let’s get #8!!!!

  44. Good lord, people. I hate the commercial too, but stop making our fan base look ridiculous in a public forum by whining about it. We have to see this accursed shot replayed on CBS every March. We should be used to it by now.

  45. It was one of the greatest moments in tournament history. It’s not like it depicts some Kentucky player making a huge gaff that cost the tournament. The pass and shot are about nothing to do with Kentucky and everything to do with Duke’s great play on the 20th anniversary of that play. It was a great moment, it isn’t anti-UK, and I have no problem with it. It’s amazing how sensitive people are being, still 20 years later! It’s not like Bill Buckner’s misplayed World Series ground ball. If it were, maybe that would be different, but it’s not.

  46. Do UK fans realize how ignorant and ridiculous things like this make them look? Do they even care? What they fail to realize is that the rest of the country doensn’t plan their lives based on UK basketball. As a sports fan I can remember tough losses, but they don’t bother me enough today to get too emotional. This goes beyond that, from emotional into insanity. Grow up UK fans, it was 20 years ago!

  47. Although the memory still isn’t a pleasant one it is one that I will never lose, for that it is special. I also bleed blue but I don’t feel the need to go overboard to proclaim that I will NEVER use UPS again. I do know that I won’t go out of my way to use them and even though it may be viewed as ignorant UPS will LOSE BIG $ from UK FANS who view the commercial as rubbing salt in a wound that will never fully heal. In this competitive economy it was very risky to run this and the prospective downside of lost business. With that said I also respect them attempting to illustrate what they deliver to their customers. NEVER GO AGAINST THE “TRUE BIG BLUE”, GO CATS!

  48. I can’t believe a GAME that was played that long ago (or even yesterday) would cause these fans to react the way they are to a television ad; actually I can. However it is appalling to me they would react this way toward a company that has made such a tremendous positive impact in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I am embarrassed as a resident of this community.

    These same KY “fans” are the reason U of K fans have a negative reputation. As soon as I saw the commercial I feared they would react that way, while I was grateful the State was given a nod. “Sure, pull your business, U of K fans and quit supporting a business with a huge local base. That will teach them”! It further demonstrates the ignorance of a PORTION of the fan base that makes the rest of the fan base look bad.

    Way to go, UPS! You are excellent in every way and the city of Louisville appreciates what you do for our economy as does the SMARTER portion of the State of KY, regardless of how the less than stellar U of K fans feel. We will rally up the U of L and Duke fans and make sure we double up our UPS shipments as I’m so sure those upset U of K fans are going to put a real dent in your financials. 🙂

    • The first clue of ignorance is saying, “U of K” all the rest is just fodder!

    • obviously a U of L fan, jealous much!

    • In response to Cindi A. – Not jealous, embarrassed.

  49. One word… FEDEX

  50. I believe the bigger point is if UK (Pitino ) had put a defender on the ball the entry pass wouldnt have been perfect and no commercial would have been made.

  51. “Clueless”, aka: Kentucky resident. Obviously a transplant from Bloomington or long term greasy chicken bucket alum.

  52. Our family has agreed (and all our friends) never to use UPS again. I live in NC and have to put up with Duke fans all the time. It is not just this ad that makes me mad…it is the arrogance of Duke fans. (as stated by Kentucky resident). I feel UPS slaps the BBN in the face every time that ad is on TV. Evidently UPS doesn’t care.

  53. For those that are saying the BBN is over reacting obviously don’t realize how painful that loss was to our program. It is a slap in the face and UPS was well aware of this when they ran the ad. And my business has already switched our to shipping needs to FedEx, received our first delivery this morning from them. And It is that serious to a true UK fan!!!

    • $10 you don’t even own a business, or at least one that is very profitable. A real business owner is worried about the bottom line not some dumb commercial. Get real.

      Big Blue Bluff is all this page is about.

  54. Go Big Blue! Some fans need to understnad its just a commercial.

  55. You mean to tell me people actually watch commercials???

  56. Most of you Kentucky folks are bat**** crazy. The game happened. Your team played well. Your team lost on a desperation, Hail Mary play. No shame there. This game is widely recognized as one of the greatest ever played – and that’s not just a reflection on Duke and how it ended – it is a reflection of Kentucky and how strong they played as well – this game was special from beginning to end. Some of you folks really need to get a life and find something real to complain about – this just makes you look petty and silly to every other college ball fan in the world, and there is no getting around that fact.

  57. Mr. Oz, I’m NEITHER of those “obvious” choices, but thankfully I guess I am “clueless” as you stated because I thankfully do not have a clue how a heartbreaking moment such as that one or any other loss in a basketball game (though I have endured many), would make me behave like an arrogant self-absorbed a$$.
    The world is thankfully about so much more than that and truly does not revolve around me or the University of Kentucky Basketball team (as much as we would like it to).
    There are people dying, starving, losing homes in a tornado, and let’s not forget UPS is plotting against us!

  58. @ Russ – they will now! Isn’t UPS Brilliant? 🙂
    @ Susan, Matt, Scott & UK Student — it is refreshing to see there are classy U of K fans that post. Do your Cats proud!

    • Yeah … probably not the best bit of logistics they’ve done. But the game is old news … let’s watch this year’s team make some new history! Go Big Blue!!!

  59. Just saw the Second version of this commercial during the G’town/Belmont game. UK fans heads will explode.

  60. As I recognize that UPS can run any commercial it wishes, I too know that I will never
    ship another package UPS.

  61. ALL of our business will be going to Fedex from now on. What were these people thinking? What a waste of commercial money! Will never use UPS again! EVER!

  62. You and UPS are missing the point. The real “game-changer” in that game was an unsportsmanlike player NOT being rightfully ejected from the game. If “that’s what [you] do,” I can tell you that, regardless of what this condescending blog says to defend it, Big Blue Nation wants no part of it. What you are dealing with here are millions of disgruntled CUSTOMERS who are not only unhappy with the poor taste of the commercial, but also with the timing of it, and with your defense of it. I think you at Brown need to brush up on your customer service while learning your lessons in marketing.
    In customer service and business research, there is a theory that there are multiple levels of customers. The two that a business should be MOST concerned about are called “Disciples” and “Terrorists.” The “Disciples” are those who are so pleased with your company that they will go and spread the good word. They are the repeat customers that make up 80% of your profit. The “Terrorists,” however, are on the opposite end of that spectrum. These are the customer who are so dissatisfied that they will go OUT of their way to damage your business (obviously “terrorist” is a hot button word. damaging business is usually limited to boycotting, word-of-mouth and other peaceful ways of ruining a business’s reputation)–and in this electronic age, they can get that message out with just a click of the button. Now, common sense would assume that a company wants to have as many disciples and as few terrorists as possible in their customer base. What you’ve done here is alienate an entire market base and create millions of potential “terrorist” customers. Instead of trying to put out a fire, you’re ARGUING with them? That doesn’t speak well to the common sense of UPS. Expect a drop in profit. We’re from the South. We’re not passive-aggressive. If we say “Fed-ex” from now on, we mean it unless you change our minds. That means an open apology and pulling the ad. Good luck, Brown. Sincerely, GO BIG BLUE!

    • big wah! get over it, it has been 20 years. your whole gaggle of ‘fans’ look like a bunch of whining girls. I will make sure that ALL of my business goes through UPS for now on!

  63. I just can’t understand why UPS, with headquarters in KY, would EVER think it was a good idea to replay a moment with such a negative feeling attached to it over and over for a group of people who are FANATIC about basketball….really, it is just a poor business decision. In the short term, they will lose business due to fans using FED ex, just because it is such a negative thing to replay for us. Aren’t ads supposed to INCREASE business??? Doesn’t look like that happened. Run that ad only on the west coast, dummies!

    • UPS headquarters isn’t in Kentucky, “dummies”

  64. So, UPS… is this the kind of exchange you want your business associated with? Something that offends your Kentucky customers AND has their rivals talking trash about them over? There is no upside to this for you. Even the debate will make you look bad. Congrats.

    • The debate only makes UK fans look bad. 20 years is too long to carry a grudge over a game.

  65. I’m a Davidson (Wildcat) fan, so I have no dog–or cat–in this fight. When I first started reading about it, I thought the Kentucky fans sounded a little off balance, but then I read the comments above, and I think differently now. UPS was stupid, stupid, stupid. The commenter who says it is a matter of hurting a neighbor hits it just right in my opinion. If UPS is a good community member, and provides good service, then I guess they can be let off the hook, but if they think this doesn’t represent a serious lapse of corporate intelligence, then they may not stay on top of the business world as long as I would expect otherwise.

  66. As a proud alumnus of the University of Kentucky, I am more offended by the reaction of our fan base than by the commercial. It is outrageous how many of the BBN has responded to this ad. Grow up, move on, and concentrate on number eight. This was twenty years ago and while the result of that game will always sting, to let that sting outweigh the greatness of the game by whining about a commercial that showcases it is petty and immature. I still rout against Duke in most circumstances, but they have an excellent basketball program and tradition and unfortunately many UK fans don’t respect other programs but expect the ultimate respect from others including UPS. Get a grip folks!

  67. I’m proud to be a Kentuckian, but reading these comments, I’ve never been happier that I’m not a UK fan. The conceit and hyper-sensitivity on display here are funny and kind of creepy at the same time. If you keep making fools of yourselves over stuff like this, people will laugh. And no, they’re not just jealous. They think
    you’re nuts.

  68. Since UPS has a major air hub in the commonwealth, they know how uk fans are about basketball. Kinda think it was a low blow and should just be more motivation to get another banner! #leggogetnumber8

  69. What you folks fail to remember is that for every memeber of Big Blue Nation, there are hundreds of thousands of other members of this great country that hate your everlasting guts.

    As someone working in Supply Chain Management for a Fortune 100 company, I can appreciate what the ad is trying to represent, and am gleefully enjoying the angst that this commercial is causing against what is easily the most irrational fanbase in the nation. If you guys are suddenly against UPS, they must be doing something right. For that reason, I’ll be considering UPS a lot more often in the coming months.

    Well done, Brown.

  70. am i the only one who doesn’t understand what “logistics” have to do with making a last second hail mary shot? does UPS send their packages out of the warehouse, hoping and praying they end up in the right place at the right time?

    • I totally agree! It’s funny reading all the posts on here. Some people just don’t get what it’s like to be a UK fan, poor souls🙂 As for UPS and the commercial. I would think as part of the Kentucky family, they would have went with something less brutal to the majority of the state. My son will have UPS assisting with his college education, and I am thankful for the opportunity they offer him….but, I still don’t like the commercial and really don’t see what it has to do with logistics….

  71. I’ve been a Kentucky fan for 30+ years. I’ve been over the 1992 game for at least 10. BBN let it go….geez. You can’t even read the names on the jerseys. The only thing UPS has to worry about is Fed Ex using UK’s comeback against Duke in 98 as a counterpoint🙂

  72. I am not going to totally boycott UPS. I believe they weren’t thinking very well in who their audience might be and how it might offend MANY UK fans by using this clip. Maybe they should continue the same sort of campaign durring football season and use the UK vs LSU football game as a little redemption. ( Let LSU be pissed for a while) UK fans are loyal. We love OUR team! ITs really all we have. We don’t have any pro teams or other big schools in the state. ( No UL, you don’t count either) We take things personal. Our fans could let it go if ESPN, CBS, UPS and everyone else would stop throwing it up in our face. And yes, I complain to CBS and ESPN too.

  73. Look, I’m in advertising and understand completely why this clip was used. It is an incredible demonstration of delivering the unimaginable. I do not fault UPS for wanting to align itself to that single thought and the simplicity of the message, but to discard the raw emotion still associated with the “shot heard round the world” is at the very least a slap in the face of the state that you call home and the legends of fans who worship (yes, I said it) UK basketball.
    To a non-UK fan, that clip is powerful. It’s awe inspiring. It’s a brilliant, once-in-a-lifetime play. As a UK fan, I see the same thing…but I also relive the entire game and all the animosity between the players, the bad calls and poor sportsmanship that followed that magnificent play. To air it over and over again by choice seems almost an attempt to generate press. But I understand that too…any press is good press. What I think UPS doesn’t get is that we (those obsessed, immature fans you speak of) will also always align you from now on with this attempt to boost your sales at any cost.
    Perhaps I am immature. Perhaps I should let it go. But you know what, I lived through the dark years of UK basketball. That clip will NEVER be okay to run as an example of what to do because I know how that clip came to be and how the game ended the way it did. I am not sure why I believe this will matter, but because I do know there is strength in numbers, the shipping I just switched to FedEx may not matter to you individually, but I’m betting a great many fans will do the same thing. I’d love to see your return on investment for that spot…at least in KY. I’m betting it will be VERY cost prohibitive.

    • Amen!

  74. Terrible marketing decision. Unfortunately for you, your justifications fall upon deaf ears. Maybe you will increase your business with the Duke fan base, maybe folks who are not Kentucky fans will see your analogy and appreciate it. However, for Kentucky basketball fans, this was a bad decision and trying to justify it is unforgivable. In the future, I will not choose UPS for my shipping needs.

    • AMEN! Their poor response to this is more offensive than the actual commercial. If they had owned up to it, apologized for offending UK fans, and maybe promised not to loop it in this region during UK games in the future, I would have had more respect for them. As it stands, I have no choice but to assume that they have no respect for me, and THAT is why I won’t use UPS.

  75. So, are we supposed to not show any clips of any game-winning plays? Because there is always someone who will be upset. The KY nation seems to be very soft here with their poor feelings being hurt. I respect the basketball program, not the fans…

  76. I was born in central Kentucky and raised a UK fan. I remember watching that game when I was 9 years old with my whole family on the edge of their seats. It was heartbreaking to watch and it still hurts. But the way most UK fans act and react to anything that doesn’t have UK coming off as the gods of basketball has made me hate UK fans with passion that almost approaches my hatred of a certain Duke player from the 90s. I wouldn’t dare tell anyone where I live now that I love UK basketball because they would immediately lump me in with the fools who have reacted so poorly over a commercial about a game 20 years ago.

    And for the record, there are two awful things that happened in that game…1) Laettner not getting ejected for stepping on Woods…2) and Pitino being such an idiot for not putting someone on Grant Hill before he made the pass. Both situations could have changed the outcome. I am to this day mad about the one we could have actually changed.

  77. If you considered this commercial “carefully”, then I tremble to think what else you may be in charge of. Where does cheating and violence — at any cost — come into it? Have any of you ever seen what led up to this shot? That’s what the gripe is about. The game was over — the player should have been ejected. Is that UPS operates?

  78. Come on UPS, change the commercial. Verdell Jones III had a very “logistical” pass to Christian Watford this year for a game winning three pointer, why not use that clip.

  79. I am a life long Wildcat fan, love of the basketball Cats is something I learned from my Mom. I was blessed to be 12 rows from the floor for the ’92 Duke game. The inbounds pass was right in front of me…and it was heartbreaking. Even more heartbreaking was my Mom’s subsequent death…making that game the last she ever saw in person. Having said that, another thing I learned from my Momma was good manners. I am sorry to say not all my fellow BBN members are demonstrating manners of which my Momma would approve. We redeemed that loss in 1998. And now the coach who failed to assign someone to cover the pass is coaching down the road…maybe the focus of the commercial should have been “logistics made possible by Ricky P!” Let’s just move on…

  80. Choosing a CBB shot, shown millions of times over the last 20 years by CBS and ESPN, as a reason to boycott a company that has done so much for the Commonwealth is, well, for lack of a better word stupid. Do they not watch “Justified” on FX? One of my favorite shows, but God! They are constantly showing meth and weed dealers with very little tooth appeal, wearing UK shirts and talking like they never got past the 2nd grade. You want to boybott something? Oh, that’s right; you don’t get the slight.

  81. UK fans sound like idiots right about now! Are you serious? You guys are upset over a commercial. Poor little babies, do you need a tissue. “I will not us ups again”. You guys need to get a life and put more time into real life issues besides UK basketball and sthu!!!!!

  82. Losing that game was our OWN fault because we put zero defenders between Hill and Laettner. Zero.

    Luckily, that coach is now at a mid-major and we have Coach Cal.

    • Pitino will always be a better coach than Cal! What has Cal done besides get his final four “appearances” taken away. All that talent and can’t do anything with it. Great coach tho right?

  83. I am a Flight Qualified Supervisor, Asst. Chief Pilot, and Check Captain at UPS Airline. I operate expedited feeders and help to oversee what could be a logistics nightmare; thankfully, it is not because of the discipline, planning, skill and training of the partners with whom I work. We have successes and disappointments; we try to invest the lessons learned from both in the operation each new day.

    I am not a great sports fan; I moved to Kentucky from Tennessee in 1976, a time when it was “beneath the dignity” of the U of K teams to even play the U of L teams; an attitude that was quite foreign to me since, in Tennessee, we cheered FOR ALL our schools! What was even more bizarre was the fact that many of the U of K fans I came to know actually cheered AGAINT U of L, wishing them to be beat by everyone they played! It was much more than just a game; U of K sports was their primary reason for living, and their school was the ONLY one, or so it appeared by their actions and the passion of their attitudes. That was 36 years ago.

    Now we find ourselves in the midst of an insane tsunami of emotion, hatred, accusation, and calls for boycott simply because my company chose one of the most famous examples of logistics, teamwork, and execution in basketball history to illustrate the importance of teamwork and logistics. Sadly, because of the deep emotional scarring as a result of this shot 20 years ago of the “BBN”, who see nothing but hating upon their school, their pride, and their emotions, this ad cannot be seen for what it really is. That is your free choice and right in America, as is your right to trash UPS, call for millions to “grind their axes and prove their point” by leaving the traitor to the pride of Kentucky, U of K.

    Listen up, my friends. I’m sorry you feel that way. I hope you won’t leave, but you’re free to do what you wish. We’ll miss you, keep improving while you’re gone in hopes we’ll be better when you return. Just as U of K fans feel you’re the best, so do UPS employees; where we diverge is that we also know we’re not the ONLY! There are 2ways to have the tallest building in town — build you’re own or attempt to tear all others down. The hatred displayed so widespread in this current controversy, as well as over the last (at least) 36 years is like an acid; it does more damage to the vessels in which it is stored than on the entities upon which it is poured.

    What unspeakable pain it must have caused you to carry the grief of that loss to Duke for the last 20 years; what misplaced priorities and unnecessary stress on your lives! THAT, my friends, is what’s TRAGIC! Relax, Relate, Release!

    With some, reality will again soon reign; with many, retaliatory anger will always rage; that’s just the way life is and people are. Education is sending your emotions to school; I thought that’s what Universities were supposed to do, not foster this insanely manic behavior we see displayed. I truly thought better of you.

    Remember, nobody is ever a total failure; s/he can always serve as a bad example. Sorry for your loss, sorry for your pain, even sorrier for you actions and attitudes, as such do a grave disservice to your cause, school, it’s sports program, and both it’s and your reputation.

    I support UPS in this ad, as well as our commitment to excellence, quality, and unsurpassed service. I support both U of K and U of L in the NCAA Tournament. I support all that is good and right; I challenge you to come forward with me in that journey! No hard feelings.

    The first 4 words of Rick Warren’s “The Purpose-Driven Life” say it so eloquently and succinctly – “It’s not about you.”

    Have the day of your choice.

    • To Mr Tom Byrd Jr. ~ AMEN!!! May EVERY fan read every word of your response and take it to heart. And I would love to see a united State of fans ~ imagine!!!! (The world would be a better place if more people thought like you). Thanks for the work that you do for UPS. Excellent organization, valuable to the world and extremely valuable to the State of KY! Peace to you and yours.

    • Sorry – should have been “Tim Byrd Sr.”
      (All of the idiotic comments had me flustered).

  84. Those who attack the natural response of a true UK basketball fan to this questionable UPS advertisement are the ones who should “lighten up”. UPS deliberately chose to produce and air an ad that they knew would be inflammatorily offensive to the majority of Kentucky basketball fans. By their own unapologetic explanation, per Mark Dickens’ (“Public relations manager”, http://blog.ups.com/contributors/) comments above, “we approached this campaign very carefully, including sharing the materials with the University of Kentucky, who approved their use.”

    So it’s clear. UPS knew the ad would be controversial to UK fans, yet decided the negative reaction of a dismissable number of enraged Kentucky fans (within and beyond the state of Kentucky) would be more than offset by the positive reaction of potential UPS customers in the markets that will air the advertisement. The results of their marketing decision remain to be seen. Those who are angered by the ad will retain a lasting negative impression of UPS. The majority of those who view the ad will have no reaction, will probably forget the ad, and will continue to make their shipping decisions based on price, service, reliability, etc., rather than on an intellectual connection with the “logistics” of a basketball pass.

    I detest this UPS advertisement just as I detest every commercial use of such video that excerpts only the final seconds of a truly amazing sporting performance by an overachieving underdog Kentucky Wildcat team in this game. You have made a business marketing decision as you please, UPS, and I will now react as I please. This curious business decision by UPS, to disregard the sentiments of a client base in a state where UPS claims a significant economic impact, speaks volumes to me about the leadership at this shipping company. I will take my shipping business elsewhere.

    I labor under no illusion that you are concerned about the impact of my decision on your future business. You have already chosen to ignore my value as a client and to dismiss my reaction by your choice to produce and air this advertisement. If by chance any high-level UPS executives have access to seats in Rupp Arena, give them up. UK basketball is obviously just entertainment for you, so please release your seats to fans for whom UK basketball is a passion! For those who would label our passion with stereotypical hatespeech, you will not shame us for our abiding love for the Kentucky Wildcats, the greatest tradition in college basketball.

  85. Dear UPS: Since so many Kentuckians are now going to boycott your services, why not move 170 miles south to Nashville? Better airport, more interstates and people who aren’t going to hassle you over a commercial. We know how to negotiate tax breaks and would appreciate the educational opportunities and jobs.

  86. I’m not a fan of either team, but there are several sports moments in my life from long ago that I will never feel better about, so I understand where Kentucky fans are coming from.

  87. I will use FedEx from this point forward. Great marketing decision UPS! Go Big Blue!

  88. I spent many years at the hub here in Louisville, own Class A Stock and have now decided to move my shipping business elsewhere. I refuse to support a company that has such little respect for the Commonwealth that they claim to love so much. Both my personal and business shipping will no longer be with UPS. With the power UPS has in this nation, one would think UPS would be a touch more sensitive to the place they call home. Your bottom line will suffer, if only for a fleeting moment. I am not inmature, crazy, or otherwise inclined to be “that” UK fan. It’s about respect and UPS doesn’t have any. UNC should have taught her better than this.

  89. Everytime I see that ad, I will post it on Facebook until I can reach as many people as possible to stop shipping with UPS. Pull the ad, now!

  90. Never ever ever ever will I use UPS for business or personal delivery again. Fed-X suits me just fine. What a slap in the face from a so-called local company. Maybe you don’t care but I will know. Hope it was worth it to you.

  91. Perhaps a lapse in judgement? I personally will never use UPS again. Fed-x or the postal system will suffice. As for the generosity UPS has shown the state of Kentucky by locating a hub in our very midst…I’m quite sure that UPS has benefited or wouldn’t have made the BUSINESS decision to do so.

  92. People of Kentucky: Out here in civilization we have Tivo, DVRs…skip the commercial. If you can’t afford the technology just use the commercial time to go tend the still. Geez, get a grip

  93. Why not show US Reed? Because there was no assist on Reed’s shot. The point of using that shot is that someone had to get the ball to Laettner at the right spot, at the right time, to make that shot. name another play they could have substituted, if you can.

  94. What did Brown do for the Dukies tonight? Was that logistics?
    As a loyal UK fan,
    I will NEVER use UPS again.

  95. With as much respect as I can muster for the fallen dukies… How bout you now UPS & RATBOY fans?

  96. Lehigh. Now that’s logistics.

  97. 15th-seeded Lehigh just shipped Duke home, 75-70.
    That’s logistics.

  98. ’02 Engineering Alumni-I would boycott UPS for showing just about any Duke highlight film as a commercial during a live UK game. This footage hits a particularly sensitive nerve.

  99. Guess you didn’t know what the Big Blue Nation was about. Its personal!!!

  100. Hopefully now that Duke went down in flames tonight UPS will quit showing this commercial. I couldn’t believe the commercial was shown during Kentucky’s opening round game yesterday. UPS has no class. This was a stupid marketing decision. I will never use UPS again. UK Alumni, BSME, 1982

  101. Say what you will about being a UK fan, this was one of the most painful memories of anyone living in the Bluegrass. No other fan base can match the connection the entire state has to the University of Kentucky basketball team. Having a major hub in Louisville, I would think UPS would realize this and know that this isn’t a great advertising campaign. I’m a marketing major and know that this would be I’ll advised!

    • Really? REALLY? Come on. Get a clue. It’s a flipping commercial, not a commentary on Kentucky or either of the big University teams. I don’t see any U of L fans whining that their team, winning or losing, wasn’t featured in the ad…

      (And it’s “ill advised”, not “I’ll advised”… I’d hope a marketing major would have some better grammar skills.)

  102. I opened a FedEx account for my KY small business last week and, BTW, this supposed UK fan didn’t have the same English professors I had at UK!

  103. I am sad to say that my company will no longer be doing business with UPS anymore. I understand your desire to showcase logistics and teamwork but in doing so in an anti UK commercial will probably alienate a large percent of UK fans. It isn’t just “the shot” as much as the questionable play beforehand and UPS’ reaction to UK fans reaction.

  104. Lifelong KENTUCKY fan and large volume Ebay seller who USED to use UPS. Just thought i’d let you know that I shipped 10 packages yesterday via FedEx and will be dropping off about the same amount today.

    Bye bye UPS and hello FedEx for my shipping needs, THAT’S LOGISTICS!

  105. I’m sure you are all thinking KY is just one state; there are 49 others. But what would happen if everyone moved from KY to Mexico? There would be a significant less taxes paid to the Federal government. The same goes with UPS and KY. I have always used UPS and in the last year alone spent over $400.00 on shipping. UPS is exclusively used where I work. What would happen if everyone in KY stopped using UPS? What if the families of the KY residents stopped using UPS in their states? I understand what the commercial was about, the logistics, the planning, the percision, and the delivery. What you don’t understand that UK basketball is a serious business. Duke basketball is serious and they are loving this. Instead of ticking off customers why couldn’t you have taken another direction. With all the computer generated imaging we have today a generic ball player could have been used instead of a real one and no one would be angry. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, they’re not talking about UK basketball. Kentucky is a southern state and if you know anything about the south then you know family is everything. Well, this is one family with members in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Tenn., California, Illinois, and Missouri that will not be using your company again.

    • You’re setting a really sad example for your family…

  106. LOL every time I see the commercial. I am from Louisville and dont recognize the BB mouth breathers out there. Elite program? I don’t think so based on some of the comments here. Pathetic is more like it…they are showing the country what fools they are. Uk fans are made fun of from coast to coast – the fans’ identity is based on UK’S b
    asketball success; how sad is that? You go UPS!!!!!!!

  107. I have to say that, after reading some of these comments (I can’t finish them – they’re ridiculous), I’m almost ashamed I’m from the state of Kentucky… UPS is an awesome company that does MUCH for this state, and it’s a commercial, people! A commercial!! About basketball and teamwork. What the heck is wrong with you people, thinking that because you’re a fan of UK that you have any right to demand the removal of a commercial showing a clip from a game where UK got beat?? This is why I’m NOT a UK fan. Seriously. Some people really, REALLY need to grow up.

    Stand by what you do, UPS. Nothing wrong with that commercial, and the majority of sane people in this world would agree.

    • Obviously a UL fan living in Louisville.

  108. Angering the largest and most faithful fanbase in NCAA history is VERY poor logistics.

    FedEx it is!

  109. never using ups again. not even emotional about it. Just the only LOGICAL decision for me to make.

  110. The commercial was in poor taste no matter how many ways UPS tries to spin it. I can think of many more ways to market or advertise a product than making stupid commercials. If this is the best that UPS can do, then people who use them to ship are in a lot of trouble. I’m from Kentucky and feel slighted by the commercial. Though I personally don’t use UPS and will probably never use them in the future for my shipping needs, I can relate to the hurt that many thousand Kentuckians feel every time the stupid commercial is run. It was done with malice and UPS will pay for it dearly in lost sales. They can threaten to move and if they want, then do so. Other companies will come to take their place and if not, then so be it.

  111. I think everyone is missing the point here, Pitino is still to blame. If he would have just guarded the inbound pass there would be no footage for such a commercial.

    As a UK fan, I’ll continue to cringe everytime this commercial is played. Just like I have when it has been used to promote the tournament.

    As a Kentuckian, I’ll remain loyal to UPS, an important economic driver, job creator and corporate citizen in our state.

    As an educated marketing professional watch with fascination as this case study in PR plays out.

    And take comfort thinking that UPS knew what they were doing all along. That their commercial would be a curse like the Madden cover. Go Lehigh!

  112. I am very proud to live in Louisville, KY and I am very proud to work for UPS. It saddens me to see people taking this commercial so out of context for its intent. I cheer on U of L and U of K when either of them play. I hope we have a winner in the March Madness games, but if we don’t…..I will still live life and I will still use the expertise of UPS for all of my logistics needs….because afterall, it really is “just a ballgame.”

  113. I’m personally thankful to UPS for paying my way through school with the Metropolitan College program. I’m from “out in the state” and UPS paid my tuition, gave me opportunities for advancement, and has helped support my family through my son’s two brain surgeries, not only through insurance but through prayers and personal guidance.

    UPS never asked me which college I cheered for, what university I attended, or whether my family liked the Cats, Cards, Toppers, or Racers.

    I’m proud to say I work at UPS, and I’m proud to say that just within the past month, UPS has donated thousands of dollars to help tornado victims and has donated countless volunteer hours and vehicles to transport relief to natives of the Commonwealth.

    I doubt any of those UPS is currently helping to rebuild their lives care about a commercial.

    If you choose to live your lives believing basketball is anything more than entertainment, that is purely your choice. But please don’t try to make others believe UPS doesn’t care about Kentucky or the people who live here.

  114. You have failed miserably to deliver your “message”. You failed to reveal the rest of the story, you took things out of context, and you have no business savy in the slightest. I shall personally steer every business transaction in my power away from UPS! How dare you hold yourself out to be any kind of a fan – there is not even the thinnest veil concealing your greed.

  115. Mark-Who are you trying to convince? There is no justification for this very poor commercial and you will never change the minds of any UK fans that logistics had anything to do with anything-they knew well and good how this would be received in the eyes of the BBN, and yet they chose to run it anyway. UPS has held true with the perception of Corporate America in trying to disguise the fact that “they stomp on you to get there”. I see it as a lot of free advertising for FedEx and the USPS and now we as KY fans are uniting to show “Brown” what “Blue” can do for them!

  116. I am a native Kentuckian who happened to spend 24 years in the military globetrotting. When I retired (2004) I moved to Lexington and worked for 6 years prior to moving back to Texas last fall. As a native Kentuckian, and a former Lexingtonian, who’s lived all over the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Far East, UK fans are the worst in the world ( worse than English Soccer hooligans). There are those who have a brain, and root for their team in a rationale, normal fan-like manner. They’re the exception. By and large the BBN is populated by ignorant, slovenly, irrational morons who firmly believe in the entitlement mentality that UK is the greatest program ever and that they deserve, by some unknown birthright, to go all the way evey year and when they don’t, they create websites like FireTubby.com or Billie or whoever they decide to target that day. These posts should verify that fact. I particularly loved the one by the well informed lady who stated Lexington was the largest city in the state, with the most college educated people within. I’m guessing that large mass of humanity on the banks of the Ohio, 75 miles northwest, ranked number 16 in the nation sizewise, may beg to differ. Idiots. I now tell people I’m from Louisville in the hopes they’ll forget where exactly THAT is.

    PS. Most of your NCAA wins occurred when THAT was the BS tournament and the NIT was the premeir event. Convenient how you choose to forget that. ANd my personal favorite. When they hit 2000 wins in 2010 season, they wee quite proud. I would have been too, except their first one on the books they count wsa against the Lexington YMCA. No joke. They actually touted that part of thier statistics. How”d ya’ll do against the Sister Mary School for the Blind?

  117. I bet FedEx loves the commercial…haha. I would agree, stupid business move for UPS. We bleed BLUE!!! You dont mess with that. Should have went with a different metaphor…

  118. Honestly, whatever the reasoning was behind this ad, since much of the area where UPS does business is offended by the ad…and especially since Duke was beat by a Cinderella team this year…it would be a much wiser move for UPS to pull the ad and apologize than keep trying to defend themselves. Just seems crazy to me that they would upset such a large number of customers.

    • I didn’t realize Kentucky represented the whole world? UPS is global, they ” do business ” everywhere. I doubt their customers in Sri Lanka could give a hoot about the BBN. Y’all need to take a midol and relax.

  119. What a load of crap. First of all, to all you people trashing KY & our maturity, there’s more than a game here. Mark Dickens thinks that game represents what UPS does. Ok, but not a good message. Laettner should’ve never been in position to shoot because before that shot took place Laettner commited a flagrant foul that should’ve had him ejected from the game. On top of that he did it for a perceived shove that didn’t involve Timberlake at all but instead was the result of one of his teamates. Timberlake was prone on the floor in no way to defend himself. When you say this game is what UPS is all about you’re saying that UPS will stomp on anyone they THINK may have done something wrong and wait until the person is on the ground before delivering the blow. And none of this will matter in the end as long as the package eventually makes it there. That’s the message you want to send? And the fact that you have a hub in Louisville has nothing to do with it? Or how about the fact that UPS cares so little about their customers that they not only keep running the spot but do so despite all the complaints. You are so wrapped up in your own little world that you don’t even think about the UPS Stores that are paying the price for your choices. They have nothing to do with it but are getting lumped in with the delivery portion of UPS. Don’t try to play the part of one UK fan to another because you are still missing the point. IT IS MORE THAN THE GAME. It morals, ethics & the basic way we treat people. I don’t want to do business with a company that finds it acceptable to literally kick a man when he’s down.

  120. Well said Joan. Whether it be a basketball game, a child’s soccer game, a gangland shooting, a puppy successfully crossing the road in heavy traffic, or terrorist flying planes into buildings there is a marketing group and department head who decides what to run. They must decide how much bang for their buck they will get in return for their creation. In this case the very few people (relatively speaking) that would be offended by the end were worth the sacrifice of the attention the commercial. It was never about the logistics, it was the reaction they were looking for and they got one that is for sure. Although most of the negative impact will blow away with the wind my hope is that they get the me$$age going forward to think through completely their business decisions. It will probably cost me alot of cash but I redirected ALL our shipping business to alternative carriers who have been chomping at the bit for years to get the biz. In addition I have sold my holdings and reinvested in companies who have a more firm grounding on sportsmanship and fair play. I agree with many things said about “some” KY FANS passion or “fanaticism” for Big Blue good or bad, the same about the Dukies. I also respect varied opinions who think it is much a do about nothing. As for me I regret UPS not fully researching all the particulars of the game situation (like the laettner attitude and actions) and choosing to glorify the end result of a loser’s time to shine. He was and is to this day a loser, if you don’t believe it pick up a newspaper and read about the co star of the UPS ad. PEACE, GO CATS/GO BLUE (NOT BROWN!)

  121. I cringe everytime I see one of these ads. It brings up painful memories of a loss. I felt it was in very poor taste to air this commercial during the 2012 NCAA finals with KENTUCKY and Kansas. Is this the best your advertising team can do?

  122. UK grad. I refuse to ship if it goes thru UPS. I’d rather drive it there myself.

    • I completely agree

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