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Celebrating Cinderella Stories in Business and March Madness®

When it comes to March Madness®, everyone loves a Cinderella story. Last year, Butler University was a Cinderella repeat – advancing to the finals during the 2010 and 2011 tournaments. And this year, Norfolk State, Lehigh and Ohio achieved “David vs. Goliath” glory in the first round.

At UPS, we love Cinderella stories too. Especially in business. Our “Game Changers” campaign celebrates the story of people who see opportunities and solutions that others overlook. And in the process, achieve success. Companies like Southwest Airlines and UPS customer Zappos were one-time upstarts who reached success with ingenuity, teamwork, vision and smart planning. We call that logistics at UPS.

In every community, there are Cinderella stories in business … entrepreneurs who seek to serve their customers and deliver a unique experience that’s unmatched by others. In January, The UPS Store joined Entrepreneur Magazine to celebrate the “Cinderellas” of business with the Entrepreneur of the 2011 Award.

Winner Lee Rhodes, founder of glassybaby, creates unique, artisanal candleholders. The serenity Lee found watching a candle glow in a hand-crafted votive while suffering from lung cancer inspired her to create a company that could deliver the same experience. Emerging Entrepreneur winner Adam Nelson designed a solution for sleep-deprived parents with the Good Nite Lite. His invention teaches children when to stay in bed and to get up.

UPS customer Anderson Seafoods grew from a local to a nationwide customer base thanks to logistics. The UPS team collaborated with Anderson Seafoods to develop packaging material that ensured seafood maintained its freshness during the shipping process.

At UPS, we have our own Cinderella story. Nearly 105 years ago, our company was founded by a 19-year-old who borrowed $100 to open a messenger service. Over the years, Jim Casey and UPS encountered many challenging situations … the Great Depression, World War II, recessions. Each challenge Jim faced forced him to look at UPS’s business differently … to adjust his game plan, rely on team members and execute with precision. That’s logistics.

While sports fans follow every second of March Madness and the emerging Cinderella stories, we’ll be cheering too.

Here’s to the Cinderellas. May they continue to prosper and achieve greatness.

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