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Mostly We’re Asking the Wrong Question About Social Media
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In a recent Facebook chat sponsored by The UPS Store, I fielded the standard questions about generating more leads and more sales, but right on cue I also got several variations of this question/comment about social media.

“I have limited time and all this new social stuff keeps coming, how do I determine what is the best tool to use or where to start?”

It’s a great question, but mostly it’s the wrong question, because it’s centered on tactics – Facebook or Twitter, Blogging or Tweeting – when it should be centered on objectives and results.

The fact of the matter is that you already know where to start with social. It’s the same place you start with any new initiative, campaign, product or tool – you start with the customer in mind.

If you look at every new hot tactic, no matter how confusing it appears at first pass, and simply ask how you could use this tool or tactic to build deeper, faster and richer relationships with your existing customers, you’ll rarely get distracted by the idea or tool of the week.

  • When you learn that LinkedIn allows you to understand details about how to sell more to your existing customers, your time using this tool will be well spent.
  • When you find that if you build a Twitter list of key journalists you can scan their tweets looking for opportunities to promote your clients as resources, your time there will be well spent.
  • When you create a peer to peer networking group and invite your clients to discuss their greatest challenges with other business owners during a Google+ hangout session, your time there will be well spent.
  • When you employ a set of online social media tools to drive people offline and into your store, event and presentation, then your time there will be well spent.
  • When you make it easier for your clients to communicate with you, ask you questions, get service and make appointments through social behavior, your time there will be well spent.
  • When you add social media profiles to your CRM tools and email inbox, through Outlook plugins or Rapporative for Gmail, your clients and prospects will use social media to tell you how to best serve them.

No matter what new tool or hot new trend lies around the corner you’ll always get it right if you view it through the filter of your existing business.

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  1. I am currently an MBA Social Media student, yet this is the most to the point statement of purpose I have ever seen in the field…kudos!

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