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UPS My Choice is a Million Members Strong
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We have all been there – you get home after a long day to find one of those “sorry we missed you” notices stuck on the door. And if you’re anything like me, rearranging my busy schedule or trying to find the time to go pick up the package does not always make it on my “to-do” list. Figuring out there just aren’t enough hours in the day is a lesson I have learned pretty quickly and finding ways to “up” the convenience factor has gone from convenient to critical.

At least 1 million other people have joined me and know the enjoyment of a service that tells me when a package is on the way. UPS My Choice sends a free delivery alert (phone, text or email) the day before it arrives.

Since the service was launched last October, it’s helped people plan for the arrival of their latest online purchases, reschedule a delivery because of that unexpected meeting and reroute packages to a more convenient address.

Recently, my credit card number was stolen. And if you’ve ever experienced it – you know it’s the WORST feeling knowing someone is charging thousands of dollars to your account. The delivery alert gave me the peace of mind I needed that my replacement card was on the way and I’d be back to online shopping in no time! With the four-hour approximate delivery time, I was able to adjust my schedule without wasting an entire day waiting.

Hitting the 1 million mark is an important milestone. It shows how important it is for people to be able to arrange their package deliveries to fit their schedules – not the other way around.

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