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UPS driver in Germany

Quality, exceptional service, variety, reliability and cost efficiency have gone into crafting UPS’s products and services for more than a century. It’s a standard that’s been set by our founder, Jim Casey.

As the needs of customers have changed, so has UPS. With an unmatched portfolio to get you those new hot pink stilettos, shiny golf clubs, latest gadget, prescription medicine or grandma’s cookies, UPS is committed to getting your package where it needs to be on time and with a smile.

Recently, UPS was rewarded an Image Award by the German publication VerkehrsRundshau magazine for placing first in the “Courier, Express and Parcel Services” category of its Image-Ranking survey. This is an opinion poll to gauge the image and awareness levels of the leading companies offering commercial vehicles and products and services for commercial vehicle fleets.

Frank Sportolari, district manager of UPS Germany, accepted the glass trophy from Birgit Baurer, editor-in-chief of VerkehrsRundschau, and Dr. Peter Ramsauer, federal minister of transport, building and urban development, during a gala event inMunich.

“Thanks to the consistent further development of our technology and services portfolio, we are able to support customers in realizing their financial goals and helping them to become more competitive,” Sportolari said.

Of the logistics decision-makers in industrial and commercial enterprises, 98.5 percent confirmed that the reputation of a service provider plays an essential role.  

In 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008* UPS emerged victorious in the image rankings in the logistics provider category. The 2012 image ranking is the first since 2008 to have taken a look closer at the categories Courier, Express and Parcel Services.

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