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Driver saves Jack Russell terrier with mouth-to-snout resuscitation

Package car driver Reynaldo Alcantara is being called a hero by his coworkers for saving the life of a dog while on his daily route.

Thanks to Reynaldo’s quick actions, knowledge of animal emergency procedures, and his love of animals, he successfully administered “mouth-to-snout” resuscitation to a choking Jack Russell Terrier. The procedure is similar to traditional mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for humans, with the main difference being that the person performing the procedure closes the dog’s mouth, and then breathes into its nose. 

Reynaldo Alcantara

Reynaldo Alcantara

Reynaldo’s day was proceeding normally—until he pulled up to a delivery stop on the upper west side of Manhattan to witness a Jack Russell terrier gasping for air alongside his panicked owner. What Reynaldo couldn’t see was the small chicken bone lodged in the dog’s throat, blocking his airway. Just moments before Reynaldo’s arrival, the owner had jerked the dog’s leash in an attempt to pull the animal away from some chicken bones scattered on the sidewalk. This caused the bone that the dog already had in his mouth to become stuck in his throat. 

“When I drove up, I saw the dog choking,” said Reynaldo. “The owner let me know the dog had something lodged in his throat, so I cupped my hands around the dog’s snout and blew air into the dog’s lungs. When the dog exhaled, out came the chicken bone.”

Reynaldo doesn’t consider himself a hero, and has no formal training in animal emergency resuscitation procedures. He gives all of the credit to his favorite television channel, Animal Planet.

“I learned how to perform mouth-to-snout resuscitation by watching Animal Planet,” he explained. “I love animals, and have two dogs and two cats, so there was no hesitation. Thankfully everyone went home that day.”

Reynaldo, a self-proclaimed animal lover, volunteers with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an animal rights organization, and also with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). He enjoys spending time with animals, and was happy to make this one dog’s day.

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  1. Thank you for being a kind hearted caring man!

  2. Thank you!

  3. This just shows a UPS driver will go above and beyond and does more than just delivering packages. A UPS driver is a part of the community.

  4. God bless you! You are a hero!!

  5. What a remarkable man and story. God bless you Reynaldo Alcantara!!! I believe he is a true hero, because rather than seeing this dog gasping and it’s owner panicking he chose to help and not to ignore them. He could have easily stayed on his delivery schedule and not risked any personal repercussions for being detained. Reynaldo should be very proud of his actions. Well done!!

  6. God bless Reynaldo. We need more heroes like him who care about our beloved animals.

  7. You Are the Best!!! Luv it!!! Mahalo!!!

  8. In a time where all we see, hear, or read are negative and horrendous stories, *thank you* for sharing this heartwarming story of an everyday hero. Most of us who have pets love them as members of our family. This man saved a dogs life, an owners heart, and a family gets to live & love for (hopefuly) many years to come. God Bless You, Reynaldo!❤

  9. What a wonderful man. Tx for being so kind hearted. Thank god the dog lived.

  10. What a wonderful story about a special person! Reynaldo is truly a hero!

  11. Great story and kudos to a good man who helped an animal in distress! May God bless you with good health and lots of wealth. UPS, give this man a generous raise and a two wk paid vacation, he went above and beyond the call of duty!!

  12. The world needs more loving and caring people like mr Alcantara. Animals are our loyal companions and we in turn must reciprocate that unconditional love and loyalty. Gracias Mr. Alcantara; you are one in a million.

  13. A true Boddhistava! A true hero!

  14. Give him the rest of the day off.

  15. Great story!

  16. We have hope still. A small gesture sends a big message’. He is a hero and leads a good example for us all to see.

  17. Amazing story, thanks for being a hero Reynaldo! i remember my late mother saving our cats life after he had an allergic reaction to flea shampoo doing what you did.

  18. Thank you and God bless you, sir!

  19. I agree with everyone who commented….God Bless You!

  20. AWESOME!!!!!!!!❤

  21. Great job Reynaldo!!!🙂

  22. The world would be fortunate to have more people like Reynaldo. His employers would, too – give him the recognition, and raise/promotion, he deserves for bringing your company such terrific PR!

  23. Totally Awesome

  24. What an awesome story! We all need to know how to help animals – CPR/choking
    its all good to save a life! Yaay for Reynaldo! He deserves a trip to the White House…oh wait, a week off with pay is better😉

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