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Long Time UPS Small Business Customer to Get Social Media Makeover
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Could your small business use a social media makeover? Would it benefit from a consultation with social media experts to help you redirect your efforts, recalibrate your strategy and ultimately achieve results that meet your business objectives?

That’s what’s happening to Charlotte-based Medichest, a health and beauty aid e-commerce site and long-time UPS customer.  

It has been selected to be one of three small companies featured at the SMB Social Media Makeover Forum this May 8th in Charlotte.

SMB Social Media Makeover ForumUPS is a sponsor of this event. The Forum will bring together leading brands and successful companies to share best practices and expert advice with small- and mid-sized companies that are grappling with how to take their social media to the next level. UPS social media manager Debbie Curtis-Magley will be one of the featured consultants.

Medichest competes with large national drugstore chains and product manufacturers. Like its competition, Medichest carries a full line of products, but it also stocks items for which most sites and stores don’t have room or a desire to inventory. This commitment to hard-to-find items has led to a great deal of loyal customers including members of the military serving overseas.

But by Medichest President Mitch Kranes’ own admission, its Facebook and Twitter  pages are underperforming. Its challenge is staying relevant and differentiating itself from better-funded, bigger sites.

Medichest lacks a social media strategy to convert its strong customer loyalty into online engagement. They also need help in defining realistic success metrics.

In many ways, Medichest’s social media challenge is a branding challenge; they are like any store on “Main Street” that is trying to remain top-of-mind.

Mitch Kranes hopes to come away from the Social Media Makeover Forum with an action plan of recommendations that would lead to more engagement and more online orders to ship!

So is your business like Medichest? Could it use a social media upgrade? If you are in the Charlotte area on May 8th and would like to attend, let us know in the comments section. UPS can provide you with special discount code.

If not, follow @UPS on Twitter on May 8th to see some of our tips. And let us know how you are using social media in the comments here.

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