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Deliver More to Mom for Mother’s Day. Join UPS and The UPS Store for the #Deliver2Mom Twitter Parties on May 3.
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At UPS, we’re proud to love logistics. Planning, multi-tasking, transporting … yes, we love it all. But there’s one group that shines as the “original logistics experts” – Moms. They’re often the engineers in the family … keeping everything (and everyone) synchronized while skillfully navigating daily obstacles. At the heart of logistics is a well-run operation. And at the heart of the family is mom.

So how do you celebrate the “CEO” of the family?

Our #Deliver2Mom Twitter Parties will deliver fun ideas and a bit of inspiration to honor moms. We’ll also offer tips to keep your gift giving (and gift shipping) experience hassle free … such as packing advice from The UPS Store and how to manage your deliveries with UPS My Choice.

We’re hosting an afternoon and evening party to keep the ideas flowing throughout the day. Joining us is a team of savvy bloggers who will lead the conversation and share their own insights for celebrating mom. We compensated the bloggers for their participation.

Our afternoon party takes place from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. ET. Before hitting the stores (or the web) for gift ideas, join mom blogger Christine Young (@YoungMommy) and our team of panelists to chat about ways to make gift-giving memorable and stress free.

The evening party takes place from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET. Mom blogger Lisa Samples (@lisasamples) and our panelists will energize the evening with lively chatter and stories on gift ideas that are sure to please mom.

During our parties, we’re giving gifts, too. The #Deliver2Mom parties will feature prize drawings every 15 minutes. We’re giving away gift cards to The UPS Store, gift packages from Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies and complimentary premium memberships for UPS My Choice.

Want to win? Participate by tweeting during the parties and include the hashtag #Deliver2Mom. RSVP by posting a comment and your Twitter handle to this blog post. Read more for complete rules on the prize drawings: afternoon party rules, evening party rules.

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