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Girls’ Night Out: Philadelphia

This year, I am going to seven weddings. SEVEN. And that’s not even including my own. Because most of them are out of town, I am just never at home. Traveling is great, don’t get me wrong, but with so much to do (particularly with my own wedding planning), leaving town can be a little inconvenient.

Now that summer is approaching, I’m sure I’m not the only one with trips on the horizon. Summer vacations, Memorial Day and Labor Day getaways, Fourth of July trips – they are great, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a trip without worrying about what’s going on at home?

On May 18, UPS is proud to be a part of the Girls’ Lunch Out (GLO) party. It’s a networking event for women, and an opportunity to break from the blogging and connect with other busy women, moms and business owners who want to find the same solutions.   

And UPS is here to deliver help. Services like UPS My Choice™ can act as the personal assistant you wish you had. I signed up soon after registering for my wedding. It didn’t take long for packages to start coming to my house, and I was almost never there to sign for them. Now I get advanced delivery notices, I can waive the signature authorization, I can reschedule my deliveries based on my schedule, and I can redirect my packages to the nearest The UPS Store location. Genius!

With My Choice, you won’t miss those must-have shoes or that new laptop for your business while you’re out of town. No more waiting on the delivery when you have important places to be, like for example, the Girls’ Lunch Out party!

The UPS Store also helps women on-the-go with professional printing of business cards and other materials, and mailbox services, which include a mailbox with a real street address, package receiving from any carrier and text and email notifications when you have packages. There’s also The UPS Store Luggage Box, a convenient way to leave the suitcase behind and ship your clothes, souvenirs and conference swag home, reducing the hassle of long lines, security searches and, potentially, luggage fees.

So register for the Girls’ Lunch Out party to mingle with other women in social media and for your chance to win some great prizes! UPS is giving away two gift cards to Zappos worth $300 and $200! Both prizes include a premium membership to UPS My Choice so you can shop for great products and enjoy the convenience of delivery on your terms!

Join Girls’ Lunch Out and UPS on May 18 at Marathon Grill for a free networking event. Register here.

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