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Infographic: Small Business Owners Want To Be Understood
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With a nod to National Small Business Week, The UPS Store recently conducted a survey of more than 500 small business owners to find out what kind of support they need, what support they receive and what unique challenges they face. We heard repeatedly that small business owners want to be understood, and many need more support than they’re getting.

We weren’t surprised to find that most small business owners want to work with other small business owners who best understand their complex needs. As a network of franchised locations, each individually and locally-owned, we see this every day in our close relationships with the small business customers in the communities we serve. Interestingly, almost 75% of survey respondents say it is important to have support from a business resource who understands their issues because they, too, are a small business owner. Yet, only 52% percent of small business owners currently work with such a resource.

Additionally, while nearly half (46%) of small business owners would like to work with a local resource who can help make their lives easier, no more than one in four respondents receive any kind of support from a resource partner in running their business.

If you’re one of these small business owners looking for a resource partner who really understands what you need, look to your local UPS Store. Each of our franchise owners understands the needs of other small businesses because they’re franchised small business owners themselves. They help fellow small business owners in their communities with packing, shipping, printing, marketing and more. And, with more than 4,300 locations nationwide, you’re likely to have one right in your neighborhood.

On behalf of The UPS Store and UPS family, we thank the small business community and look forward to continuing to serve you.

To learn more about what UPS can do for your small business, click here.

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What Small Business Owners Really Want
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