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Infographic: The Customer Experience No Longer Ends at Checkout
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I might be one of the last few people who doesn’t shop online. Forgive me, but I LOVE trying on fabulous shoes. Sometimes all you need is a little retail therapy and sorry – I can’t get that experience over the Internet. I’m definitely in the minority; about 75 million people out there buy something online once every three months.

Today, comScore and UPS released a new study analyzing consumers’ online shopping behaviors. The Online Shopping Customer Experience Study polled more than 3,100 online shoppers to gain insight from pre-purchase to post-delivery. Free shipping and even free returns is a hot topic in the retail industry and the survey confirmed it’s important to online shoppers, but the results also showed it’s not the only driver on the online super highway. In fact, 40% of consumers said they are willing to pay for shipping if it means they can receive their packages faster.

As online shopping continues to grow, consumers expect nothing less than fast and easy checkout along with a variety of brands and merchandise at their fingertips. They want free shipping, the ability to track the package and, if they don’t like it, an easy returns policy. Retailers competing in e-commerce must provide all of these elements and more to keep customers happy and coming back as more sales are generated through the Internet than ever before.

Online shoppers also want to know the status of their packages from the time they place their order until the shipment arrives. A significant 75% of those polled said every retailer should provide tracking information for online purchases. It’s one of the reasons UPS developed UPS My Choice, a new service that gives consumers the flexibility to choose when and where packages are delivered. You can schedule home deliveries and avoid those annoying “sorry we missed you” notices left on your door. There’s also the ability to reroute packages, specify delivery time or location, and sign for packages – all on the go.

The need for speed is also important with 48% of online shoppers not willing to wait more than 5 days for packages to be delivered.

If online retailers want to improve customer satisfaction, a convenient returns process is critical. According to the study, 63% of online shoppers look at a retailer’s return policy before making a purchase, and nearly half said they would shop more often and recommend friends or family to a retailer with a lenient returns policy.

UPS and comScore will present more findings this week at this year’s Internet Retailer Conference in Chicago during a Technology Theater session on Wednesday. You can also read more in this month’s Electronic Retailer magazine.

For more on what drives consumers to make online purchases, check out the full results from the Online Shopping Customer Experience Study.

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