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8 Tips from UPSers for World Environment Day
World Environment Day

In honor of World Environment Day today, UPSers from across the globe have some suggestions on becoming more aware of our impact on the environment:

1. Buy dish and hand soap in bulk, and use a reusable container (suggested by Deborah, Canada)

2. Recycle at home and at work (suggested by Jessica, United States)

3. Wash clothes on cold, and hang laundry to dry (suggested by Alina, Europe)

4. Buy organic, buy local, grow your own produce, and support sustainable businesses (suggested by Jenna, United States)

5. Drink lots of water and less soda, a healthier choice that reduces energy consumption (suggested by Rosephine, Philippines)

6. Conserve water by turning off the tap (suggested by  Michel, Brazil)

7. Start a compost pile (suggested by Christy, United States)

8. Turn off unnecessary lighting (suggested by Nicole, United Kingdom)

What are your tips for making a difference?

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  1. Instead if discarding them, think of new ways to reuse old things. Your child’s art can become wrapping paper, plastic trays make great storage, and empty soda or milk containers work well as planters.

  2. Check the air in your tires and you could save fuel! Keeping tires inflated properly can improve gas mileage by more than 3%.

  3. I recycle everything I can at home and at work.

  4. Plan your errands in advance in order to increase fuel efficiency. Consider running errands in a group if you and your friends/neighbors need to visit the same places.

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