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Small Businesses Get the Green They Need with Kabbage and UPS
Cami Nyquist

Online business owners encounter a number of challenges, particularly when trying to compete with bigger, more established organizations. Keeping up with the competition requires time, dedication and of course, money.

Small business owner and operator of SwedeMom.com and The SwedeMom eBay® store, Cami Nyquist, sells collectables and one-of-a-kind gifts. From home décor to hair accessories, toys to tchotchkes, SwedeMom offers an array of items for countless collectors.

To keep her customers happy and to help her business grow, Nyquist needs access to cash to keep her online store stocked. Instead of tapping into her personal finances, she turns to Kabbage, a company that offers quick and simple cash advances to e-commerce entrepreneurs. 

Kabbage considers many factors when identifying how much capital its customers can access. Earlier this year, Kabbage and UPS formed an alliance to support small businesses. Customers can consent for UPS to share their shipping history with Kabbage making it possible for them to potentially obtain more capital at lower rates.

History on e-commerce sales and even shipping data from Nyquist’s UPS account were eligibility indicators. With easier access to extra capital, entrepreneurs like her can more quickly acquire the inventory they need or invest in the advertising they want. They can focus on what they want to do – build their business. Nyquist also takes advantage of Kabbage’s speedy approval process, which takes less than 10 minutes compared to banks that might take many weeks. “It gives me the freedom to focus on business without having to deal with the paperwork that goes along with bank loans,” she says.

Recently, Nyquist was able to hire new employees that help keep her business running smoothly. Other businesses have been downsizing, and she’s been able to capitalize on consignment inventory and deals she might have missed without the incoming cash flow. With help from Kabbage and UPS, Nyquist has increased her workforce, reduced the lag in inventory and kept her business going strong.

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  1. Your solutions have been anything but simple and effective. Packages guaranteed delivery, have repeatedly not been delivered. This is unacceptable and reimbursement should be made.

  2. Companies like this are a godsend for small businesses. In a time when people are so eager to punish “evil” Corporate America, small businesses get lost in the shuffle. Nobody seems to realize that new regulations that are designed to reign in and control big corporations kill off small business. When 10% of the country works for Fortune 500 companies and over half of all employed adults in America work in small business, every little bit helps. Add to that that most banks will not even begin the loan process (which often can last half a year) until a company has been in business for years, and the little guys out there will take all the help they can get. Small, immediate loans like these often go towards paying employees’ salaries until revenue from AR actually comes in.

    I like that kabbage has teamed up with UPS to further validate companies’ solvency and expedite this process. Most businesses do not end up applying for loans until they realize that they need money. At that point, it’s usually too late.

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