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Printing Goes on the Road

As a kid, my dad always traveled. It seemed as though his life happened either on a plane or in his car. My sister and I would kiss him goodbye, watch him drive away to his next jet-setting adventure and chat about what gifts he would bring back from wherever he was going. The other thing I remember about my “road warrior” father is that he was always fumbling around with stacks of papers and presentations. If only the HP ePrint app and Public Print Location service, now offered at participating The UPS Store locations, had been available at the time…

This easy-to-use, full-service printing solution is perfect for those road warriors, like my dad, who travel and need a place that can provide print services wherever they go. Statistics show that 80 percent of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a The UPS Store location,making this solution a convenient on-the-go printing option for last minute reports, projects, or presentations.

Another plus – the HP ePrint app can be downloaded straight to your Smartphone, and provides locations and directions to the nearest The UPS Store location. All you have to do is select a file to print from your Smartphone, find the location closest to you, submit a job to be printed, then take the job code into The UPS Store where its associates will print and have your documents ready to go. And the best part is – anyone can use it!

Though quite convenient for the traveling salesman, this solution is perfect for anyone on-the-go who needs to get a document printed. So, whether you are a real estate agent needing to print brochures on your way to an open house, or a mom rushing to the school fundraiser who needs to print flyers, the HP ePrint Public Print Location service is great for any and all who need to print.

As a recent college graduate and a shameful procrastinator, I spent four years staying up late and leaving early to print projects and 100-page reports for my business classes. Being able to send my projects to the printer over my phone would have been a stress reliever!

Get more information at theupsstore.com/ePrint.

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