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Video: International Shipping with Quirky and UPS

Our video series highlighting social product developers Quirky continues. This week, we’re looking at how they send shipments internationally.

Submitting accurate customs documentation is a critical part of international shipping. Listen to the team at Quirky explain why they like the way we alert them when their customs forms aren’t filled out correctly. 

Check out ups.com/internationalshipping to find out more about the ways we help ensure your shipments move across borders quickly.

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Since 2005, I've helped to deliver various aspects of the UPS online experience, primarily by writing content, working with agencies to develop microsites, and producing videos for our websites. Outside of work, I enjoy making jewelry, serving in parish ministries, and developing my multilingual skills. I also consume a potentially unhealthy amount of music, social media, and college football--rooting faithfully for my alma mater, the University of Texas. Hook ‘em!

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