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How Chinese New Year (or the Queen’s Birthday) Can Impact your Customer Service: International Shipping Post 2
Shanghai, China

This is the second post in a series addressing challenges for companies starting to go global with their products and services.

Picnics, parades, and patriotism are just a few ways to celebrate Independence Day. Your UPS driver even takes the day off. But, what if your customers or suppliers are abroad? In today’s global marketplace, it’s important to note holidays around the world that might impact your business.

Chinese New Year (also Lunar New Year or Spring Festival) – Chinese New Year (which falls some time between late January and mid-February each year) is a time to celebrate with friends and family. It’s also a time when many Chinese factories stop production for a week or more. Many of China’s neighbors, like Thailand and Vietnam, also celebrate. Without proper planning, this can put a kink in your supply chain.

The Queen’s Birthday – Some Commonwealth nations, like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand celebrate the Queen’s birthday with a public holiday. Her actual birthday is April 21, but the holiday falls on different dates around the world (usually some time around the end of May to early June). In 2012, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee also honored 60 years of her majesty’s reign. With all eyes on the Queen, many companies take the day off on these special occasions.  

Carnival (or Carnaval in Portuguese) – Countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Panama celebrate Carnival. Festivities begin in January and heat up as the pinnacle week (usually in February) of Carnival approaches. Business stops as the party begins. Samba Schools compete in categories like dance, costume, and music. With cities like Rio de Janeiro turning into a sea of celebration, you may find your latest project taking a back seat to samba.

Doing business in other countries means working within the cultural context. UPS can help you achieve your goals.

Come back for the next post in this series, “3 Signs that You Might be the Next Accidental Exporter”, on Friday July 13th. And let us know if you have any questions on international shipping.  We’d love to address them in future posts.

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