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Saying I Do to UPS My Choice Rings a Bell with Brides

“What is UPS doing at a bridal show?” I heard that question a dozen times recently during the Georgia Bridal Show. Naturally everyone was curious. It doesn’t seem like the most intuitive relationship – but speaking as a bride (with three months to go!) and a UPSer, nothing requires logistics more than planning a wedding.

Within fifteen minutes of the doors opening, the UPS booth was overwhelmed with brides, grooms and their friends wanting to learn more about our new service UPS My Choice®.  

 And we came with reinforcements! Heidi of Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies, joined us at the show providing her expertise (and of course, many sweet treats).  As a small business owner and a UPS customer, Heidi’s presence helped connect our solutions with the needs of busy brides.

 A few of my conversations with fellow brides went like this:

Me: Hi, I’m a bride as well – are you ever home to deal with the deliveries for your wedding – your invitations, wedding favors, registry gifts?

Bride: Nope. Never.

Me: And I can see you’re thinking about all the items you need to check off your list.

Bride: It’s exciting, but it’s also just so overwhelming! There’s so much to do!

We explained how UPS My Choice not only provides advanced notice about their incoming packages but also allows them to reroute packages to other addresses or reschedule the delivery for a day that better fits their schedule.  If they have a package requiring a signature, they can even electronically authorize the release of that package. My Choice enables them to have one less thing to worry about. We had lines of anxious brides – and their moms – waiting to sign up for the service.

Anything UPS can do to help – after all we do ♥ logistics.

Have questions about UPS My Choice?  Visit our FAQ page.

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