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UPS Goes Off Limits on the Travel Channel
Travel Channel's Off Limits

I don’t watch a ton of TV, but of the few shows I do watch, I’m crazy about Off Limits.  And lo and behold, after watching the program for over a year I got the chance to help producers of the show tell the story of UPS’s global air hub, Worldport.  I guess it’s my version of “15 minutes of fame.”  I got a chance to work with the show’s host and a really nice production crew, along with all the awesome UPSers who make Worldport the “eighth wonder of the world.”

The first segment aired last weekend.  The show’s host, Don Wildman, took us on a tour of what makes this massive facility so unique – and interesting.  Don got a chance to “fly” in a UPS flight simulator.  It’s as close as you can get to the real thing.  Watch the video of Don taking a tour of our Global Operations Center.

Segment two is airing this Sunday, July 29th, at 9 a.m. on the Travel Channel.  Worldport itself is the center of attention.  Don and his crew take us on a journey to see the miles of conveyors, high tech scanning equipment, in-coming aircraft and the people who make it all seamless to the outside world.  Be sure to check it out.

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  1. UPS does not deliver what thay say thay are going to. I have had a damaged package from them and they don’t want to pay. It’s been just about 2 months. All I get is the run around. You are not business men. You are scam artists. Getting to someone that is in the United States is impossible. Let’s pay people out of the U.S. money when we need jobs in the U.S. THANKS UPS.

  2. You need to find a process to report bug to Tech Support for the MyChoice WebApp.
    I spent 1h25 min going in circles between billing, tech support and customer service. The app keeps giving an error code 1019 (Address Validation error). My address is reporting as Commericial. I went through the UPS verification process with billing (investigation launched by UPS) and it came back as Residential on July 25. Today the address DB that MyChoice contacts to verify the address still reads as Commercial and will not allow me to add the address to my account. Not one soul was able to help me today on the phone. Then when i finally got a supervisor (Floor Lead, Team Lead) named Marcus, he placed me on hold and I got cut off. Fix this bug. The DBs are out of sync. Billing has done their job and verfied the address. So addresses are cached in the MyChoice App or the updates are out of synch or somethimg, but this is unacceptable. the change took place on Jul 25 it is Jul 30. A 5 day lag in synch is just insane when the fundamental niche of MyChoice is involved. FIX THIS BUG.

    • Hi Marlena:

      Thank you for your interest in UPS My Choice. We have very recently been made aware of this issue that you are experiencing. We are currently working on a solution and should have it fixed in the near future.


  3. UPS used to be affordable……..
    UPS sends me an Email wondering when I’m coming back…..
    So, I try again…………
    Wow, Have your prices gone up……….
    Extra Charge…….. Fuel,
    Extra Charge…….. Residential Delivery,
    Extra Charge…….. Package Pickup,
    Extra Charge…….. What’s next?
    I have pushed 90% of my shipping elsewhere……
    Why? Figure it out.

  4. How long will it take before UPS implodes? What they “say” and what they “do” are inconsistent. Greedy corporate entities descend on the helpless and perpetrate atrocities penny by penny but in huge scales. UPS was once a good company; it shot itself in the foot by that strike in 1980’s. This company is useless.

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