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Some History (and a Contest) on UPS Drivers: Infographic
UPS driver

One of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had during my 12-year UPS career was the time I spent on a package car helping a UPS service provider in the Louisville area.

I remember being so proud to don the brown uniform for the first time that I made my wife get up early to snap a photo before I walked out the door. By the end of a day that included more than a hundred stops and what seemed to be equally as many aching muscles, I was even more proud to say I had worn the uniform.

Our drivers truly are the face of UPS. They are efficient, hard-working, diligent, safe, dependable and helpful. While kind enough to acknowledge a customer and exchange a few words, they are also focused to stay on task and move to serve the next individual or business awaiting a package.

I learned many things on the package car with my driver, but the overwhelming theme was about focusing on the customer. From knowing where exactly to leave a package so the business owner would see it first thing in the morning, to knowing what kind of dog treats a residential customer’s golden retriever liked, the idea of one-to-one service and how to serve customers still affects what I do today.

Is your UPS driver exceptional? Tell us why your UPS driver is valuable and you could win a prize for you and for your driver. The three most compelling stories will win a roadside safety kit and a $100 gift card, while the driver featured will receive a Flip Cam.

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UPS driver infographic
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  1. I really don’t appreciate a knock on my door at 10:15 pm, which happened to me recently. As an elderly widow living alone that was a frightening experience. Did not know until the next am that it was UPS as I was too frightened to open the door.

  2. My husband missed a day at work due to waiting on a package. The UPS guy gets to my house and tells my husband that he has a delivery to do there but does not find the package, so too bad the guy tells him. My husband explains how he missed a day of work waiting on this delivery and the UPS guy says that it isn’t his truck and he does not know where it is and when he finds it he will deliver it. My husband explains how he will not be able to miss again and the UPS man gives my husband attitude and says if he finds it tomorrow he will leave it at the door even though there will be no body home. This is very upsetting to me and to my husband due to the way the guy acted!

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