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Participating in a Cleaner World: Video
UPS carbon neutral shipment

I’ve learned a lot in the six months that I’ve been with UPS. One of the first is that around UPS, sustainability is a pretty big deal. As someone who loves escaping out to the Rockies for the beautiful camping and hiking, I was pleased to see the great sustainability programs we offer like carbon neutral shipping, and the emission offset projects we support like Big River Salmon Creek, Cholburi Wastewater Treatment, and the beautiful Garcia River Forest Project.

Seeing these projects got me thinking: with all the conservation opportunities available worldwide, how do we as a company decide what offset projects to support? Luckily, one of the other things I’ve learned during my time here is that there is no shortage of seriously knowledgeable people, so I knocked on a few doors and got the answers.  

UPS has created a strict set of offset guidelines with the goal of purchasing high quality projects that are both environmentally and socially responsible, maximizing the impact we are able to make.

These guidelines require the carbon offset program has:

  • been certified by one or more third-party standard
  • documentation regarding emissions reduction and monitoring
  • proper registration to ensure the offset isn’t double counted
  • avoided harming the environment in any way (such as by simply relocating emissions)
  • created permanent jobs and regional improvement

Pretty cool stuff. Watch the video below to learn more about our carbon neutral shipping program.

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