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Martha Stewart Presents American Made: Are You the 11th Maker?
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As a little girl, I remember being jealous watching my friend, Samantha, color on the sidewalk. It may sound silly, but the fact that she could create works of art out of chalk and cement always drove me nuts. Why did my portrayal of a puppy end up looking like a pot-bellied pig while hers looked like it could get up and fetch a tennis ball?

Fortunately, we are way past those days now. Instead of chalk, she uses her computer. And instead of dogs, she creates incredible wedding invitations. Samantha has grown up to be an amazing graphic artist with a growing business in the wedding industry.

This fall, Martha Stewart will launch “American Made”, a celebration of American artisans and entrepreneurs presented in partnership with The UPS Store. Awards will be given to the top 10 rising stars in Food, Fashion, Design, Community, Gardening, Crafts and Technology.  Martha’s team is still looking for a final recipient to honor, so if you know a creative individual or small business owner that you’d like to have recognized, nominate them for the Audience Choice award by August 25th.

Martha Stewart Living’s Editorial team will review submissions to create a list of finalists that will be put up for public vote. One Audience Choice winner will receive $10,000 to further his or her business and a feature in Martha Stewart Living, in addition to being honored at the American Made Awards event this October in New York City.

American Made logo“American Made” will conclude in October with a red-carpet awards ceremony and the first-ever artisanal fair at Grand Central Terminal with tastings, demonstrations and workshops by Martha, the Living editors, the MSLO test kitchen team, and top craftspeople, growers, designers and cooks from across the USA. 

So, although I may still be a little jealous of my friend’s innate artistic abilities, you can bet that her name will be in the pool in this contest – whether she nominates herself or not! Don’t miss out on the chance to enter yourself, or nominate the “Samantha’s” in your life, for this incredible opportunity.

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  1. That is beautiful. I would like to nominate 7th Heaven Cheesecakes in Yorba Linda, Ca. The owner Carie Gonzales is a young mother who has started her own business making cheesecakes and cheesecake cupcakes. They are fabulous.

  2. What a wonderful contest! We make personalized photo jigsaw puzzles right here in New Jersey and love any product that is Made In America. Great idea–just wish we saw this sooner!!! The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

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