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Get Back to School with Small Biz Daily Deals
Hygloss Products

It’s hard to believe summer’s almost over and it’s time for the kids to head back to school. Parents and teachers are busy searching for supplies for their students to have a successful school year.  It can be a stressful time, but UPS is here to help.

Starting today, on our @UPS Twitter feed and Facebook page, we’re offering Back-To-School Small Business Daily Deals. From the classroom to the dorm room, you can get just about everything you need with great discounts from some of our small business customers. Hygloss Products has supplies for teachers and creative craft ideas for the artist in every child. Until the end of September, Hygloss is offering 10 % off everything on its website using the promo code AUGUSTSALE.

UPS has delivered American-made products for Hygloss since 1985 to customers all over the world. The small business started shipping just three cartons of products a week and has grown to 80 cartons each day. Using a variety of UPS solutions to improve productivity and streamline the shipping process, the family-operated business can concentrate on inspiring creativity in young minds.

Some of our other Small Business Daily Deals include:

  • Appaman – Free shipping on the latest kid’s back-to-school fashions using promo code APPAFSHIP12
  • School-Pak, Inc. – Get 20% off school supplies with promo code UPSKPK
  • Prep Sportswear – 15% off high school and college fan gear

Follow the Twitter hash tag #Smallbiz to save big when you shop small!

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  1. Tthank you for always trying to work with us to show appreciation for what we give to the company in our daily day to day work habits. I appreciate the site and the discounts as well as the newsfeeds and company updates and happenings that it provides.

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