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Emergency Care in the Air

With a cholera outbreak bringing extra hardship to a region already battling civil unrest, drought and famine, UPS facilitated a third flight to the Sahel Region in Africa — and the second flight for Interaction, the largest alliance of United States-based international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The airlift served as a timely precursor to World Humanitarian Day on August 19 which is “a global celebration of people helping people” according to the United Nations website. This year’s theme, titled “I Was Here,” spotlights the dedication of humanitarian workers throughout the world.

map“When a humanitarian crisis occurs, logistics immediately becomes key to saving lives. This is the third movement of critical relief supplies to the Sahel Region of Africa that UPS has been involved in since April as there’s a lot of need,” said UPS International President Dan Brutto. “UPS’s role has been to make the shipments of our NGO partners more efficient by consolidating them and we’re honored to be able to help by providing that expertise.”  

This Frankfurt, Germany to Bamako, Mali airlift was the culmination of a trio of humanitarian aid flights. The first flight took wing for UNICEF in April. The subsequent June and August airlifts were on behalf of Interaction.

“We must do everything we can to try to curb the further spread of cholera in northern Mali and this latest shipment will help reach that goal,” said InterAction President & CEO Samuel A. Worthington. “InterAction members are grateful for the support given to us by partners such as UPS to respond to this crisis.”

With 156,394 pounds of relief supplies, the people in the Sahel Region received:

  • AmeriCares water purification kits that will provide 25,000 people with clean water
  • AmeriCares emergency medical kits that will treat 15,000 people in Mali
  • CARE high energy biscuits that will feed 39,000 malnourished children in Mali
  • Shelterbox tents that will protect 497 families in Niger
  • UNICEF medical kits that will cover the needs of 10,000 people for a month
  • UNICEF oral rehydration salts that will help 2 million people
  • UNICEF water purification kits that will serve 2,640 families

To learn more about the situation in the Sahel Region, connect with others about this issue, or make an individual donation, go to www.unicefusa.org/sahelups.

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