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UPS Road Code: Bringing Safe Driving to Indianapolis (Video)
UPS Road Code

The summer before I turned 16, I took the driver’s ed class at my high school.  I remember being in a classroom and then driving with a teacher in the parking lot, but I don’t remember much else.  Back then I didn’t have the distraction of a cell phone (I’m showing my age here), but I still managed to get my first ticket when I was 15 (I had my learner’s permit, and was with my mom coming home from the grocery store). 

Nowadays, there are some really cool ways to use technology to impart wisdom before you get behind the wheel.  UPS Road Code is an interactive program that incorporates the safe driving techniques used by our drivers across the world and allows students to get behind the wheel of a virtual driving simulator. 

With Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we’ve been expanding this program across the country, and last week we launched it in Indianapolis.

Watch the video below to hear our own intern, De Shaun Bennett, share about his experience with UPS Road Code.  Or, follow Road Code on Facebook.

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