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Swimming with SEALS: Mission Accomplished
Brian Kolfage

In the millions of tons of freight and packages UPS moves each day, there’s an important story behind every air or ground bill.  Once in a while, the story pulls a little harder at the heartstrings.  Every so often, smiles get a little wider over a completed mission.

One such story features US Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage whose courage and perseverance in the face of hardship are truly inspirational.

In 2004, Brian tragically lost both legs and one hand while serving in Iraq. After sustaining the worst injuries ever survived by an airman in any war, Brian has continued to surf, kayak, and scuba dive with a true joy for life.  As an advocate and avid communicator, he travels the country with his wife Ashley to share the importance of supporting our wounded veterans and troops.

Brian recently traveled to Hawaii to swim with the Navy SEALs as part of a film project about his post-war life, but along the way, he’d accidentally damaged his prosthetic hand — he needed the hand to complete the once-in-a-lifetime swim.  After being told the replacement would arrive a day too late, Brian contacted UPS for help, and employees in five states coordinated to get his new hand to him on time.

The remarkable part of Brian’s story has nothing at all to do with logistics.  It has everything to do with the kind of courage and mental strength few of us will ever be called upon to find.

There’s an important story behind each and every UPS shipment.  Sometimes those stories deserve to be told.

Visit Brian’s Facebook page.

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  1. Nobody does it better: UPS, the Seals, Brian…this is why you do what you do as a UPSer.

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